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Disorganized Mess / And GUNAS Giveaway Winner

24 Sep

{image credit: www.forbes.com}

This is how my brain feels.

Since I returned from my Denver/Chicago trip, I’ve been a disorganized mess.  Anyone who’s known me well for any period of time knows this is a disaster for me.  I’m horrendously OCD and if I’m not organized in every aspect of my life, it’s a gateway to a mental meltdown for me.

Last week after returning, I had my car broken into twice, my computer at work die for three days, no meal plan prepared for the week (and therefore no food in the house), and a variety of other “inconveniences”.  While I usually handle these sort of things really well, because I’ve been kind of far behind on deadlines and other goals of mine, it’s been an enormous source of stress for me.  Both in my professional and personal life.  And it’s getting to the point where I’m taking my stress out on people I care about and that’s not OK by me.

So with this in mind, I’m taking a quick “blog-cation” and not posting this week, instead hoping to use this time to get re-organized and re-prioritized.  I should (fingers crossed) be back to my usual posting schedule next week.

On a positive note, we have a winner for the GUNAS Milla Wallet Giveaway!  Esther, your wallet is en route to you today.