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Loving This Deux Lux Bag

18 Apr

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So a few weeks ago I ordered this Deux Lux bag via a Gilt sale and OMG I am so glad I did.  I love it so much I just wanted to share.

That is all!


Vegan Versions / Ash Monoi Sandals

28 Jun

This vegan version post is a little different in that I’m not currently looking for a vegan version of a designer item. Instead, I discovered a pair of sandals I had purchased last season have a much pricier non-vegan version I wasn’t aware of.

I had purchased a pair of Bamboo studded gladiator sandals (model MOD-16) last year from Alloy. I paid next to nothing for them, and I’ve worn the damn things to death. I’m actually wearing them as I write this post.

Within the past month or so, I noticed some bloggers I follow, including Kelly from the Glamourai have been sporting a very similar pair from Ash. Looks like they were at one point in time retailing for around $148-$208. You can currently get the Bamboo ones from Amazon for $29.95.

Not Vegan: Ash Monoi Sandal

Not Vegan: Ash Monoi Sandal

Vegan: Bamboo MOD-16 Studded Sandal

Vegan: Bamboo MOD-16 Studded Sandal

Have you ever purchased an item you like only to realize later it’s a trendy knock-off and you had no clue?  There’s one good thing about knock-offs they’re most always vegan.