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Disorganized Mess / And GUNAS Giveaway Winner

24 Sep

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This is how my brain feels.

Since I returned from my Denver/Chicago trip, I’ve been a disorganized mess.  Anyone who’s known me well for any period of time knows this is a disaster for me.  I’m horrendously OCD and if I’m not organized in every aspect of my life, it’s a gateway to a mental meltdown for me.

Last week after returning, I had my car broken into twice, my computer at work die for three days, no meal plan prepared for the week (and therefore no food in the house), and a variety of other “inconveniences”.  While I usually handle these sort of things really well, because I’ve been kind of far behind on deadlines and other goals of mine, it’s been an enormous source of stress for me.  Both in my professional and personal life.  And it’s getting to the point where I’m taking my stress out on people I care about and that’s not OK by me.

So with this in mind, I’m taking a quick “blog-cation” and not posting this week, instead hoping to use this time to get re-organized and re-prioritized.  I should (fingers crossed) be back to my usual posting schedule next week.

On a positive note, we have a winner for the GUNAS Milla Wallet Giveaway!  Esther, your wallet is en route to you today.



2 Aug


Since getting back from Boston, the entire month of July just FLEW by! Between being busy at work and just having a lot of commitments, before I knew it it was my birthday!

Last year I turned the big 3-0, and I had a pretty big party to celebrate. This year I really just wanted to have a small dinner with some close friends. We all celebrated at an amazing dinner at Pure Food and Wine. For most of my friends, it was their first time at a vegan, never mind a raw food restaurant and Pure Food and Wine did not disappoint!

We ended dinner pretty early, and afterwards a few of us went out for some karaoke to continue the celebration. At this point, having a birthday without karaoke just seems weird!










30 Apr

Lounging in Mexico.

I just recently got back from a quick 5 day trip to Mexico. It was the first “girls” trip I’ve been on in years, and we enjoyed ourselves by sitting in the sun, drinking frozen cocktails, swimming, reading, and generally doing nothing at all (something we never get to do with our husbands). We also made some new friends, ranging from hotel staff to other resort guests from around the US.

One thing I really regret is selling my point and shoot camera. We got rid of it after I upgraded my iPhone to the 4S, and using a camera phone poolside is no where near as practical. Here’s a few shots I managed on my iPhone via Instagram, so I at least had a few to remember this trip. I’ll for sure be investing in a new point and shoot prior to my next vacation.

Photo Stream-997
Cloudy first day by the infinity pool // Tracy reading her Kindle // 2 of about 30 combined piña coladas over the course of the trip // Mexican sunrise

Photo Stream-998
Tracy and one of our new friends who worked at the bar // breakfast by the beach // nachos sans cheese (I ate a ton of these due to lack of vegan options) // Last night with our new friends from Oregon

Appreciation Meditation

27 Oct

Re-heeled shoes Jim dropped off for me

After having an amazingly frustrating day (updating to iCloud FAIL, my calendar, tasks and contacts all got wiped out), in an attempt to try to calm down a bit I decided to take a moment to think about things I should be thankful for.  It’s my attempt to not be so negative all the time.  First thing that came to mind is how Jim has been amazing lately helping me out with random stuff and just all around being awesome, including…

  • Taking my shoes to the cobbler to be re-heeled.
  • Dropping our laundry and dry cleaning off at the wash and fold.
  • Picking up stuff at the grocery store I needed for recipes but forgot when I shopped earlier this week.
  • Selling our Barcelona chair we didn’t have room for and replacing it with a sweet Saarinen style end table.
  • Taking Portia out for a long walk with his morning coffee every day to tucker her out.
  • Setting us up to take a screen printing class we bought a Groupon for that we’ve been putting off for a few months.

I appreciate him helping out so much, I just had to share. Considering there hasn’t been enough hours in the day for either of us to get done what we want to accomplish, it shows how amazing he is he found time to help me (us for that matter) out with this stuff. Thanks babe!

Prioritizing Priorities

25 Oct


This past weekend I kinda had an epiphany. I’ve been spending way too much time…

  • At work.
  • Watching TV. ‘Nuf said.
  • On my iPad mindlessly browsing media.  ‘Nuf said.
  • On this blog. After posting my proposed “posting schedule”, I’ve been devoting way to much time attempting to keep to it.
  • Doing nothing to better myself and my family.

All in all, each thing I’ve been spending too much time on in the past served an important purpose. Work is self explanatory, one has to make money to live. Watching TV was a much needed escape from the stress of work, though there are of course other ways I can de-stress which are much more productive, like reading or meditating .

This blog so far has served an important purpose in helping me find my identity. By documenting my choices in what I wear, how I put it together, etc. and seeing my progress visually has given me confidence which has carried into other areas of my life where I am now more successful than I was previously. I’m better off career wise, I’ve made some fantastic friends and increased my social circle, and I’m better handling myself in stressful situations with people I love. All because I’m more confident, and I do attribute my blog for helping me with that.

That said, while it’s fun I can’t allow my blog to identify me. Instead I need to create boundaries so the blog is instead a reflection of me. So, with that said, forget the posting schedule. I’m going to post what I want, when I want to. If it’s an outfit post, great. If it’s a journal recap of an experience I don’t want to forget, that’s great too. I need to reclaim my mindset that this space is for me, and not necessarily to please my readers. I’m sure all my readers can relate to and understand this.

I’ve also due to the stress of my job have really been slacking on the home front. There are so many projects around the apartment that Jim and I have discussed tackling which we’ve been putting off because I just haven’t been really present take them on. These are all things that will make both our lives better, which is why it’s important for me to get off my ass and prioritize it.

So with all that in mind, here are my list of new prioritized priorities.

  • Finally set up a budget and financial plan and stick with it.
  • Clear out all the clutter in my home. A project Jim and I have been wanting to tackle, but haven’t gotten around to.
  • Get in the best shape and be as healthy as I can possibly be.
  • Find other ways to de-stress. Take more yoga, meditate or read. All things I love to do but never find time for.
  • Do something on my life list I’ve been putting off forever. Like getting my tattoo.
  • Do something to help animals. Like a fundraiser or volunteering or something. I’m a vegan I should act like one.
  • Have more life experiences, as opposed to watching others experiences via media (TV, social media, etc).

3 Years Ago Today

4 Oct


Three years ago today, I married the love of my life and my best friend. Happy Anniversary baby!

It Feels Good to Be Thirty

2 Aug


Damn, it feels good to be thirty!

My karaoke birthday bash this past Saturday was a smashing success! Over fifteen of my friends came out to celebrate. Many are long time friends, and just as many are new ones I’ve met within the past year.

We all had such a great time together, it made me realize I seriously have some of the best friends ever. I am so fortunate and happy at this point in my life to have so many wonderful people around me to share these important moments with.

Karaoke Crew

Nikki & Sharon Singing

Tracy and Barak

You Oughtta Know

Corrie and Crystina

Corrie and Richelle

Corrie and Karen

Stayin Alive

Corrie and Jim

And a very special I love you to my wonderful husband, who as always made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world as well as spoiled me rotten with birthday treats (vegan cupcakes for breakfast!) and surprises (the most gigantic floral arrangement delivered to my job) this entire past week. I love you babe I am a very, very lucky girl.