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Yet Another Bag

8 Nov

While running all over the city with my husband during our Anniversary “Staycation”, my Alloy satchel I mentioned in this post decided to quit on me in the middle of the cross walk on 8th Avenue.  The strap just completely disintegrated, and my bag and a bunch of my stuff in it tumbled onto the street just as the warning sign on the cross walk begin to flash.  Not a fun experience. 

I had purchased the bag the beginning of the season to function as my main bag to take to work as well as to use on weekends.  Now that I was down a work bag and had sold all my old leather (yuck) ones, I suddenly found myself in the market for yet another bag.

I didn’t want to make the mistake to buy another flimsy, plastic looking faux leather bag.  That stupid black bag was still around $40, which isn’t super cheap.  I decided my next one would be more of an investment so it lasts longer.  So instead of purchasing one right away, I decided to wait a bit and keep an eye out.  I’m glad I did, because I eventually received an eNewsletter from Delight.com that featured the Almira bag,  a beautiful bag that just so happened to be vegan.

It was similar to the bag I just broke in that it’s a satchel, but it also includes a strap so you can also wear it cross body.  I also liked that the bag was designed to expand, which makes it super versatile.  The bag wasn’t cheap though.  It’s $96.50 before shipping.  The email had featured a promo code which would bring the bag down to around $80 or so.  Reminding myself I was going to quality this time around, I bit the bullet and purchased it in gray.

When the bag arrived I initially panicked I chose the wrong color.  I mean, gray?  What was I thinking?  I don’t wear anything that’s gray!  I didn’t choose black because all I wear is black and brown just isn’t my thing.  Did I make the wrong decision?  I only wear black should I have just gotten the black bag?  And not only that, if I did make the wrong decision it would be an expensive one to boot!

Ultimately the color is absolutely perfect and looks great with everything in my wardrobe.  Gray is a neutral after all.  Looks great with black or brown.  The bag is really solidly well made, professional looking, and can easily be dressed up or down. 

Hopefully I won’t need to buy another bag for a while now.


Animal Print Purses

25 Aug

One of my “I absolutely need to buy” items for this fall is a new fall/winter purse.  I have nothing left considering I’m getting rid of all my leather purses. It’s got to be on the larger side too being I usually carry the same bag to work and on weekends and I normally carry a lot of crap with me everywhere I go. 

I initially ordered this purse from Alloy, but after reading reviews on it I’m having some buyer’s remorse.  After thinking about it with some of the other items I decided to purchase for fall, I think it’s kinda “blah”.  Depending on whether or not I like it when it actually arrives, I might return it.

Alloy at ShopStyle

 The Budget Babe today had this great Dress by Number post of a Kate Moss outfit that I fell in love with.  The highlight of it for me being a leopard print purse. 

A few things came to mind after seeing it: 

  1. I’m jealous of Kate Moss and her impecible style.
  2. I love animal print and being leopard is a trend this fall, why fight it?
  3. Having a leopard print (or any other animal print) purse can add a pop of interest to any outfit I wear this fall/winter considering the color palettes I’m sticking with (mostly neutral).
  4. Animal prints in themselves have a neutral color palette and therefore I could probably wear the bag with anything in my wardrobe.


So I took a quick looksie on Shopstyle today to see what animal print bags caught my eye, were made of synthetic materials and fit my budget.  Here’s what I came up with: 

Animal Print Purses
Jessica Simpson, Mossimo, Nine West, Merona

I’m leaning towards the bottom, middle Nine West Leopard Print bag, though I also love the zebra one as well.  Thoughts? 

Half-Year Resolution

10 Jul

I am completely and totally obsessed with these shoes!

I had searched high and low via the internets trying to find a pair of clogs (the hot, “it” shoe of summer, duh!) that I could actually wear.  It was near impossible to find a pair that was vegan, which is kinda funny when you think about it being clogs are considered to be somewhat hippy dippy.  I also wanted to find a pair that was a peep toe style that had a little bad ass to it as well.

Oh, and did I mention this pair was a mere $25?  Score!

I woke up this beautiful Saturday morning with no ambition to do much of anything.  Figuring there was no excuse not to get dressed considering some amazing person who I have yet to meet and personally thank invented jeggings.  Hello?! As comfy as sweats but looks presentable?  Sign me up.  Paired it with one of the hubby’s short sleeve button downs, a belt and my fab new clogs and I suddenly had motivation to get my arse out the door!  I went for a nice, leisurely walk where along the way I signed up for yoga classes, had my nails done and grabbed a few items to make dinner this evening.

On the walk I finally had an “aha” moment on what I wanted my “Half-Year Resolution” to be.  What’s a Half-Year Resolution?  It was my hubby’s idea.  Being we’re past the half-year part of 2010 he figured it would be a great idea for us to commit to new resolutions being we had already completed our resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

In January of 2010 I had resolved to become a vegan again.  I had been a vegetarian from age 12 through college, then a vegan for 2 years in college (which was when I had met my husband, he thought it was mad sexy though he himself is not a vegan).  After being tempted with some cheese quesadillas I was again a college vegetarian, and then somewhere along the line in my 20’s decided to give chicken another go.  I have no idea why I even did that now thinking back on it.  Hey at least I haven’t eaten beef or pork since I was 12.  So going into 2010, I decided to go back to being vegan.  I’m so happy I did!  I’ve been so much happier overall not to mention healthier.  All that’s material for another post though.

So for my half-year resolution I feel the best thing I could do is become a “real” vegan.  Granted, by diet I’m all vegan now but there are a few things I use on a daily basis leftover from my past life that are not.  For example, I have a ton of leather, designer purses and shoes.  I also wear Neutrogena makeup which I’m not sure is tested on animals or not.  So, for my half-year resolution I resolve to veganize all of my daily routine products. Clothing wise most everything I’ve purchased or thrifted since the beginning of the year has been vegan anyway so I’m good on that front.

Oh that reminds me another thing I’m resolving to do is to purchase most of my new clothing second-hand.  I love thrifting anyway plus it’s better for the environment so again win win.  For the whole of 2010 I’ve been trying to live a greener lifestyle, hence the veganism and stuff.

I also resolve to get back in shape.  That was the only January resolution I failed to meet.  I used to be a marathoner but lately running just doesn’t interest me.  So I’m going to try yoga (hence the class sign up today).  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m thinking it fits more in line with my new life outlook so it’s worth a shot.

Time to make dinner all this writing has made me hungry.

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt: The Husband’s from H&M
Belt: Gift from friend
Jeggings: Hue from Bloomingdale’s (best investment ever!)
Clogs: Qupid
Purse: Yard Sale Find