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I’m Only Happy When it Rains

10 Apr

Photo Stream-682
{Coat: Asos; Tote: Gap; Rain Boots: Ralph Lauren Polo via Beacon’s closet (similar one here)}

Now that it’s spring, it’s warmer and the days are longer which means one thing, more outfit posts!

I’ve never been a fan of rain boots. Something about not really being able to move my ankles just irks me out. When I spotted these neon orange ankle boots at Beacon’s Closet a few weekends ago it was love at first sight. Since then I’ve been waiting for it to rain so I could take them for a spin.

It was raining last weekend when I wore this to go into the city with Jim and get our taxes done. Aside from getting a gigantic refund this year (holla!), we were happy to explore the city in the rain, checking out some art galleries. Blinding people with my footwear while splashing in puddles is pretty fun.

Photo Stream-862

Photo Stream-685

Interview for Inexpensive Chic

31 Dec


I recently was interviewed by Niyah from the fashion blog Inexpensive Chic. You can check out the interview over on her blog as well as find a ton of information on looking fab on a budget by clicking here.

Ugly Sweater Time

23 Dec
Ugly Christmas Sweater{Terrrifying Christmas Sweater and fake glasses: Monk in Williamsburg; Pleather Skirt: UO via eBay; Tights: Beacon’s Closet; Booties: Forever21}

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post so here you go!  This is actually a sneak peak at what I wore on our Christmas cards this year.  Jim and I have always wanted to do a photo card wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and this year we made it happen.  I love this horrendously ugly Christmas sweater so much I’m actually wearing the exact same thing to our office Christmas party today.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the outtakes from our photo shoot, which was our 5th date of Christmas.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Typical New Yorker

28 Nov
CSA Driver{Jacket: Target (similar one here); Tunic: Thrifted H&M (similar one here); Leggings: Forever21; Boots: MIA; Camera Bag: THEIT}

I actually took these photos a few weeks ago and never got around to posting them.  I threw this together in a hurry on a Saturday morning.  I realized I had overslept and I was running late to my CSA driver shift.  In order to participate in our local CSA, each member has to volunteer three times over the course of the season.  You have to either volunteer handing out the farm shares or if you have a car, drive the unclaimed shares to the local soup kitchen.

I was driving this morning and didn’t want to be late.  I’ve learned that when you’re in a rush with no time to think, an all black ensemble is the way to go.  Well, technically I’m wearing gray leggings here but you catch my drift.  Wearing all black is such a typical, New Yorker look and considering we’re always in such a rush, I now understand why.  It looks great every time.

This particular outfit was ridiculously comfortable.  It was basically like wearing a sweats but way more presentable.

CSA Driver

What’s your go-to outfit when you have five minutes to get out the door?


15 Oct
Yoga 1
{Chambray Shirt: Old Navy; Striped Dress (worn as tunic): H&M; Leggings: Forever21: Boots: MIA via After 6; Camera Bag: THEIT; Sunglasses: thrifted}

I wore this last weekend to go to yoga and brunch with Tracy.  I knew we were going to head out to eat immediately after class, so I needed to wear something comfortable, yet put together for going to a restaurant.  For yoga, I obviously left the boots in my locker along with the chambray shirt and put them on again when class was done.  It worked perfectly!

Now I’m on the hunt for more work out gear I can wear immediately after a workout without looking like a gym rat/slob after.  If anyone has any suggestions, throw them my way!

Yoga 2

Yoga 3

L Train LOL

13 Oct
L Train LOL 1
{Army Jacket: Gift; White Tee: dollar store find; Scarf: The Limited: Camera Bag: THEIT; Boots: MIA via 6PM}

I have the most miserable cold.  It started yesterday.  I’m sitting here today sipping coffee hoping to wake up enough to do something productive today.  I think it’s working.

I wore this last Saturday.  In the afternoon, Jim and I decided instead of making dinner, that we wanted take out from Foodswings.  So Jim called the order in and I headed out to get it.  I drove there, which usually only takes around 8 minutes or so.  I had forgotten the L train (which connects our neighborhood from Brooklyn to Manhattan, in case you’re not familiar) was totally shut down for the weekend, and the trip instead took me closer to 45 minutes round trip.  It’s not that there were a lot of cars along the way, it was more that the city buses they were using as shuttles in place of the L were clogging up intersections all over our neighborhood.  Yikes.  I ended up having to detour probably 15 minutes out of my way and taking an alternate route to the restaurant. When I got home I was totes cranky about it.

