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Armory 2011

8 Mar

Me at the Armory

Saturday this past weekend my husband and I attended the Armory Show in Manhattan. We luz our art!   If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s basically an art gallery expo.  Art galleries from around the world bring works from the artists they represent and display them in sort of gallery booths.  There are two sections to the show.  The Modern section featured works by more prominent artists as well as some older pieces (say 1930’s on) and the Contemporary section featured art that is “in now”.  We enjoyed the Modern section much more than the Contemporary one.  Highlights of the day included walking right past Robert DeNiro as well as tons of great people watching.  

I wish I had known in advance it was totally acceptable to bring photo equipment in to photograph the art, otherwise I would have brought my DSLR instead of my little point and shoot.  Here  are some of my favorite shots from the show.  As a disclaimer, there was so much art I really did not record or even attempt to catalog all the artists names of the pieces I took photos of.  If you see something posted here that I didn’t provide credit for, please let me know and I’d be happy to cite the artist/medium/gallery/whatever.



White Sculptures

Armory Aisles

Beehive Relief

Glass Sculpture

Black and White Art

Relief Wall

Best Op Art Wall Ever

Op Art Sculpture

Cruz Diaz

Orange Sculpture

Neon Pink Pop Art

Neon Orgy


Light Sink

Blah Blah Blah




Damien Hirst Pills