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My Weekend According to Instagram

6 May

This past weekend Jim and I enjoyed an extended one, getting to show my college bestie Gina and her boyfriend Mark around town. We covered a lot of ground in three days, and I’m still getting through the few hundred photos I took over the course of the weekend.  Next time I need to learn to stick to one camera and not three!

Here’s some of my favorites I managed to snap on my iPhone and post to Instagram as we were out in about.


We enjoyed coffee from Caffe Capri EVERY morning.  They seriously have the BEST coffee in Brooklyn // Stopped for brunch at Champs Diner


We did some serious art gawking, especially at MOMA // Spotted this book at Poseman’s Books in the Chelsea Market and am convinced I need a vegan version of this Mondrian inspired cake for my upcoming birthday this July


Enjoyed beyond fantastic weather this entire weekend, especially during our visit to the High Line, where I spotted this fantastic mural // There were some new installations along the park that weren’t there during my last visit.  This one in particular was stunning, the mirrored glass made the side of the building blend into the sky

Are you on Instagram?  Hit me up!  My Instagram handle is @BrooklynBliss.


Rest and Recharge

14 Nov

My home this weekend... my couch in my nice dark living room watching movies.

I spent the entire past two days this weekend resting.  Like straight up, did not get off my couch, watching movies vegging.  It was pretty epic.  I haven’t had a weekend like that in months.

I often times forget that in the event I’m going to have a super busy week, that I actually plan and schedule some down time to balance myself out.  The past few weeks I’ve neglected that, and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since.  Lesson learned.  I feel somewhat better energy wise coming into this week which is a good thing.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

OMG Magenta OMG!

28 Jun

Holy moly I seriously can not believe how hot it is outside today. Taking Portia to doggie daycare it was already 87 degrees and it’s about 85 in my office right now with the AC struggling to keep up. Oy vey.

Despite the inferno the past few days I actually had a pretty decent weekend. Slept in late both days, got all the bills and household paperwork done yesterday as well as a bunch of other stuff. Highlight of the weekend was I got a mani-pedi. And I can’t believe the freaking color I got.

Wait for it….

Freaking magenta!

For those of you who know me well I usually stay away from anything remotely “pinkish” like it’s the plague. I don’t know what came over me but before I knew it, I left the salon with magenta/nearly hot pink nails. WTF who does that?

On a totally side note, Hollywood I’m so pissed at you! Random I know but it must be said. I finally this weekend had a chance to see My Sister’s Keeper which is a screen adaptation of the book of the same name by Jodi Piccoult (one of my favorite authors). Despite it’s all-star cast, the movie was a total piece of trash and I’ll tell you why, and if you are planning on seeing the movie/reading the book stop reading this post, spoiler alert.

The, very best part of that book I felt was the ending. As a little background into the story, it’s about a girl who was more or less a test tube kid genetically engineered to (at the cost of her parents) be an exact, genetic match to her sick with cancer older sister. So basically they’d make the poor kid go through all these medial procedures in efforts to save her sister who despite everything gets sicker.  So what does the kid do?  Get a lawyer and sue her parents for medical emancipation!  Hell that’s what I’d do.

The killer ending in the book (no pun intended) is the test tube kid while en route somewhere with her lawyer in the car prior to the final ruling of the case gets in a car accident and dies.  So ultimately, the older sister still lives because she gets her sister’s kidney.  I also loved how this chapter of the book was written from the older sister’s perspective.  It was a really beautiful yet tragic ending.

So Hollywood had to go and screw that up by simply letting the test tube kid win the case and her sister die.  WTF.  It totally defeated the entire purpose of the book I felt.  What a waste.

End of rant.  Back to work.