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Stoop Sale Finds

23 Aug

 Like any other weekend the hubby and I started our Saturday with a quick drive around town checking out the local stoop sales.  This weekend proved to be a particularly fruitful one considering the awesome finds I came home with.  The find of particular note was the seamstress dress form my hubs bought for me at one of the sales for only $5, which I used to display my finds in these photos. 

Military Jacket- I was looking for one of these being it's a continuing fall trend. Lucky find.

Wrap Dress: It's this funky sweatshirt type material. Great for fall.

Front of Cocktail Dress

Back of the Cocktail Dress- It has this fantastic, dramatic back.

 In addition to the clothing items I also scored a bunch of belts, an evening clutch, and the hubby got everything from art books to an artists light box.