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Zoo York

9 Apr

Baby kangaroo's are the cutest thing ever.

As many of you who already follow me on Twitter or Instagram (my handle is @brooklynbliss) may know, I had a very interesting day at work last Thursday. One of my customers in addition to selling the products my company represents also owns a zoo. It’s a small, independently owned zoo, like in that movie with Matt Damon We Bought a Zoo.

I was visiting his office on business, and before I knew it was getting an upfront and personal tour with all the different animals that reside there. And by personal I mean bottle feeding baby bears, feeding grapes by hand to 600 pound adult bears, and getting the side of my face slobbered on my a 6 foot tall kangaroo named Roo.

Camera Roll-566

Initially I was kind of conflicted visiting the facility being I don’t feel wild animals should be held captive for our amusement. On the other hand, while there I learned many of the animals (though not all of them) there were actually rescued. One in particular that tugged my heart-strings was a rare long horned goat who was rescued from a captive hunting facility. The previous owner had a change of heart and felt bad having someone shoot down an animal so friendly it eats out of your hand. The goat now resides among a rescued baby cow, emus, turkeys, llamas, sheep, goats (including the biggest one I’ve ever seen, standing at over 4 feet tall to its shoulders, also a rescue from a meat facility) deer and a motley crew of other animals in a petting zoo, where they all co-exist peacefully.

The animals were all so sweet and personable, and had no issues with strangers interacting with them at all. At one point I was in the kangaroo pen and they just hopped around me and sniffed me like I belonged there. Priscilla, a huge 80 pound, menacing looking bearcat turned out to be super affectionate, wanting to sit on people’s shoulders and hang out.

Camera Roll-567

Camera Roll-568

The experience was by far one of the most interesting work days I’ve ever had. Looking into these animals eyes and interacting with them in such a candid way totally solidified for me why I’m vegan and feel as passionate about animal rights as a do. It baffles me more people can’t look into those eyes and see the same emotional beings I do.

The whole issue of small zoos and exotic animal trade are a totally separate issue, which can not be remedied in a quick and easy way. Until the issue is addressed, I feel much better knowing passionate animal lovers like my customer are there to take them in and give them the most comfortable lives possible, considering where they came from.

In the meantime, here’s a video of me petting one of the baby bears that’s so cute you’ll want to vomit. They’re like little puppies!


Highlights of my Week / According to Instagram

8 Apr

Camera Roll-565
The Gunas Earth Month Party / It’s a Small, Small World art opening at the Family Business gallery / My new vegan wannabe Lita’s arriving! / Bottle feeding a baby bear.

Camera Roll-570
Flying in my company’s private plane / My new Brooks Glycerin running shoes, just in time to train for the Brooklyn Half Marathon (they’re vegan!) / Cleaning out the fruits and veggies in my fridge and making a delicious breakfast juice / Finishing the Hunger Games and getting started on the next book.