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Vegan Versions / Jeffery Campbell Lita Boots #2

9 Nov

{Jeffery Campbell “Vita” boot. Image credit: Daily Candy}

By far, the most popular post EVER on this website was my Vegan Versions / Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots post.  I’m so happy to hear from my readers how because of that post, they were able to find the vegan boots they’ve been looking for very inexpensively through June and Julia.

I also get a lot of questions as to whether I actually bought the June and Julia “Lola’s”.  Truth is, I never got around to it.  I went so far as to get the PayPal invoice from them and then something came up and I forgot about it.  I’m somewhat glad I never followed through with it, because I recently learned of a legit version of the Lita’s, direct from Jeffrey Campbell called the “Vita” (Get it?  Vegan + Lita = Vita?).  A super fashionable chica at the Moo Shoes Fashion Night Out was wearing them and I died a little admiring them.

Come to find out she purchased them through a boutique in Berkley, California called Convert.  Jeffrey Campbell has created vegan versions of many of his most popular designs specifically for them.  It doesn’t look like they have an online ordering system, but they might ship to you if you call them and ask for them.

If Convert wanted to send me a pair for the heck of it, I wouldn’t mind at all.  Hint, hint Convert, hopefully you’re reading.  Otherwise, hopefully Jim reads my blog because guess what I want these babies for Christmas.  I wear a size 9 and I’ve been a good girl this year.


Vegan Versions / Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots

23 Mar

I may be a bit behind the times here, but recently I can not stop thinking about Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita Boots.  I see them everywhere.  All over the style blogs, all over the streets of NYC.  I love everything about them.  They’re chunky, sturdy, combat boot like and just all in all cool looking.

One thing the Lita boots are not is vegan.  So I’ve been looking online everywhere to try to find a similar pair not made of leather.  Today I happened across these beauties and I’m beside myself.

These babies are called the “Lola” boot and they’re made by a company in Indonesia called June and Julia.  They’re handmade to order and look really similar to the Lita boots.  Oh, did I mention they’re only $40 (USD)?

I think I need to place an order.