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Clean Detox Week One

9 Jan

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My meal at Smith and Wollensky’s in Las Vegas on Day 7, nothing with a side of sparking water.

As a quick disclaimer, I know how reading about what I did and experienced day by day on this cleanse can be a bit boring. I did weekly recap posts last year, and although it was not my most popular posts, when it came time for me to plan my detox this year I found it to be a very valuable resource looking through all my blog entries on the subject. I apologize in advance if they’re pretty dull, because they are. Thanks for your patience with me.

Day One- January 2nd:

All in all, the first day really wasn’t too bad until we hit the evening. Both Jim and I woke up late in the day and had our green juice. A few hours later we decided to get vegan, gluten free buckwheat waffles stuffed with olives, hummus and arugula from Waffle and Wolf, which was clean program friendly and delicious. Later that evening I kind of went a bit crazy and made two gigantic batches of soup (at the same time, who does that?!) so we could freeze them and have them over the next few weeks. One was a vegan cream of broccoli soup and the other a butternut squash and apple soup. Yum. Hardest part of the evening was in the late evening, around 9 pm when we’d typically want to snack. That was rough. We both snuck one or two rice crackers and felt bad about it.

Day Two- January 3rd:

I woke up right when my alarm went off at 6 am and for the first time in a long time didn’t feel the need to go back to sleep. I’m not sure if this was because of the detox, or from all the lounging and resting I did over the weekend, but it sure as hell felt pretty good. After work I went home and heated up some of the soup I made over the weekend and immediately after having it went to the gym for a spin class and personal trainer session. My energy was pretty amazing. After my workout I came home and made us pesto rice pasta for lunch for tomorrow and felt a little bad for sneaking a few bites but had to to be sure it was al dente. Right? I passed out on the couch at 10 and slept like a baby.

Day Three- January 4th:

Had a little bit harder time getting up this morning but once I got going I was good to go, I was super focused at work all day and surprisingly not hungry. I totally skipped my morning snack and had to remind myself to have my afternoon one. My bobble water bottle I think has helped this, I’ve been drinking so much water. After work I fit in a quick cardio workout. I didn’t have to spend a ton of time in the evening getting ready for the following day or with meal prep being everything was already made earlier in the week. So I got to relax a bit. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 9:30 pm.

Day Four- January 5th:

Again I had a a tougher time waking up but once I was up I was ok. Had a crazy productive day at work. All in all, I’ve been really surprised at how much easier this cleanse has been for me compared to last years. I’m not really hungry at all and haven’t caved to any temptations. I also have yet to get a headache. Jim got his this evening. After work we heat up some of the butternut squash and apple soup I had made over the weekend and had it while relaxing and watching TV, but then I took off for a short while to go to kettlebells class. By the time I got there, all their lighter weights were gone so I was stuck with a 25 pounder and a 20 pounder. I still managed to do the entire workout with those weights, which I was really pleased with! I spent a lot of time after getting ready for work the next day and doing random house chores and prepping our lunches, but did manage to sit down around 8:30 for some R&R. Poor Jim still had his headache up to that point so to help him out I rubbed his head for a bit while we watched TV. I was in bed by 10 and the amazing thing is this entire past week the second my head hits the pillow, I don’t remember much else. I’ve been falling asleep really, really fast.

Day Five- January 6th:

All in all, day five wasn’t much different than the first four. I had a lot of energy, I wasn’t really tired, and I was crazy focused. I think I got more done at work this week than I have in ages. One of the highlights of day five was an awesome split pea soup Jim made us for dinner. Yum. That and the realization I haven’t gotten a headache on this cleanse yet totally made my day.

Day Six- January 7th:

I had reserved today to be a vegetable most of the day and relax in preperation for my trip to the CES Show that I had to leave for tomorrow. So I relaxed on the couch watching United States of Tara on Netflix most of the day, but then pulled myself off the couch to take Porta to the dog park and do some grocery shopping, packing and prep for next week. Though I’m going to be away next week on business, I want to be sure Jim’s got everything he needs stocked up in the apartment so he can still remain successful on the cleanse. One observation I have today compared to the rest of the week, the weekends are much, much harder on this program because you have downtime. During the week since I’m so busy at work, I don’t even think about food. On the weekends when you’re bored, it’s really easy to just want to snack all day.

Day Seven- January 8th:

This morning I went to power yoga and I had a tough time with it. My quads were giving out during all the lunges. I don’t know if it’s a result of the cleanse, or all the workouts I’ve done during the week but I didn’t beat myself up over it. In hindsight I’m really glad I did as much food prep and packing as I did yesterday, because today after yoga I could just relax until it was time to catch my flight to Vegas for the CES show for work. It’s really going to be a challenge to keep to the cleanse while in Vegas but I’m optimistic. I’m well prepared for it at least. I purchased a mini blender I packed with me on my carry on, as well as a ton of clean program approved snacks. Today I also decided to swap my lunch salad and dinner soup and instead have the soup for lunch and the salad for dinner knowing I can’t take liquids on the plane. Worked like a charm. Once we landed I stopped at Whole Foods on my way to the strip and stocked on up some other items, like Imagine Brand Butternut Squash Soup and frozen fruit and almond milk for my smoothies. Immediately after I went for “dinner” with some people to Smith and Wollensky’s. Let me tell you, if there was any restaurant was glad to be in during a cleanse it was a steak house. Since I’m a vegan steak and meat in general totally grosses me out, so I wasn’t hungry at all while there. I instead just participated in the conversation and drank some Pelligrino and had no issues at all.

