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Guest Post and VeganCuts Giveaway / Traveling Pink Lips- CLOSED

14 May

To start of, I would like to thank Corrie for having me here on Brooklyn Bliss. Here’s to a check off my bucket list 😉 She has helped me make a very rational decision last week, hair cutting involved. Corrie is the girlfriend you want to have around you! She knows fashion, stands for animals and knows how to cook a meal!

When Corrie asked me to be a guest blogger, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you all, a review of my 3-month Vegan Cuts Snack Box subscription! For those of you who don’t know, VeganCuts started a movement a little while ago where they ship a monthly box filled with great snacks and coupons.

Let’s start, shall we?


I started my subscription in February. After hearing a few reviews from the January snack box I knew it was time for me to give in. Now, this review is my personal opinion and taste. Let’s keep this in mind 🙂 Alright, back to business, we are. This box was my least favorite of them all.

February Vegan Cuts Snack Box!

My First VeganCuts’s Snack Box!

VeganCuts Snack Box Of February!

VeganCuts’s Snack Box Of February!

A few of my favorite items in this box were Simply 7 Pomegranate Chips, Dang Coconut Chips, and Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts! This box was sweet and love filled. The Dang Coconut Chips were amazing. I decided to take this box to work and have at it then. I loved them the most. I took the Pure Fit Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip bar with me to a wedding as my “survival snack” just in case this herbivore didn’t find anything to bite on. It was enjoyable and a good call! Along with these came one of The Merry Hempsters’s Organic Lip Balm, Righteously Raw Divine Mint Chocolate Square and more sweets. The coconut chips and pomegranate chips kept me in good spirit from this box.

I give this box a 5.


The month of March was an exciting one! Between my 25th birthday, trip to California and endless work hours, a box in the mail was the perfect wind down! My snack box for the month of March came in right after I came back from LA and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store.

VeganCut's March Snack Box!!!

VeganCuts’s March Snack Box!!!

Barre Snack Bar, Nyl Body Lotion and Caramel Pops

Barre Snack Bar, Nyl Body Lotion and Caramel Pops!

The Vegg, Earth Balance

The Vegg, Earth Balance, VBar, Falafel Chips, Nyl Body lotion!

WOW! What A Haul!

WOW! What A Haul!

Okay, this box was the complete “redeemer”, if you know what I mean! I was SO happy when I opened it. The first thing that caught my eyes and stomach was the Earth Balance Vegan White Aged Cheddar Puffs. I have been hearing about them for a while and I was super excited to finally have a bite at it. Delicious! They taste exactly like the regular puffs but of course MUCH better! Next up, CocomoCorn Caramel Pops, my mum fell in love with them and may have taken the bag from me. That’s a good review, right? I had no idea there was such thing as falafel chips so this was a total surprise for me. I wasn’t too crazy about them. Perhaps it was because I am not too crazy for falafel? Now, the best part of this box was the Sunflower/Cranberry Vbar!

Cranberry/Sunflower Vbar from Benefit Foods.

Cranberry/Sunflower Vbar from Benefit Foods.

The Best Snack Bar In The World!

Vbar Sunflower/Cranberry From Benefits Foods!

It was the best bar I have ever had in my life. The savory Sunflower Nut Butter is what held this snack bar together. I love cranberries so this was another win. The brown rice cereal gave this Vbar a crispy touch and pleasant joy. I loved this Vbar and I can’t wait until I can find it in stores. If you find the chance to try this bar, go at it! You won’t be disappointed! The Equal Exchange Dark Mini Chocolate has been by far my favorite chocolate bar to taste. It was smooth and rich and not too dense. I was expecting a robust taste like other dark chocolate bars but not this one! Overall this box was exciting, I got to taste some awesome new products on the market and fell in love with chocolate.

I give this box a 7.


And this was the month is the end of so ends my snack box subscription. I have had a lot of fun with this subscription. And I hate to see it go. I am thinking about renewing for another 3-month but I guess I will see what the May box holds.. I may have gone for another, hehe.

April's Vegan Snack Box From Vegan Cuts

April’s Vegan Snack Box From Vegan Cuts!

Favourite Box This Month!

Favourite Box This Month!

Cheeze Me, Please!

Cheeze Me, Please!

The ultimate win of the month! I was very happy, excited and ready to dig into this box. Some of the products sent I already had a taste at. One of my favorite products from this box was the Hazelnut Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee from Teecciano. Wow! I never thought I’d see the day.

Hazelnut Flavoured Herbal Coffee From Teecciano!

Hazelnut Flavoured Herbal Coffee From Teecciano!

