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July 4th

13 Jul

July 4th 2012
{Blouse: Old Navy; Jeans: Mavi; Shoes: Zara (vegan,found on Ebay); Headscarf: Vintage (my grandmother’s); Clutch/Wallet: Gunas}

Jim and I took an early bus up to Boston on the 4th, and got in around 11 am. We took our time getting acquainted to the city and our hotel, walking around Chinatown, and grabbing some lunch. In the late evening, we had a quick wardrobe change and got ready to go out to dinner.

A red, white and blue headscarf is as patriotic as I get on the 4th. During the day, I wore this same outfit from the waist up.  I just had on denim shorts and my neon yellow sandals instead of the jeans and heels.   If you checked out my packing tutorial yesterday, anything from the waist up I was actually wearing while taking the photos for that post, which is why they’re not included in the photos.

Just before dinner we headed up to the roof top deck, being it was recommended by the hotel concierge as being a good spot to watch the fireworks.  We enjoyed the view and took these few quick shots before headed out for some pizza and wine for dinner (I’ll be doing an entire post on all the food we had in Boston very soon!).


After dinner, we decided we’d probably have a better view of the sunset and the following fireworks from our hotel balcony.  So we went back to our room, enjoyed the stunning sunset, and watched the Boston Pops 4th of July Spectacular on TV.  Once the fireworks started, it was hard to miss them.  We had the most amazing view!

July 4th 2012

July 4th 2012

July 4th 2012

July 4th 2012

July 4th 2012

July 4th 2012

How did you spend the July 4th holiday?


My Life According to Instagram / July 4th Edition

9 Jul

Boston Instagram

Boston Instagram #2

Boston Instagram #3
Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been MIA on the blog for so long.  I had been feeling under the weather for several weeks, and thank goodness just started feeling better just before the July 4th holiday, which Jim and I spent in Boston!  Boston wound up being the best city to visit for that specific holiday.  It was insanely patriotic and many of the historical sites that make the holiday so important are all located there.

Highlights of the trip include watching the fireworks from our hotel balcony, getting some great vegan food, and exploring Boston’s Freedom Trail.

Stay tuned for future posts on our trip.  We had sooo much fun I have days and days worth of posts and photos to work on just to recap everything we did!  I also have a great tutorial coming which I have been working on forever on my travel packing system, which is quite extensive considering my OCD tendencies.  I packed for this 4 day trip with a tiny overnight bag.

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to say hi!  You can find my feed at @BrooklynBliss.