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Iceland Packing Inspiration / Winter Layers

14 Nov

I can’t believe I leave for Iceland tomorrow evening!  This trip really snuck up on me.  I’m packing today, and any time I pack it involves a lot of prior research and planning.  I exclusively travel with only a carry on, and since this is a five day trip in a very cold locale, I want to be sure I’m well prepared.

I spent a lot of time over the weekend pinning a few outfit inspirations of winter layers to help me figure out the best items to pack.  Here’s some of my favorites.

I know know for sure that some items I’ll be bringing with me is my faux fur lined parka, chambray shirt, some of my flannel shirts, one or two lightweight sweaters, and maybe a vest or faux leather jacket.  That way I can easily stay warm without taking up a ton of room in my carry-on.

Oh yeah, don’t worry I won’t be forgetting a bikini.  Our first stop is the Blue Lagoon.  Yay, spa day!


Chasing the Northern Lights

12 Oct

image credit: www.universetoday.com

Yesterday, I confirmed details to go on a quick weekend “girls” vacation in November with the women in my family to Iceland.  We’re specifically going over in attempt to see the northern lights, so fingers crossed it’s cold enough when we visit to see them!

The ladies all went last year (I couldn’t make it) and they enjoyed it so much they planned another one for this year.  There will be a lot of spa time, dining, sight-seeing, and best of all those pretty lights in the sky.  It should be a pleasant break from work just prior to the craziness of the holiday season.

While I’m excited to be going, I’m somewhat petrified on what I’m going to eat over there.  I have zero knowledge of nordic food, nevermind vegan nordic options (if they even exist!).  If you’re a vegan and you’ve been to Iceland, please send me your recommendations!  I’d really appreciate any information anyone can send me.

I’m also looking for any feedback and information on what to pack, especially while visiting in November.  If you’ve been to Iceland and have any tips, let me know!