Everyone knows I love coffee! I can’t help it; it is one of the things signed under my name. This herbal coffee was delicious. I was impressed. I didn’t think I would have enjoyed it. The hazelnut flavor was sweet and just right. I must admit, I was little skeptical after reading the ingredient list to find “dates” which I am not too much of a fan of but I couldn’t taste it one bit. Fantastic!

New Products I Have Yet Tried!

New Products, Yes Please!

I am currently using Meow Meow Tweet Cocoa Lip Balm and I like it a lot, minimal ingredients [candelilla wax, *cocoa butter, *hempseed oil, and *virgin coconut oil (*certified organic)] and the ultimate moisture. I have yet to try Milas’s Roasted Peppers & Artichoke Bruschetta but I can already tell I will enjoy it. Overall, this box was great and I loved it. It was a nice one to end this snack box relationship. Included was one of Teese’s Mozzarella Vegan Cheese was the cherry on the top. Of course I made pizza right away!

I give this box a 9.

Final Verdict:

Vegan Cuts’s Snack Box is a must try! You are guaranteed to find new products and tons of coupons. If you’re not ready to plunge into a 3-month subscription no problem, you can try it for a month for $19.95 shipping included. You can’t say no to that. Each box is filled with great sized-snacks and products to love, forever. Can’t find the products in your local store? Don’t fret, Vegan Cuts also provides a section with a product list of the month www.vegancuts.com/big!

Note: Caring is sharing! This is my personal review and honest opinion, eh! Unless otherwise stated, everything I review has been purchased by me and at my own risk! –TPL

NOW on to the fun stuff, a giveaway! Yes, a giveaway 🙂 One lucky winner will get the chance to experience their very own VeganCuts’s Monthly Snack Box! This box will be given by me, Holly of Traveling Pink Lips and will be for the month of June. And also open to both Canada & US!

TPL & Brooklyn Bliss Giveaway!!!

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  3. Leave a comment below and share with us which one of these boxes would have made it on your favorite list and why.

This giveaway is open until May 24th, 11:59pm EST. Open to both Canada & US!

I’d like to thank, Corrie for having me on Brooklyn Bliss and I look forward to read all of your entries 🙂

You can find more of me on www.travelingpinklips.com where I share restaurant reviews, product reviews and personal rant. It is lovely do stop by!


Guest Post / How to Find Vegan Coupons

27 Jan

Day 6/366 Couponing
{image credit: Julie Danielle}

I have a deep respect for couponers.  The Extreme Couponing show on TLC absolutely stuns me when you see what they ring up at the register.  The available savings is incredible. 

I’ve always wanted to coupon myself, but rarely have the time to search for all the deals.  Lack of time, as well as lack of space living in NYC makes it slightly prohibitive.  Also, being a vegan makes it difficult being coupons for vegan companies often are not as easy to find as your standard, coupon deals.

When Couponing.com reached out to me about potentially doing a guest post, I was psyched!  Not only is their site very informative, but they’re also experts on the subject meaning they know where to find vegan coupons!

The below post was written by Couponing.com’s James Lander. Couponing is a coupons and deals website that is dedicated to providing consumers with the most authoritative couponing information available.

There’s been a steady increase in gas prices over the years, which has led to a rise in food prices too. Many people have thus been left in a tight corner and have to keenly account for every dollar spent. More and more people are turning to more frugal ways of living, such as extreme couponing. Vegan shoppers too, can take advantage of vegan coupons to save on food.

It doesn’t take rocket science to search for and clip coupons but it does take a lot of time. Coupon enthusiasts spend anywhere between three to six hours a day searching for coupons. Consequently, majorities of people who shun coupons do so because they consume a lot of time.

However, sparing just an hour to clip coupons before you do your grocery shopping could save you up to $30. Couponing can really make a huge difference if you play your cards right. Savvy shoppers can make up to 50 percent savings on food and other personal items.

There are lots of tips and tweaks you can use to make the most of couponing – buying in bulk, shopping at stores with double coupon discounts, and a range of online coupon deals on various websites. However, the real question is: how does this work if you are vegan?

Searching for viable coupons in newspapers and online is no mean feat, but vegan brands are particularly hard to find coupons for. Nonetheless, there are some useful tips and resources you can use to source for vegan coupons. Here are some ideas on how to find vegan coupons.

Blogs and online forums – There are a number of vegan blogs and forums that you can join, not just for sharing knowledge but for getting coupon ideas too. While you won’t get online printable coupons directly from these blogs, you will receive lots of information on various coupon deals available from a particular retailer.

Many coupon deals are posted to the live feeds of these online communities and if you’re keen enough, you can make the most of these deals and get free coupons. One of the best known forums for vegan coupon enthusiasts is the ‘Vegan Coupons’ community on Facebook, which has a similar page on Twitter too, as well as Google Plus. There is another community on Twitter, ‘Vegan daily deals @vegandeals’, which compiles local one-day deals related to different vegan companies.

