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24 Mar

Hollywood Stunts Sign

A few weeks ago my friend Tracy emailed me about a Living Social deal that seemed just to fun to pass up. It was to purchase a coupon towards either a stunt double free fall class or trampoline class at a local place called Hollywood Stunts. For $25 you got a two-hour long class. It sounded like fun so we bought our deals and reserved our spots in the next available class we both could attend.


Hollywood Stunts initially was a bit difficult to find. It’s located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and it’s in an industrial area. After we both drove around looking for it for around 10-15 minutes, we finally caved and whipped out our iPhones. We successfully located it at the end of a long, dead-end alley. Their neighbors apparently were onion distributors.

Hollywood Stunts Entrance

Entering the place you can’t help but check out all the cool posters and film permit signs they had adorned over the entrance. It was very “Brooklyn” if you ask me, I loved it.


We were told to put our stuff in the lockers in the back, and head on over for our class which was going to start in a few minutes. Luckily we both had just come from the gym, so I had my lock with me.

Inside Hollywood Stunts

The space was a huge warehouse space. Towards the back they had a giant scaffolding and inflatable cushion they used for the free fall class. On the right hand side of the space they had the giant trampoline, where we’d be having our class.

Hollywood Stunts Riser

Free Fall



Our instructor was the best. She started off teaching us the basics, like the proper way to jump and how to use our arms to propel ourselves higher. Most importantly she showed us how to “brake”, or to stop quickly. Who would have thought there were so many techniques? As a kid on trampolines you never think of that sort of stuff.

After the basics, we moved onto some more difficult moves, like pikes, tucks and rotating turns. My favorite was when we did “sits”, where you let your butt hit the trampoline and you bounce back up.

Tracy Pike

Tracy Jump

Corrie Jump

Corrie Sit

All in all, we had so much fun taking this class! Sometimes it’s great to cut loose and act like a kid again. Not only that, but it was a fantastic workout. I was so sore the following day! We both decided next time we’re going to head back to check out their free fall class and get a taste of what it’s like to do stunt work.

Hollywood Stunts is a great, hidden jem of an activity in Brooklyn. If you’re in the area I highly recommend checking it out. I know I’ll be back.