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16 Sep


For today’s Fab Friday post, I’m excited to have none other than my best friend, Nikki take over Brooklyn Bliss for the day.  Nikki’s a NYC real estate agent, so if there is anyone who’s aware of all the newest, fun stuff to check out in Manhattan it’s her. She blogs over at Simple Manhattan, so be sure to check out her site if you’re looking for more fun stuff to check out on the island of Manhattan.

When I first heard about the Highline Park – about 2 years before the first section opened – I was ecstatic and intrigued. I voraciously followed all the coverage on Curbed and other real estate obsessed sites. I marked my calendar for the opening weekend. And once that weekend finally came, I dragged my visiting European friend out to see it with me (since he was the only one of my friends that weekend who was willing to stand in line just to get into a public park :)).

My expectations were not disappointed, and I have been in love with it ever since. Now that the second section is complete, I have 10+ more blocks of Highline Park to wander aimlessly. I do quite enjoy being aimless whenever the opportunity strikes 🙂

I think the Highline Park is one of the most amazing repurposings of an old relic to happen in a long time. It shows how you can take something that was once old, forgotten, even an eyesore, and make it into something beautiful and cherished. What’s even better – it’s there for EVERYONE to enjoy and a whole swath of people from all over NYC (and beyond) come out to enjoy it.

I realize this post is full of mushy stuff and flowery language. But I just can’t help it!!!!! I LURVES this place!!! Pics below. Enjoy 🙂






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