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L Train LOL

13 Oct
L Train LOL 1
{Army Jacket: Gift; White Tee: dollar store find; Scarf: The Limited: Camera Bag: THEIT; Boots: MIA via 6PM}

I have the most miserable cold.  It started yesterday.  I’m sitting here today sipping coffee hoping to wake up enough to do something productive today.  I think it’s working.

I wore this last Saturday.  In the afternoon, Jim and I decided instead of making dinner, that we wanted take out from Foodswings.  So Jim called the order in and I headed out to get it.  I drove there, which usually only takes around 8 minutes or so.  I had forgotten the L train (which connects our neighborhood from Brooklyn to Manhattan, in case you’re not familiar) was totally shut down for the weekend, and the trip instead took me closer to 45 minutes round trip.  It’s not that there were a lot of cars along the way, it was more that the city buses they were using as shuttles in place of the L were clogging up intersections all over our neighborhood.  Yikes.  I ended up having to detour probably 15 minutes out of my way and taking an alternate route to the restaurant. When I got home I was totes cranky about it.

For those of you who have eaten at Foodswings, I’m sure you know the long drive was totally worth it.  Freaking delicious.  I felt much better after.

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