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Reader Feedback Needed

1 Feb

Camera Roll-1993

As I prepare to get the blog up and running again, I’m really curious as to what topics and posts my readers enjoy the most. I’d love your feedback!

What are your favorite posts? In general over the years I’ve tended to stick to below categories.

  • Veganism (including how it fits into all the categories below)
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion/Styling
  • Shopping  (Vegan Versions)
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Organization/Household
  • Personal Posts (What’s Going on in My Life)
  • Health/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Recipes

Some ideas I have for future posts I wanted to run past you guys include:

  • Ask Corrie– Ask me anything! Can be fashion related, veganism related, etc.
  • Compassion Fashion– Featuring my readers and others who love compassionate fashion.
  • Link Roundups
  • Interview Series– I’d interview important vegans you’d like to hear from.
  • Vegan Crossfitting- We’re a minority in the sport, and since I’ve been in the community for a few months now I have enough knowledge to start to write about it.

Let me know what you’d like to see in upcoming posts in the comments section below. If I didn’t cover something above that you’d like to see, be sure to let me know! I’m open to all suggestions.

What’s are your favorite posts on Brooklyn Bliss?


Veggie Hubby

18 Aug

My husband surprised me last week. It went something like this…

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I think as of today I’m a vegetarian.”

To say I’m excited is an understatement.  I’m not so much excited that he’s decided to go veg to go green or prevent cruelty to animals (which of course it does, those are great reasons to go veg!), but more so for the health benefits vegetarians and vegans have over omnivores.  Knowing my hubby will enjoy a naturally appropriate weight, lower cholesterol, and longer lifespan allow me to sleep better at night.

I’ve been a vegetarian and a vegan for a combined total of over 15 years.  I was a vegan when he met me.  He always told me he thought the fact I had such conviction for my beliefs and restraint in what I ate that he finds it very sexy, which always makes me smile.  Deep down I always hoped he’d one day share the same beliefs, and as of last week I’m so excited he now does.

A lot of fellow vegetarians and vegans might wonder why I’d stay with an omnivore for so long, never mind marry one.   We veg-heads tend to stick to our own kind.   Truth is, I feel what we choose to eat and believe is a very personal choice, and no one should be judged for it no matter which way they chose is best for them.

I’ll rarely ever speak about why I’m a vegan unless someone asks me.  I also won’t go into great detail about it.  I believe if someone is seriously considering becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, they really need to do the research on their own as to what they’re getting into and why, and make the decision for themselves.  That’s the only way I really think it becomes a lifestyle choice and not a phase.  The best I can do to aid in this process is lead by example and do what works for me and hope others will do the same for themselves.

I’m really happy to say that besides my husband making this big decision, most of my friends and coworkers all now take more consideration into what they eat and use on a weekly basis as well.  Though they’re not all vegetarians or vegans, they now won’t always dismiss the vegetarian option on the menu when we go out, or they’ve incorporated meatless mondays into their routine.  One of my friends lately loves to show me every time she purchases a pair of vegan shoes. Another woman from my office who loves to bake purchased Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and brings in vegan cupcakes for everyone occasionally.  There’s no better testament to me that shows how leading by example can make a bigger impact than ad campaigns, pamphlet distribution and protesting put together.

My husband’s goal is to start as a vegetarian, and eventually become a vegan. His reasons for doing so?  That’s none of our damn business.  All I know is he came to the decision on his own, and he’s doing it for himself and no one else, not even me.  That and as a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore I love him no matter what he is.

PCRM 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

27 Aug

For anyone who may be interested, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine does this great program every so often called the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart.  Many folks don’t realize that besides benefitting animals, being a vegan has really wonderful benefits for us human folk as well.

  • It drastically lowers your carbon footprint so we all benefit from a healthier environment
  • It has many health benefits, including trimming excess weight, lowering cholesterol (which is only found in animal products by the way), lowering blood pressure and preventing and reverting heart disease.
  • It’s economical.  Contrary to popular belief it’s actually more budget friendly to be a vegan than an omini due to the costs of animal products being higher than produce/grains/etc.

I did the kickstart program back in January to come back to veganism.  I was a vegan for a while back in college but had lost track through the years.  21 days is how long it takes to make something a habit, which is why the program takes that many days to complete.

What makes the program a good one is every day throughout the program you wake up to an email newsletter with a new tip on what to eat, where to eat and how to eat as a vegan.  It really helps remind you of your goal trying to eat this way over the course of the kickstart.  Occasionally the emails include either a celebrity interview or even a video.  I found it really helpful to stay on track and make veganism a “habit” again.

So if being a vegan has ever crossed your mind but you figured you don’t have the will power to do it, I highly recommend trying the PCRM 21-Day Kickstart.  You might find it’s a lot easier and healthier than you thought it would be.