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Neon I’ve Missed You

2 May

Neon I've Missed You

The one thing that I didn’t like about having bright red hair is that it clashed horribly with neon. Last summer I went on a huge neon kick and picked up tons of pieces in highlighter yellow.  I absolutely love it!  But alas, I couldn’t have both the awesome red hair and the neon with it, so I’ve gone months without wearing one of my favorite colors.

Now that my hair is back to my natural color, that means I can wear it again.  Oh neon, I’ve missed you!

On a totally unrelated note, this entire week I’ve had to wear flats and I’m so not used to it.  I had broken my foot a few years ago and noticed this week after an intense Crossfit session it was starting to bother me in the same exact place.  For fear I may have re-fractured it, I figured it best I stay off of it and stick to flats for the next week or so to allow it to get back to normal.  I miss my heels though!

Neon I've Missed You

Is there a color you love that you feel forced to stay away from?


Surviving Ikea

14 Feb

Surviving Ikea
What I’m Wearing // TOPSHOP Parka // VICTORIA’S SECRET Jeggings // H&M Tee // CORNELIA GUEST Bag // MIA Boots // NYC STREET VENDOR Beanie

After the snowstorm this past weekend, Jim and I spent the entire day on Saturday doing nothing and enjoying the snow day. We actually watched around 6 back to back episodes of Shark Tank. OMG I totally love that show now.

Sunday we were back to business on operation Clean House, so it meant we had to do a run to IKEA. Each time we go to IKEA, we know our marriage is meant to last forever because we always survive the trip. We have our arguments and spats while there, but we’ve learned to instantly identify when it’s “Ikea Fever” and scale it back a bit. We persevered, and made it home not only with a new cabinet for our kitchen but also a new rug for our living room and a few other items.

Bringing our IKEA goods out of our car and up the stairs into our apartment was a good test of my recent Crossfit training. There was several larger items that were over 50 pounds that I carried up the stairs with no issues at all. In the past, it would have been a major ordeal getting all that stuff into the apartment! This time around it was almost easy.

Speaking of Crossfit, I wanted to mention really quick how much I totally love these new Victoria’s Secret Jeggings. Since I started Crossfit none of my pants fit because although my waist is much smaller, my quads are now huge. After searching high and low on the internet for the best types of jeans for athletic builds, the common answer was anything with stretch, so I invested in a few pairs of these mid-rise jeggings and don’t know why I ever wore normal jeans. They are so comfortable and look the same as skinny jeans.

This post is getting really random. Let’s keep on this roll. I think this is the first debut of my new hair color on the blog. What do you think?

Surviving Ikea

Surviving Ikea


9 Oct

Running in the Rain

What I’m Wearing: Rain Jacket: Aryn K. (via Crossroads Trading Co.) Shirt: H&M (via a yard sale); Jeggings: Unknown Brand (gifted); Bag: Cornelia Guest; Rain Boots: Dirty Laundry

Friday night after my hair appointment I went out with some friends and didn’t get home until late in the evening. So instead of waking up early on Saturday to get my chores and errands done, Jim and I instead took the day to relax and recharge. I went to Crossfit, got to Skype with my friend Gina for a bit (Which was awesome! Miss you girl!), and then had a Homeland marathon. This was all well and good, but it was absolutely gorgeous Saturday. Like 80 degrees gorgeous. Slightly overcast, but it still was a total waste not to be outside doing something.

Sunday I got my ass up to start getting some things done around the house and around the neighborhood, and it was miserable outside. Temperatures dropped, rain coming on and off. Apparently it’s now officially fall. It’s like overnight all the leaves turned and are falling off the trees.

When I was about 75% done with my chores and projects and there was a break in the drizzle, Jim and I took a quick run to The Blue Stove to grab some baked treats for dessert after dinner. No better way to finish a productive cold and rainy day with a nice vegan ginger pear crisp.

Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain


11 Aug

Last thursday I found myself with some time to kill so I ducked into Forever 21 for a quick sec to see what they had.  That store gives me a headache there’s so much stuff in it.  Amongst the racks and racks of stuff this op-artish top jumped out at me.  I’ve really been drawn to black and white patterns lately and even without trying it on I knew it would flatter me being its drawn it at the waist.  Considering that and looking at the $15 price tag, I figured I’d be silly not to get it.  Glad I did, I lurves it!

What I’m Wearing:

Tank Blouse: Forever 21
Jeggings: Hue (purchased at Bloomingdale’s)
Clogs: Qupid
Belt: Gift
Earrings: Junk (in Williamsburg)
Sunglasses: Love Brigade

Half-Year Resolution

10 Jul

I am completely and totally obsessed with these shoes!

I had searched high and low via the internets trying to find a pair of clogs (the hot, “it” shoe of summer, duh!) that I could actually wear.  It was near impossible to find a pair that was vegan, which is kinda funny when you think about it being clogs are considered to be somewhat hippy dippy.  I also wanted to find a pair that was a peep toe style that had a little bad ass to it as well.

Oh, and did I mention this pair was a mere $25?  Score!

I woke up this beautiful Saturday morning with no ambition to do much of anything.  Figuring there was no excuse not to get dressed considering some amazing person who I have yet to meet and personally thank invented jeggings.  Hello?! As comfy as sweats but looks presentable?  Sign me up.  Paired it with one of the hubby’s short sleeve button downs, a belt and my fab new clogs and I suddenly had motivation to get my arse out the door!  I went for a nice, leisurely walk where along the way I signed up for yoga classes, had my nails done and grabbed a few items to make dinner this evening.

On the walk I finally had an “aha” moment on what I wanted my “Half-Year Resolution” to be.  What’s a Half-Year Resolution?  It was my hubby’s idea.  Being we’re past the half-year part of 2010 he figured it would be a great idea for us to commit to new resolutions being we had already completed our resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

In January of 2010 I had resolved to become a vegan again.  I had been a vegetarian from age 12 through college, then a vegan for 2 years in college (which was when I had met my husband, he thought it was mad sexy though he himself is not a vegan).  After being tempted with some cheese quesadillas I was again a college vegetarian, and then somewhere along the line in my 20’s decided to give chicken another go.  I have no idea why I even did that now thinking back on it.  Hey at least I haven’t eaten beef or pork since I was 12.  So going into 2010, I decided to go back to being vegan.  I’m so happy I did!  I’ve been so much happier overall not to mention healthier.  All that’s material for another post though.

So for my half-year resolution I feel the best thing I could do is become a “real” vegan.  Granted, by diet I’m all vegan now but there are a few things I use on a daily basis leftover from my past life that are not.  For example, I have a ton of leather, designer purses and shoes.  I also wear Neutrogena makeup which I’m not sure is tested on animals or not.  So, for my half-year resolution I resolve to veganize all of my daily routine products. Clothing wise most everything I’ve purchased or thrifted since the beginning of the year has been vegan anyway so I’m good on that front.

Oh that reminds me another thing I’m resolving to do is to purchase most of my new clothing second-hand.  I love thrifting anyway plus it’s better for the environment so again win win.  For the whole of 2010 I’ve been trying to live a greener lifestyle, hence the veganism and stuff.

I also resolve to get back in shape.  That was the only January resolution I failed to meet.  I used to be a marathoner but lately running just doesn’t interest me.  So I’m going to try yoga (hence the class sign up today).  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m thinking it fits more in line with my new life outlook so it’s worth a shot.

Time to make dinner all this writing has made me hungry.

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt: The Husband’s from H&M
Belt: Gift from friend
Jeggings: Hue from Bloomingdale’s (best investment ever!)
Clogs: Qupid
Purse: Yard Sale Find