Coupon bloggers also send out daily posts about deals they may be privy to, depending on what blog it is. Besides coupon deals, there’s usually a huge collection of money saving information through discussion notes, short posts, and other articles of interest to vegans. Most times, these discussions are random but you can pick up a lot of useful information about saving tips.

Guest Post / Vintage Vagrant

17 Sep

Today I’m super excited for two reasons. First is the main reason I’m in Miami today, the wedding of two of my friends of which I’m so honored to be a part of! They are the most adorable couple ever, and Miami has been the perfect location so far for their festivities considering what fun people they are to be around. Jim and I both have had such a great time while here.

I’m also excited today to pass off ownership of my blog for the day to Gabby, who blogs over at Vintage Vagrant. Gabby is another vegan fashion blogger with a love of all things vintage and thrifted. Take it away, Gabby!

Hello everyone! My name is Gabby and I blog over at Vintage Vagrant where I talk about personal style, crafty things, vegan things, and my love of pugs. Corrie has left her wonderful blog in my hands while she’s on vacation so let’s become blog friends!

One thing to know about me is that I’m all for personal style. Whether it’s on trend or “totally last season” if you love it you should wear it! Fittingly, I’ve done an outfit post to introduce you to my style. Right now I’m in the midst of a summer boycott so I’ve taken to wearing sweaters and tights in hoping that the fall weather will hurry up and get here. I live in Virginia so the temperature still averages about 85 degrees on a breezy day. As part of my summer boycott I’ve worn a heather grey sweater (thrifted) over a floral romper (also thrifted) with knee socks under ankle socks, under my favorite pair of oxfords from urban outfitters. Hopefully the gods of cooler weather will get the memo.

Make sure to pop by my blog and say hello!

Guest Post / Simple Manhattan

16 Sep


For today’s Fab Friday post, I’m excited to have none other than my best friend, Nikki take over Brooklyn Bliss for the day.  Nikki’s a NYC real estate agent, so if there is anyone who’s aware of all the newest, fun stuff to check out in Manhattan it’s her. She blogs over at Simple Manhattan, so be sure to check out her site if you’re looking for more fun stuff to check out on the island of Manhattan.

When I first heard about the Highline Park – about 2 years before the first section opened – I was ecstatic and intrigued. I voraciously followed all the coverage on Curbed and other real estate obsessed sites. I marked my calendar for the opening weekend. And once that weekend finally came, I dragged my visiting European friend out to see it with me (since he was the only one of my friends that weekend who was willing to stand in line just to get into a public park :)).

My expectations were not disappointed, and I have been in love with it ever since. Now that the second section is complete, I have 10+ more blocks of Highline Park to wander aimlessly. I do quite enjoy being aimless whenever the opportunity strikes 🙂

I think the Highline Park is one of the most amazing repurposings of an old relic to happen in a long time. It shows how you can take something that was once old, forgotten, even an eyesore, and make it into something beautiful and cherished. What’s even better – it’s there for EVERYONE to enjoy and a whole swath of people from all over NYC (and beyond) come out to enjoy it.

I realize this post is full of mushy stuff and flowery language. But I just can’t help it!!!!! I LURVES this place!!! Pics below. Enjoy 🙂





Guest Post / Jesse Anne O

15 Sep


Today I’m excited to hand off my blog to another one of my favorite vegan fashion bloggers.  Jesse in addition to sharing similar dietary preferences to me also likes to post outfit photos on the internet, and is a fellow Brooklynite! Check out her blog at www.jesseanneo.blogspot.com.

Hi there! I’m Jesse of jesse.anne.o and I’m guest posting for Corrie today, on her regularly scheduled outfit post day. One of the reasons I love Brooklyn Bliss is because Corrie and I are both vegan and post outfit pictures. Which means I get to check out another vegan’s wardrobe!

After seeing Corrie’s post about tough ankle boots, I thought I’d try to incorporate one of the same pairs she posted into my outfit. Thanks to winning a Farm Sanctuary silent auction, I had a gift card for Cri de Coeur (one of my favorite vegan shoes lines) and I I took a chance on the Lures. But since I bought them during the summer, I hadn’t yet gotten a chance to wear them.

I don’t normally do ankle boots because I’m a shorty and conventional fashion wisdom is that they’re not that flattering on the vertically challenged. But I gave it a shot and I love them.


dress/vintage from Bklyn Flea


boots/Cri de Coeur

That goes goes to show that not all conventional fashion wisdom should be taken seriously.

Thanks for letting me crash Brooklyn Bliss, Corrie!

You’re welcome! By the way Jesse, after putting this post together and seeing those boots, they definitely have to make more appearances on your site. They’re awesome!