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My Seed Experience

20 May

The Seed Expo 2013

I’m back from San Antonio!  While I had a great time getting to meet up with all my colleagues, customers and vendors I always feel better once I get back to NYC.  I’m such a big city girl it’s not even funny.

So I got back on Friday, just in time for me to prepare to speak at the Seed on Saturday.  The event was beyond my expectations.  I had a great time not only visiting all the vendor tables and trying lots of food, but also getting to meet and listen to many of the other speakers.  I also finally got to try that Cinnamon Snail truck everyone raves about and OMG was it amazing.

If you missed it, I talked about how to transition to a cruelty-free wardrobe, which I had previously posted about here.  To my surprise, during my talk the room completely filled up and was standing room only (aside from the few chairs in the front row, which you see in the photos below).  Cruelty-free fashion is apparently a hot topic!

For those of you who attended the Seed and came to see me speak, it was so great to finally get to meet you in person!  I loved getting to meet everyone and hope to get to participate in similar events in the future.

The Seed Expo 2013

The Seed Expo 2013

The Seed Expo 2013

The Seed Expo 2013


I’m Speaking at the Seed!

12 Apr


I am so excited to finally get to announce this!

The Seed is a huge vegan event being held from May 18th and 19th here in NYC at 82 Mercer.  There will be lots of delicious vegan food, products, services, world-renowned speakers, films, and more.  Best part about the Seed is it’s designed around a more “veg-curious” crowd, meaning if you are not currently vegan but are interested in the lifestyle, it’s a great place to come on out and see what it’s all about.

To my surprise, the organizers of the event  have invited me to be a featured speaker!  I’m not exactly sure which date I’ll be speaking just yet, but will be sure to let everyone know once it’s been announced.  I’ll be talking about how to best represent the vegan cause through what you wear and how to transition your wardrobe to a cruelty-free one.

I’m honored to be included with a huge variety of renowned speakers in the vegan community, all of which you can see here.  I had a near freak out seeing my name directly next to Brendan Brazier.  His Thrive Sports Nutrition Diet and Vega Sport Performance Protein is keeping me on track with my Crossfit goals so he’s been a huge inspiration for me!

Will you be attending the Seed?  If so I’d love to meet you so let me know!

SoHot Pink

30 Aug

Soho Pink{What I’m wearing: Blouse: H&M (thrifted); Cuff: H&M; Jeans: Mavi; Bag: Bagu (gift); Sneakera: Converse}

Last weekend Jim and I decided to head over to Soho for some fall shopping and flea market perusing. I wanted to take my cameras with me, so I finally broke out this awesome backpack Jim got me for my birthday.

Honestly, going the backpack route over a purse was extremely liberating. It had been so long since I’ve been hands free while shopping I totally forgot how awesome it was.

Soho Pink

Soho Pink

Soho Pink

Soho Pink

Are you a backpack girl, or a handbag girl?

Weekend Activism

22 Nov
Me at the protest
{Faux Fur Vest: Betsey Johnson via Century 21; Faux Leather Jacket: Target; Faux Silk Tunic: H&M (thrifted); Pants: H&M (thrifted); Boots: MIA via After6; Sunglasses: stoop sale find; Camera Bag: THEIT}

This past Saturday I attended my first ever protest.  I must say it felt pretty damn good.  As I mentioned in my previous post, putting an end to the use of fur in clothing and accessories is very near and dear to me, so it felt really great to get out in public to get the message out there as to just how unnecessary and cruel it is.

The protest location was in front of the Intermix location in Soho, which had a TON of foot traffic.  At first, I was a bit apprehensive protesting in NYC assuming New Yorkers would be pretty aggressive and angry about it.  It was actually quite the opposite.  Most people passing by thanked us for being out there and doing what we were doing.  I also found it funny most women walking by wearing anything looking like fur were quick to point out that it was “faux”.

Since it was a protest for a high end fashion boutique, I knew how important it was to dress to impress in efforts to show the women who shop at Intermix that there are fashionable alternatives to both fur and leather.  While out there, I had quite a few requests from tourists and locals to pose for pictures, which I gladly did as long as I could hold my sign.  I figured the more people who see the message, the better.

Thanks to all the other protesters for coming out that day as well as for sharing their photos.  I had actually brought my DSLR to document the day and realized after I got there that I left my camera battery at home.  Doh!

The protest organizers are planning another protest in front of the same Intermix on December 3rd from 12-2pm.  I’m planning on being there so if you can make it, come on out it would be great to have your support.

Intermix Anti-Fur Protest 11/19/11

Tell # Intermix to stop selling fur!!!

#intermix Anti Fur Protest, @sweetsereniteee

Intermix Anti-Fur Protest 11/19/11

Intermix Anti-Fur Protest 11/19/11

#Intermix Anti Fur Protest

Protesters at #intermix  anti fur protest

Intermix Anti-Fur Protest 11/19/11

Intermix Anti-Fur Protest 11/19/11