For those of you who have eaten at Foodswings, I’m sure you know the long drive was totally worth it.  Freaking delicious.  I felt much better after.

L Train LOL 3

L Train LOL 2

L Train LOL 5

L Train LOL 4

Seeing Red

11 Oct
Seeing Red 1{Blouse: H&M (thrifted); Pants: H&M (thrifted); Sweater: Forever21; Booties: Forever21; Necklace: Gift; Watch: Michael Kors (gift); Camera Bag: THEIT}

Last week was one of those weeks were I was seeing red my entire time in the office.   Actually, this week has been pretty much the same.  The day I had worn this ironically was the worst day. I’ve been working through major payment issues with one of my vendors that affects all my customers, and it’s been ridiculously stressful trying to get it all sorted out.  That plus having an employee quit along with about 2-3 staff members on vacation next week, and my stress level is near through the roof.

This week, especially today I’m dealing much better with the stress.  Tonight I have “sweaty beers” with my gym girl friends after spin class (where immediately following class we hit up the local bar), which I’m looking forward to and it’s getting me through the day.  I’m also making it a point to hit up the gym, do some yoga and meditate daily to get rid of some of my nervous energy so I can at least sleep soundly.  We’ll see how it goes the rest of this week, it can’t get much worse.

Seeing Red 2

Seeing Red 3

Seeing Red 4

Striped Out

21 Sep
StripeOut--Display{Dress: H&M; Cardigan: Dolce and Gabbana (thrifted); Heels: Payless}

I’m finally back from Miami! We had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to finish up the mega blog post I have started on all we did and saw while there. It’s going to have tons of pictures and information to share, my favorite to share being all the vegan friendly eateries we visited.

In the meantime I’m totally wiped out. I got back from work on Monday, and yesterday was out of the office visiting clients and today having the worst work day ever. Crisis after crisis. Ugh. And next week I get back on a plane for a business conference in Annapolis, Maryland. So much for a vacation to chill me out!  Now I have to plan another one.

So while I stress out today, you guys get to finally see number 28 of my 30 for 30 challenge. Only 2 more looks to go!

Guest Post / Jesse Anne O

15 Sep


Today I’m excited to hand off my blog to another one of my favorite vegan fashion bloggers.  Jesse in addition to sharing similar dietary preferences to me also likes to post outfit photos on the internet, and is a fellow Brooklynite! Check out her blog at www.jesseanneo.blogspot.com.

Hi there! I’m Jesse of jesse.anne.o and I’m guest posting for Corrie today, on her regularly scheduled outfit post day. One of the reasons I love Brooklyn Bliss is because Corrie and I are both vegan and post outfit pictures. Which means I get to check out another vegan’s wardrobe!

After seeing Corrie’s post about tough ankle boots, I thought I’d try to incorporate one of the same pairs she posted into my outfit. Thanks to winning a Farm Sanctuary silent auction, I had a gift card for Cri de Coeur (one of my favorite vegan shoes lines) and I I took a chance on the Lures. But since I bought them during the summer, I hadn’t yet gotten a chance to wear them.

I don’t normally do ankle boots because I’m a shorty and conventional fashion wisdom is that they’re not that flattering on the vertically challenged. But I gave it a shot and I love them.


dress/vintage from Bklyn Flea


boots/Cri de Coeur

That goes goes to show that not all conventional fashion wisdom should be taken seriously.

Thanks for letting me crash Brooklyn Bliss, Corrie!

You’re welcome! By the way Jesse, after putting this post together and seeing those boots, they definitely have to make more appearances on your site. They’re awesome!

Army Business

6 Sep

{Tee: Unknown Costco brand; Skirt: Michael Kors (thrifted); Heels: Mossimo for Target (thrifted); Necklace: Stylemint}

I found this Michael Kors pencil skirt during a thrifting excursion last year and when I spotted it, I knew I had to have it. The thing fits me like a glove, and only cost me $12! Plus I absolutely love how it adds a slight military edge to any work appropriate outfit I put together. I’ve worn this skirt to many a business meeting and conference and it always seems appropriate, yet slightly edgy. It’s one of my favorite pieces and one I don’t see myself letting go of soon.