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Week According to Instagram

18 Jun

Life According to Instagram

Clockwise from top left: al fresco brunch with Portia // best faux tuna melt ever at Terri’s in Chelsea // ’tis the season for ice coffee!  // Quick road trip to Philly // I can really “wrap” // Gorgeous sunset peeking out from a rainstorm // amazingly delicious Vietnamese Noodle Salad with Grilled Tofu I made from the Appetite for Reduction Cookbook // decided to change up how I style my hair, center parted blown out 70’s style “wing” bangs // Portia and I at Williamsburg Walks this past weekend.

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Week According to Instagram

7 Jun

Week According to Instagram 6/3/12
Clockwise from top left: My recent breakfast obsession, gluten-free granola with berries and almond milk // After years of having gross siding on my apartment building, my landlord is finally adding a brick facade (and a nice one at that!).  It’s like a new apartment without having to move! // Driving to my homeland, Long Island // Finally seeing the Hunger Games movie! // Taking my Mom to see the movie and for a belated Mother’s Day lunch // My favorite studded sandals, still going after 3 summer seasons now // Impromptu trip to UCB East to see improv prior to a late night concert // AZELIA BANKS CONCERT!!! OMG Amazing! // Confetti and ball drop finale at the Azelia Banks concert.

Here’s some of the highlights of this past week, according to Instagram.

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