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Vegan Versions / Louboutin Leopard Booties

15 Jun

I love me some leopard.  Actually, make that any animal print.  Leopard however holds a special place in my heart.  It’s a great, neutral pattern that you can’t really go wrong with.

Apparently I’m not the the only one. I spotted this image on the interwebz a whiles back of Kim Kardashian‘s Louboutin Leopard booties and wanted them instantly.


They’re tres expensive though and made out of pony skin (yuck!).  I knew I had to find a vegan version somewhere.

Louboutin Leopard Booties (via Polyvore)

Alloy's Leopard Bootie

The Alloy ones are cruelty free, and not to mention only $40! I got my pair not too long ago, so keep an eye out for their debut as part of my 30 for 30 soon.

Animal Print Purses

25 Aug

One of my “I absolutely need to buy” items for this fall is a new fall/winter purse.  I have nothing left considering I’m getting rid of all my leather purses. It’s got to be on the larger side too being I usually carry the same bag to work and on weekends and I normally carry a lot of crap with me everywhere I go. 

I initially ordered this purse from Alloy, but after reading reviews on it I’m having some buyer’s remorse.  After thinking about it with some of the other items I decided to purchase for fall, I think it’s kinda “blah”.  Depending on whether or not I like it when it actually arrives, I might return it.

Alloy at ShopStyle

 The Budget Babe today had this great Dress by Number post of a Kate Moss outfit that I fell in love with.  The highlight of it for me being a leopard print purse. 

A few things came to mind after seeing it: 

  1. I’m jealous of Kate Moss and her impecible style.
  2. I love animal print and being leopard is a trend this fall, why fight it?
  3. Having a leopard print (or any other animal print) purse can add a pop of interest to any outfit I wear this fall/winter considering the color palettes I’m sticking with (mostly neutral).
  4. Animal prints in themselves have a neutral color palette and therefore I could probably wear the bag with anything in my wardrobe.


So I took a quick looksie on Shopstyle today to see what animal print bags caught my eye, were made of synthetic materials and fit my budget.  Here’s what I came up with: 

Animal Print Purses
Jessica Simpson, Mossimo, Nine West, Merona

I’m leaning towards the bottom, middle Nine West Leopard Print bag, though I also love the zebra one as well.  Thoughts?