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Labor Day Laziness

3 Sep

My Labor Day

Last year, I went sailing.  This year, this is how I spent most all of my Labor Day weekend. On the couch, with Portia cuddled up next to me, finally reading my september issues and surfing the internet on my iPad. I very rarely have an opportunity to do basically nothing, so this holiday weekend I completely jumped at the opportunity. 

That’s not to say I didn’t leave the house at all. I took Portia for a few walks, and yesterday got myself prettied up (eyebrows done, nails done, etc) so I’m all ready for the fashion conferences this week.  I did a trial run blowing my curls straight to see if that should be an option for this coming week, and I’m glad I did because I hated the way it looked.  I’ll be rocking curls for sure this week.

Most importantly, I finalized my outfit options for both IFBCon and LuckyFABB.  I had a basic idea in my head on what I wanted to wear, but the big test was trying them on to make sure it all worked together.  I’m very, very pleased with what I came up with, and Jim even complimented me on them when I tried them on.  Jim’s my harshest critic, and rightfully so.  He has a great eye for fashion, art and design and has been known to spot trends two years prior to them coming into fashion (and loves to tell me “I told you so!” when it happens).  So if he liked my outfits I know they’re a slam dunk.

For IFBCon, I managed to put together an outfit that features my three “signatures” all into one look.  It’s got leopard, neon yellow, and cobalt blue all in one ensemble, and it looks no where near as crazy as it sounds.

IFBCon Outfit

For LuckyFabb, my priority was to wear something more for how it looked on me than anything else.  My curves love a bodycon dress, and this tribal/graphic print one I scored from ASOS suits that perfectly.  Paired with my favorite faux leather sleeve jacket and neon heels, it should be an attention grabber. 

LuckyFABB Outfit

Less than 24 hours and it’ll be fashion conference time!  If you are attending IFBCon or LuckyFABB and spot me, please say hi!  I have a tendancy to be a bit shy in person and look like a bitch (I have “bitch face” as some of my friends put it) but I promise you I’m not.  I’m so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone over the next week.



Labor Day Sailing

10 Sep


Last Monday for Labor day, my husband and I were invited by one of our favorite “couple” friends to go sailing. We were super excited because although I grew up on Long Island and am used to boating, I’ve never actually been on a sailboat, and never navigated city waters.

The day started off gray and bleak, but by the end of the afternoon the cloud cover burned off and it was one of the most beautiful days ever. We drank, had a barbecue, watched the sun set, then took the boat along the coast to view Coney Island by nightfall before heading back for the evening. It was the perfect way to end the summer and mentally prepare for fall.
























The High Line

9 Sep

At the "Icons Remix" show.

Me at the High Line Park.

I know NYC has tight spaces, but the size of this restaurant is cray-zee!

On Labor Day the husband and I set out to Manhattan to check out the High Line Park.  I had never been though my hubby has, and he’s been dying to take me there on a day off from work.  Labor Day was the perfect excuse!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside!  The weather was perfect!  After checking out the park, we walked all over the city checking out various stores and exhibits.  We hit up the Icon’s Remix show at a gallery in the Meatpacking District which was really awesome.  From the Meatpacking District and Chelsea we then took a quick cab ride downtown to the West Village and did some furniture window shopping, as well as scoped out a variety of galleries and stores. 

We ended the day with a Vietnamese dinner out and then proceeded back home on the train to collapse from exhaustion in our apartment.  I couldn’t ask for a more perfect way to end to end summer. 

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Alloy
Sandals: Alloy
Bag: Nine West
Aviators: Payless
Necklace: No clue had it since junior high