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Vegan Versions / Leather Leggings

30 Nov

Source: google.com via Corrie on Pinterest

There is something about leather leggings that is so chic to me. I love how they have the comfort of a standard legging, but make even a sweatshirt and chucks look super polished and put together.

Most leather leggings are really expensive, but nowadays there are so many great vegan ones on the market that are much less expensive as well as cruelty free. Here’s a few of my picks. I was fortunate enough to pick up the Express pair, albeit a size too large at a local thrift store.


Black Denim Vegan Faux Leather Leggings $84.00

Express (Minus the) Leather Legging $59.90

Romeo & Juliette Couture $44.99


Vegan Versions \ Leather Shorts

20 Jul

Not Vegan: Alexander Wang Leather Shorts

Sometimes I wonder how it is I can be a vegan but still LOVE the way leather looks. It’s so bad ass and slick. A good leather item can instantly make any outfit less girlie and more tough.

I’ve been absolutely loving the recent leather short craze. Especially Alexander Wang’s version. Let me tell you searching the internet for vegan options on this trend was infuriating, because if you input the wrong search terms you get a bunch of bootie shorts and banana hammocks. Yuck.

After some research I did find several viable options. While researching this post I fell in love with the Free People pair below, though they’re not high-waisted like the inspiration pair.  While in Manhattan after work this past Monday, I happened by their storefront (which I didn’t know they had one, I thought they were an online retailer).  I ducked in quick to see if they had them, and treated myself to an early birthday present.  They were on display right up front so I viewed it as a sign they were destined for my wardrobe.  Happy (early) Birthday to me!

What’s your thoughts on leather shorts? I have a feeling it’s you either love them or hate them, there’s no in-between.

Vegan: Free People Vegan Leather Shorts

Vegan: Play Me Faux Leather Shorts

Vegan: Plastic Island Faux Leather Shorts

Vegan Versions / Faux Shearling Jacket

9 Mar

Lately I’ve been pinning inspiration images onto Pintrest like I’m heading to the chair.  Most of what I’ve been pinning lately is fashion related, and there was a wealth of great stuff on the net with the recent completion of Fashion Week.

One image that I pinned that I loved is this one.


This girl totally oozes coolness and makes me jelly (my hubby’s term for jealous).  And I LOVE her jacket! Or is it a vest over a jacket?  Who cares?  It looks totally badass!   The leather sleeves are totally bitchin’ and I love the fluffiness and texture of the shearling.  Not the most vegan friendly outfit though, is it?

After finding this image I happened across an awesome jacket with similar, pleather sleeves at a thrift store. 

It wasn’t a shearling jacket, but damn it’s cool.  Oh yeah and it’s worth $275 but I got it for $5.  Heck yeah!

Since I got my pleather sleeve fix I then wanted to keep an eye out for similar, vegan shearling coats and or vests.  Being the end of the winter, I should be able to find some good deals.  I’m also going to keep an eye out at my local thrift/consignment shops as well being stuff like that pops up all the time.  In particular I think I’m going to keep my eye out for more of a vest.  In the meanwhile here’s a few options from stores I’m considering, the top being the one I like the best.