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NYC Color Run

31 Aug

NYC Color Run 2012

This past Saturday, I woke up ridiculously early to finally get to run the New York City Color Run.  I had been looking forward to this race forever, and was so stoked the day had finally arrived.

I’ve run a lot of races in the past, including several marathons and half marathons.  This one was only a 5k and considered more of a “fun” run, which is what I was most looking forward to.  No training needed in advance, no pressure to perform under a certain time.  It was super refreshing for me.

Despite running into a few hurdles getting to the race (which included missing the exit and ending up on the Verrazano in Staten Island AND having my EZ Pass confiscated!), I got there just in time to pick up my number and get to the starting line.

If you’re not familiar with the Color Run, here’s how it works.  You start off the race all fresh and clean, wearing all white.

And during the race, you get a ton of color powder thrown at you by volunteers, and wind up looking like this:

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

This is what I looked like just after crossing the finish line.

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

After the race, there was a post race party which included a DJ, water, food and goodies, and of course even more colored powder.

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

NYC Color Run 2012

The experience was so much fun, I’m already planning on running it again next year!

NYC Color Run 2012

Did you participate in the Color Run?  If so, what city?  I’d love to hear about it.

High Line Extension

4 Jun


Here are some of my favorite images I shot during our visit to the High Line park extension this past Tuesday.







Edit: There’s been a lot of comments on the man waving from the window in the last photo. He’s actually a cardboard cutout, which I had though was pretty rad.

Hot High Line

3 Jun

Highline{Blouse: H&M (thrifted); Shorts & Cuff: H&M; Wedges: Target; Tote: Gap; Sunglasses: Vintage (Brooklyn Flea)}

This past Tuesday, I took the day off from work for an extended Memorial Day holiday. Jim and I spent the day in Manhattan visiting the High Line extension in Chelsea, and then doing some gallery hopping in the area. It’s safe to say we were both pretty “arted-out” after the weekend was over.

It was ridiculously hot out, so I decided to try out an outfit similar to my Memorial Day Inspiration board and go with a breezy leopard blouse, shorts and wedges. I seem to be gravitating towards blouses and shorts a lot this season.

Stay tuned for posts on both our High Line adventure as well as our gallery hopping in the next day or so!




FNO / Moo Shoes

9 Sep

Last night, I met up with some friends at Moo Shoes in NYC for Fashion Night Out. In addition to having great vegan snacks and wine (OMG Dun-Well Donuts!), Moo Shoes was also offering customers 15% of their purchases that evening. I needed a new wallet, so I used a gift card Nikki gave me for my birthday and got myself a sleek Matt and Nat number.

Vaute Couture was also there with a rack of gorgeous coats taking pre-orders for the winter 2011 season.  I’m seriously debating getting one.  I’ve been hesitant to purchase one for a while without getting to try one on, and now that I have I’m sold.  It’s a beautiful coat.  Other brands also displaying at the event were Brave Gentle Man men’s goods, and Cri de Coeur with their shoes and handbags.  Drool.

Hunkering Down

26 Aug


Kudos to mother nature for not only setting up New York City with an earthquake this past week, but we’re also being blessed with a hurricane as well. Two natural disasters in one week, why thank you!

My neighborhood in Brooklyn is right on the east river, and the city has mandated people within certain areas evacuate. Somehow when you look at the evacuation zones, my little neighborhood is considered fine to ride the storm out, yet is surrounded in just a few blocks by multiple evacuation zones. So the hubby, yorkiepoo, kitty and I will be riding it out here at home.

Hurricane Grub

Today after work we stocked up on our non-perishables and other items we’ll need. We’re also well set on wine, magazines, books, and our electronics batteries are charged and ready to go. I’m looking forward to catching up on reading, writing some blog posts, spending time with my husband, and hopefully not dying.

Bring it on Irene, bring it on!

Pure Food and Wine

16 Jun

Pure Food and Wine Front

Very recently, instead of taking a vacation, I decided to take a staycation. There are so many things I never get to go and do in New York City considering the hours I work, and a staycation would give me the opportunity to do so. That, and I’d still save money over a standard vacation and I’d still get to shop and eat out to my heart’s content.

I’ve had two things on my must do list for some time that I knocked out at the same time. One was to eat a leisurely lunch, alone, while in the city. The second was to finally try out Pure Food and Wine.

Though I’m a vegan, I’ve always been somewhat terrified of raw foods. I’m a stickler for food texture, and for some reason cold food always seems off to me. I have a really hard time getting down gazpacho and salads, they’re not really my thing. Regardless, I’ve read some great reviews on Pure Food and Wine and really wanted to try them out.

Pure Food and Wine Front2

Pure Food and Wine Sign

One thing that stands out about the restaurant is its gorgeous, huge patio. Plenty of seating, nice comfy cushions, and peaceful quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city only yards away.

Patio 2

Patio 1


The patio was perfect for enjoying my leisurely daytime lunch and glass of wine. Now let’s talk about the food.

Yay Wine


I decided to go with the prefix lunch, which included an appetizer, lunch entrée and a dessert.

Hail Caesar

For the appetizer I went with their Caesar Salad. The salad was okay, but didn’t really impress me too much. I was expecting the dressing to be a bit creamier, and the macadamia nut “parm” to be a bit more grated. The seaweed also kinda threw me for a loop flavor wise, though I can understand why they used it in the salad (to make up for the fact there was no anchovies in the dressing, seaweed can still give dishes that salty, ocean flavor). I ate the whole thing, though if I returned to the restaurant I don’t see myself ordering this salad again.


Ah, the Zucchini and Heirloom Tomato Lasagna. This dish convinced me there’s really something to raw dining. It was absolutely delicious! The zucchini was a great and convincing stand in for lasagna noodles, and their nut cheeses and pesto intertwined in the layers made it much creamier and richer than it appears to be. The tomato sauce was also made with sun-dried tomatoes, which imparted a sweet flavor throughout the dish. It was bursting with flavor and well worth the money spent on it. I highly recommend it.



For dessert, I ordered the number one thing I’ve long missed since going vegan, and that’s a Mallomar! If you’re not familiar with this delicious cookie (it seems to be a NYC thing), it’s a seasonal cookie made by Nabisco and will usually be seen on shelves starting early fall. It’s basically a graham cracker, topped with marshmallow and coated in a layer of chocolate. Think of it as a s’mores cookie. When I was a child, my grandmother would allow me to eat an entire box in one sitting which would drive my mother nuts.

The Pure Food and Wine version was pretty close to the original. My only critique of it is I was expecting the center to be denser, like a marshmallow. The texture instead was more like ice cream. It was still absolutely delicious and the perfect ending to my lazy day lunch.

Have you ever tried raw food? This meal was my first experience with it and I’ve been playing around with raw cooking more and more every week. It’s always fun to try new things.