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Drum Milk Motor

29 Mar

This past weekend I felt like getting a bit crazy on the outfit front and try putting some items together I wouldn’t normally even think to do. As I was getting dressed and putting the outfit together my husband said…

“You look like you’re going to participate in a drum circle, then milk a cow and them jump on a motorcycle”.

I guess the maxi dress, chambray shirt and pleather jacket are a pretty weird combination, and I do see his point.  He didn’t tell me to change, which he’ll often do if whenever I put together something that’s a total failure.  So with that in mind I’m thinking this look was a success!


Lazy Sunday

16 Mar

{Pleather Jacket: Target; Cascade Cardigan: Alloy; Pill Tee-Shirt (not shown): Brooklyn Flea; Sneakers: Converse; Dog Carrier: Urban Link via Amazon; Sunglasses: Brooklyn Flea}

Sunday was my husband’s birthday. We had actually celebrated the night prior at Matt Torrey’s with some friends and needless to say got home pretty late. We woke up a little hung over and instead of staying at home all day whining about not feeling well, we instead got dressed and got out of the house. We had breakfast at a local diner we just discovered, and then brought Portia into the city with us to go to the Apple Store in an unfruitful attempt to purchase a set of iPad 2’s.

All in all we had a great walk about the city and Brooklyn and then collapsed at home and lounged the rest of the day around the apartment. I’d consider it the best lazy weekend day I’ve had in a long time.