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Meatless Monday Recipe / Maple Roasted Tofu and Veggies

10 Oct
{image via Vegan Dad}

One thing I love about fall is root vegetables.  Sweet potatoes, regular ol’ potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, I love them all.  As part of our winter CSA share we get a giant box of them once a month, and last week was our first one of the season.

I found this recipe a long time ago on Vegan Dad and it’s now my go to recipe to clear out my fridge of all my root veggies.  Although this recipe takes longer than my standard 30 minute allotted time frame, I love making it on weekends because it goes together in a snap and then hangs out in the oven for an hour, allowing me to do other things while I wait.  It’s delicious, is a full meal (it includes tofu as a protein) and is really versatile.  You can pretty much sub any vegetable you want in it.  I’ve even made this with broccoli thrown in.  Tempeh would probably work in place of the tofu if it’s not your thing.  Last night I made this and served it over a bed of arugula, yum!

For the recipe, click here.


Pumpkin Cream Cheese

9 Nov

Mmmmm... Tofu Pumpkin Cream Cheese!

You know it’s officially fall when Starbucks begins serving their spiced pumpkin lattes.  Or in my case, soy spiced pumpkin  lattes.  Yummy. 

It’s amazing that in the city of “a Starbucks on every corner”, that my little neighborhood in Brooklyn doesn’t have a single, solitary Starbucks.  So no soy spice pumpkin lattes for me.  Dunkin Donuts carries their own version but their unfortunately is not vegan.

On a seemingly unrelated note I purchased a Groupon for a dozen bagels and pound of cream cheese at the Bagel Store.  I love the Bagel Store not only because their bagels are the best I’ve ever had (and I grew up in NY!), but because they make their own tofu cream cheeses.  Usually the most they have in tofu versions are plain, or scallion (my fave).

I kept forgetting to stop by the store to use my Groupon, so I asked my hubby if he could stop by one day after work, which he did.  He IM’ed me at work to let me know he picked them up, and I asked what he got.  For the bagels, he mentioned my favorites, including whole wheat everything, french toast (seriously, the BOMB!), cinnamon raisin, and a whole bunch more.  Then I asked if he remembered to pick up my tofu cream cheese, to which he responded “yeah, I got tofu spinach veggie and pumpkin”.

Mmmmm, pumpkin.  I imagined how it has to taste.  Like a spiced pumpkin latte of course!  Sweet with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, probably totally delicious.  Too bad they don’t have a vegan version of that.  “Awww, thanks babe the tofu spinach veggie sounds good.  I wish one day they’d make a tofu pumpkin cream cheese.” I responded to him.

Then my hubby totally made my day by informing me:

“The pumpkin cream cheese is vegan.  Do you think I would get a cream cheese that you couldn’t eat?”

Holy, freaking, crap!  Tofu pumpkin cream cheese!!  And it’s vegan!  Hell’s yeah!  If you are a vegan and ever in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area do be sure to visit the Bagel Store.  They support us and we have to support them!

Fall as officially arrived!