Guest Post / Jesse Anne O

15 Sep


Today I’m excited to hand off my blog to another one of my favorite vegan fashion bloggers.  Jesse in addition to sharing similar dietary preferences to me also likes to post outfit photos on the internet, and is a fellow Brooklynite! Check out her blog at

Hi there! I’m Jesse of jesse.anne.o and I’m guest posting for Corrie today, on her regularly scheduled outfit post day. One of the reasons I love Brooklyn Bliss is because Corrie and I are both vegan and post outfit pictures. Which means I get to check out another vegan’s wardrobe!

After seeing Corrie’s post about tough ankle boots, I thought I’d try to incorporate one of the same pairs she posted into my outfit. Thanks to winning a Farm Sanctuary silent auction, I had a gift card for Cri de Coeur (one of my favorite vegan shoes lines) and I I took a chance on the Lures. But since I bought them during the summer, I hadn’t yet gotten a chance to wear them.

I don’t normally do ankle boots because I’m a shorty and conventional fashion wisdom is that they’re not that flattering on the vertically challenged. But I gave it a shot and I love them.


dress/vintage from Bklyn Flea


boots/Cri de Coeur

That goes goes to show that not all conventional fashion wisdom should be taken seriously.

Thanks for letting me crash Brooklyn Bliss, Corrie!

You’re welcome! By the way Jesse, after putting this post together and seeing those boots, they definitely have to make more appearances on your site. They’re awesome!


2 Responses to “Guest Post / Jesse Anne O”

  1. Rebekah o' Jaunty Dame September 15, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    Good look! Seems appropriate for any height, really.

    • suzz September 16, 2011 at 1:46 am #

      Those boots are awesome! I have some serious love for that dress too!

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