Week One Overview

I already lost over four pounds, which is pretty astounding. Aside from that, I have a ton of energy, I’ve been really focused, and most of all very positive and optimistic. I feel amazing. One realization I made this week is how much starch impacts my weight. This week I cut out everything aside from brown rice, quinoa, millet and buckwheat and the pounds just peeled off. Knowing this gives me the incentive to try to stick to this even after the cleanse. I’d like to for a change actually look like I spend as much time at the gym as I do, and I know in the end it’s my own fault because diet is half of the equation.

Clean Detox Week One Recap

21 Feb

My vegan sushi lunch on day six.

Day One-Monday February 14th:The first day was tougher than I thought. I wasn’t necessarily hungry, but just the thought that I would only get to eat one solid meal just really made me want to snack. Plus it was Valentine’s Day and everywhere I looked there was chocolate and treats. Another tough thing was the raw food deal. My “soup” for dinner tonight was supposed to be served cold, which was just weird to me. At the end of the day both my husband and I had headaches. His was waaaay worse than mine. He seemed really sick but stuck through it. From what I hear this is normal the first week or so. Hopefully it passes soon.

Day Two-Tuesday February 15th: Holy headache! At around 11am at work I got a headache so bad that by the time lunch rolled around, I couldn’t think of anything but the headache. Then the nausea set in. I attempted to take a nap on my lunch break but that wasn’t working, so I ended up heading home from work early, popping a few valerian root (only herbal remedies are recommended on this cleanse, so no advil for me) and taking a nap. Later on, I felt full on sick the way my husband did the night prior. I even had to cancel my personal training session at the gym. It was seriously almost as bad as when I had food poisoning. Come to find out, this sort of headache was normal on any kind of cleanse or detox. It’s the toxins being released into your blood stream which makes it thicker, and therefore causes headaches. Yuck. I’m so thankful my husband took such great care of me so I could head to bed early (8pm) and try to sleep it off.

Day Three- Tuesday February 16th: I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and great… at around 3 am! I couldn’t fall back asleep so rolled with it. I just kept my eyes closed and relaxed in bed and got up around 5 am. Had my breakfast shake, went to work and had a great, productive day. My gluten-free pesto pasta I packed for lunch was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated, whereas yesterday I couldn’t really enjoy it due to my headache. I had a late evening at work today and got home around 7 pm and immediately had my soup dinner (I was lazy and had an Imagine Brand Butternut Squash soup instead of making my own). I had originally planned to run 5 miles today, but that was out of the question since it was so late and I was still feeling the effects of feeling like crap the day prior. I for a second hesitated and thought to not run at all, but instead got in my workout gear and got to the gym for a quick 2 miler on the treadmill. I’m so glad I did, I felt great after! Granted I was tired and couldn’t do more than 2 miles it felt great to sweat. I also had my best nights sleep in a long time.

Day 4- February 17th: I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and my skin is already brighter and clearer. My husband even commented on it. I woke up in a good mood and ended the day in a good mood. I was really productive at work. I got a little hazy and tired while at my hair appointment (I felt bad my stylist was all chatty and I was like a zombie) but all in all it was a good cleanse day.

Day 5- February 18th: I felt pretty much the same as the day prior. Good and focused with a decent amount of energy. I didn’t even eat all my lunch and I still had lots if energy for the gym as well as cleaning up around the apartment after work. My hubby however was pretty cranky today. Boo.

Day 6- February 19th: I woke up this morning a little fatigued I think from my workout yesterday. After my morning juice (first one ever made with my juicer I’ve never used) I was then full of energy. My best friend came out to Brooklyn this morning from Manhattan to check out my gym with me and attend a yoga class and then a kettle bell class right after it. I had plenty of energy to put in a really great workout today. After we had lunch at a local sushi joint, where I ordered as “clean” as I could according to the program and also ordered some food to go for my husband. Little did I know the mushrooms in our mushroom rolls were marinated in soy sauce, which is a big no-no on the program. I felt fine after lunch, but my husband did notice some discomfort shortly after lunch, so it may be possible he’s allergic to soy. We’ll know for sure when the program is over after we slowly reintroduce the “no-no” foods. Later on in the afternoon I got really cranky and started to feel sick. Not sure why. I think it had to do with it taking me several hours to plan our grocery shopping list for next week on this program. It’s pretty difficult to find meals and soups that are easy to make in the timeframe I have available to actually cook. I plan on getting to bed at a decent time this evening and resting up being I have a busy yet relaxing day tomorrow.

Day 7- February 20th:

I woke up well rested and in a great mood.  The hubby and I had our morning smoothies (which we have grown to really love) and I dragged my butt out in the freezing cold to run 5 miles, and did so in less time than my previous weeks run!  All in all throughout the day we were both super productive.  Hubby ran to Costco and ran some errands for us while I did our grocery shopping and dropped off laundry.  I even made time for myself today to visit a local spa to get a massage (which is recommended on this program, hells yeah!) as well as to do some hot/cold water therapy in their hydrospa.  All I can say to summarize this experience is “Aaaahhhhh”.  I was so relaxed after and felt fantastic.  I was a bit tired when I got home in the evening, so after making our lunch for the following day both the hubby and I relaxed and watched a movie.


I can’t believe we’ve already finished seven days!  The first few days were really tough, but now that we’ve gotten into the schedule and are used to eating (and drinking, you have to drink sooooo much water!) this way it’s actually really, really easy.  Both of us have tons of energy we didn’t have before, and are already talking about adopting many of these practices (mostly the smoothie in the morning, no caffeine, and perhaps limiting gluten) into our daily lives after the cleanse is over.  We’re looking forward to seeing what additional improvements are to be had in week two.