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Bark Park

23 Nov

Bark Park 11

This past Sunday both Jim and I had giant to-do lists of stuff to take care of prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. So we woke up early, got our caffeine fix, and got to work.

By around 2 pm, it was so nice out it was a shame to spend all our time inside, so we decided to take a break and take Portia for a quick trip to the bark park (i.e. dog run). Portia got to run her miniature heart out in the dog  run playing fetch with Jim, and I had fun attempting to photograph her mid-air. She’s fast!

Bark Park 8

Bark Park 9

Bark Park 7

Bark Park 10

Bark Park 6

Bark Park 5

{Trench: Calvin Klein; Chambray Shirt; Old Navy; Jeggings: No name brand; Loafers: Delia’s}

Once Portia was bored with the dog run, we took a walk around the park, letting Portia play in the leaves.  The piles of leaves were so big she had a hard time maneuvering in them and it was adorable watching her hop around.  You could tell she was having the best time.

She was exhausted when we got home, which worked out great for us since we were able to get everything else done on our to-do list without her bugging us with her cuteness.

Bark Park 3

Bark Park 2

Bark Park 4

Bark Park 1

These photos remind me of how much I love fall. I don’t want it to end. While I’m super excited for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), it bums me out once December rolls around, so does the snow. Yuck.


Lazy Sunday

16 Mar

{Pleather Jacket: Target; Cascade Cardigan: Alloy; Pill Tee-Shirt (not shown): Brooklyn Flea; Sneakers: Converse; Dog Carrier: Urban Link via Amazon; Sunglasses: Brooklyn Flea}

Sunday was my husband’s birthday. We had actually celebrated the night prior at Matt Torrey’s with some friends and needless to say got home pretty late. We woke up a little hung over and instead of staying at home all day whining about not feeling well, we instead got dressed and got out of the house. We had breakfast at a local diner we just discovered, and then brought Portia into the city with us to go to the Apple Store in an unfruitful attempt to purchase a set of iPad 2’s.

All in all we had a great walk about the city and Brooklyn and then collapsed at home and lounged the rest of the day around the apartment. I’d consider it the best lazy weekend day I’ve had in a long time.

Weekend In Pictures 3/13/11

15 Mar
Diner Booth

We finally found a traditional, cheap-o dinner in our neighborhood!

Awesome Tin Ceiling at Diner

Most awesome tin ceiling ever.

Diner Grub

Vegan hangover breakfast: Veggie Omlette minus the egg and hashbrowns.

Street Art in Our Neighborhood

Cool street art spotted in our neighborhood.

Apple Store in Chelsea.

Portia at the Apple Store

Portia chillin at the Apple Store

IPad 2


14th Street Sidewalk Seating

Little outdoor seating area in Chelsea at 14th Street.

Street Art by Lorimer L Train

Awesome street art right above the Lorimer Avenue L Train Entrance/Exit.

Nap Time

Blogging From Bed

Blogging from bed.

New and Improved Bangs

27 Aug

I got my haircut last night.  Went a bit shorter than previously so my curls stay “bigger”.  When my hair gets longer the weight pulls my roots flat and I don’t get the funky fro vibe I’m going for.  I have to constantly flip my head over to try to get more volume, which is annoying so instead I just chopped it off. 

I also decided to change my bangs up a bit.  I had what I refered to as “half-assed” side sweep bangs.  They were never as deep a side part as a wanted, so with this haircut we thickened my bangs up a bit and made the part deeper.  You can’t really see it well in these photos but I love the way they look.  It’s a great, quick update.

In other news I was pretty pissed off this morning at Portia (my puppy).  Every morning she goes to puppy daycare and every day for about the past week or so she’s been growling at me when I go to pick her up to drive her there. 

This morning the little brat flat-out bit me and bit me hard! 

Instead of getting my feelings hurt, I figured if she can’t appreciate the fact that I made arrangements so she doesn’t have to be alone with our fat cat all day in our boring apartment, then she deserves to stay alone in the apartment for the day, with the cat.  So there, Portia!  Grrrrrrrrr!

What I’m Wearing:

Blazer: Zara- thrifted
Tee Shirt- American Apparel
Jeans- Mavi
Shoes- Alice and Olivia for Payless
Necklace- Simply Vera for Kohl’s