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Anniversary Love

4 Oct

Wedding 2008

Four years ago today, I married my best friend and the love of my life.

Today’s outfit post is a special one. This is what I wore on my wedding day. Looking through all the photos all these years later was such a treat remembering back to that big day in my life.

My dress was that classic scenario where myself and everyone around me knew it was “the one” once I walked out of the dressing room wearing it. It was stunning. It’s a Priscilla of Boston design. I’m so sad to hear they’ve since closed their salons. I tried on so many dresses and loved their designs the most out of everyone’s. They were very modern, yet classic at the same time. They also weren’t overly girlie or fussy. I’m a total tomboy at heart, and wedding dress shopping was a huge source of anxiety for me because of all the bows and ruffles and such. This dress was perfect.


Wedding 2008


I originally did not want to wear a veil, but it meant a lot to my father so I chose to do it for him with the condition I would only wear it for the ceremony, and that it would not cover my face. Funny thing is I made the decision if I was going to wear one, it was going to be HUGE. Here you can see how dramatic my veil was, as well as the train of my dress. It was really a showstopper.

Wedding 2008

Doesn’t Jim looking dashing?

Wedding 2008

Wedding 2008

My earrings were a gift from Jim for my birthday the summer prior to the wedding, and they were perfection. They’re a Miriam Haskell design.


Wedding 2008

This was my favorite photo of us with our bridal party.

Wedding 2008

Jim, I know you e-stalk my blog, and wanted to let you know how much I love you and how honored I am to be called your wife. You are my everything. And every October 4th I think of that picture perfect day we held hands as we left the altar and walked into the next phase of our amazing lives together.

Love you the most.

All photos were taken by Silk Studio Weddings


How to Surprise Your Wife

5 Oct


Planning an anniversary celebration?  Want to surprise your wife?  Follow these tips from my husband, Jim.

First, tell her she’s got to get home from work as soon as possible because you have a dinner reservation.  Tell her she should wear something really nice to work that day, but comfortable.


When she gets home, tell her you’re running late for the reservation and you’ve gotta go asap.  Run around frantically and ask her to grab your cell phone for you in the living room. Make sure there are lots of lit candles in the room so she see’s the light flickering before opening the door and wonders “what the…”.


In the living room, have some champagne ready to go, complete in the champagne flutes you both used to toast your wedding celebration years ago.


Start off with a selection of appetizers from one of her favorite local restaurants (in my case, it was Wild Ginger).  If you want to score some bonus points, secretly message her friends and ask for suggestions.  It’ll make you look like the amazing husband all her friends wish they had.


To set the mood, get a fire started.  We don’t have a fireplace in our tiny apartment, but a roaring fire on our flat screen TV did the trick.


Have a leisurely conversation, enjoying the champagne and appetizers while waiting for the next course.


Get her a few entrees to choose from from said favorite restaurant.  We enjoyed Black Pepper Seitan Steak with greens and General Tso’s (Mock) Chicken.  Also be sure to order enough so she can take it to work the next day for lunch, she’ll love that.


Get her a dozen roses for each year you’ve been married.  In our case, it was three.


Complete the evening by surprising her with a dessert with her two favorite flavor combinations.  My Peanut Butter Chocolate Bombe was the bomb.

Set your wife up with an evening like this, and you might just get lucky.