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Wonder Woman

17 Jun

{Dress: H&M; Belt: Swap Meet Find; Shoes: Payless; Cuff: H&M}

I was Wonder Woman when I was four years old for Halloween. Editing these photos for this post, I realize I’m more or less reliving that costume today. I originally was going to style this dress totally differently when getting ready this morning, but then spotted the yellow belt in my closet and figured it would be fun to try color blocking with primary colors. Looks like all I needed to complete the outfit was a gold lasso and a crown with a red star on it.

The dress is a recent acquisition from H&M and it’s a few sizes too big. I also kind of hate the color. I really loved the shape of the dress though, especially the hemline, so I picked it up anyway. Glad I did being it’s not something I’d typically pick for myself. It should be a nice challenge to make it work with the rest of my wardrobe over the next 27 days.


15 Jun
Day One 1
{Pants: Elle Tahari; Chambray Shirt: Old Navy; Vest: H&M (Thrifted); Red Strappy Sandals: Payless; Camera Bag: THEIT; Belt (worn as bracelet): H&M; Sunglasses: Husband’s; Necklace: Love Bridgade)

Day One Two
Day one of the 30 for 30 Challenge!

I had a Groupon to use at the Housing Works Thrift stores in Manhattan, and used it to score the dapper looking menswear style vest.¬† Apparently you can layer these things on over everything, including chambray shirts, and still manage to look pretty badass. I have a feeling I’ll be living in this thing all summer.

I was super cranky most of the day today. To try to tame my crankiness, my husband took me to my favorite vegan bakery to get a cupcake. Here’s a photo of me stuffing my face.

Day One Three