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Animal Print Purses

25 Aug

One of my “I absolutely need to buy” items for this fall is a new fall/winter purse.  I have nothing left considering I’m getting rid of all my leather purses. It’s got to be on the larger side too being I usually carry the same bag to work and on weekends and I normally carry a lot of crap with me everywhere I go. 

I initially ordered this purse from Alloy, but after reading reviews on it I’m having some buyer’s remorse.  After thinking about it with some of the other items I decided to purchase for fall, I think it’s kinda “blah”.  Depending on whether or not I like it when it actually arrives, I might return it.

Alloy at ShopStyle

 The Budget Babe today had this great Dress by Number post of a Kate Moss outfit that I fell in love with.  The highlight of it for me being a leopard print purse. 

A few things came to mind after seeing it: 

  1. I’m jealous of Kate Moss and her impecible style.
  2. I love animal print and being leopard is a trend this fall, why fight it?
  3. Having a leopard print (or any other animal print) purse can add a pop of interest to any outfit I wear this fall/winter considering the color palettes I’m sticking with (mostly neutral).
  4. Animal prints in themselves have a neutral color palette and therefore I could probably wear the bag with anything in my wardrobe.


So I took a quick looksie on Shopstyle today to see what animal print bags caught my eye, were made of synthetic materials and fit my budget.  Here’s what I came up with: 

Animal Print Purses
Jessica Simpson, Mossimo, Nine West, Merona

I’m leaning towards the bottom, middle Nine West Leopard Print bag, though I also love the zebra one as well.  Thoughts?