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Neon I’ve Missed You

2 May

Neon I've Missed You

The one thing that I didn’t like about having bright red hair is that it clashed horribly with neon. Last summer I went on a huge neon kick and picked up tons of pieces in highlighter yellow.  I absolutely love it!  But alas, I couldn’t have both the awesome red hair and the neon with it, so I’ve gone months without wearing one of my favorite colors.

Now that my hair is back to my natural color, that means I can wear it again.  Oh neon, I’ve missed you!

On a totally unrelated note, this entire week I’ve had to wear flats and I’m so not used to it.  I had broken my foot a few years ago and noticed this week after an intense Crossfit session it was starting to bother me in the same exact place.  For fear I may have re-fractured it, I figured it best I stay off of it and stick to flats for the next week or so to allow it to get back to normal.  I miss my heels though!

Neon I've Missed You

Is there a color you love that you feel forced to stay away from?


Tie Dye

30 Apr

Tie Dye
WHAT I’M WEARING // YASSO Faux Leather Jacket // H&M Dress //MIA Boots // CORNELIA GUEST Bag // JUSTFAB Sunglasses

So it’s warm enough nowadays for dresses but not for sandals just yet.  I couldn’t wait to wear this new graphic, black and white tie dye dress I recently picked up at H&M so I threw on some moto style boots and I was ready to go. I have a feeling this outfit will be a uniform for me the next coming weekends.  I LOVE the entire look.

I really like wearing maxi dresses on weekends.  They’re super comfortable and all you have to do is throw it on over your head and you are dressed and presentable for the day with minimal effort.

Notice a trend here on Brooklyn Bliss?  I don’t like having to think or put a lot of effort into much of anything.  Everything’s got to be easy.  That and comfortable.  I might seem pretty put together but truth is I’m just on auto-pilot and have found systems over the years that work well for me.  In all honesty I’m probably one of the laziest people on the planet.  Truth.

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Now that it’s spring, what’s been your weekend uniform?

Lock Me Up

13 Nov

Lock Me Up
What I’m Wearing / Old Navy Tee (similar) / Lasso Faux Leather Jacket (similar) / Mavi Jeans / JustFab Keira Moto Boots (c/o) / Gap Beanie (thrifted)

Okay, so go ahead and lock me up.  This is seriously pretty much the same outfit I wore last weekend, aside for a few adjustments to accommodate the warmer weather and activities I’d be doing that day.  Jim and I decided to do a last-minute Costco run which resulted in me grabbing the first things I saw in my closet and throwing them on.  Flat shoes, check.  Comfy t-shirt, check.  Beanie (my recent obsession), check.  Sure, I look like I belong in jail but the outfit did the job.

Lock Me Up

Lock Me Up

What item in your closet do you currently have on repeat that should have you thrown in fashion jail?

Leggings and Boots

1 Nov

Lazy Leopard
What I’m Wearing / Levi’s Jacket (via Crossroads Trading Co) / Alloy Sweater / Tightsplease Leggings (c/o) / JustFab Keira Moto Boots (c/o) / Cornelia Guest Handbag

All I’ve been wearing lately is leggings and boots.  It seems I get lazier and lazier as I get deeper into my 30’s.  This morning when I was getting ready for work (yes,  I’m even wearing them to work, super lazy) I near had a panic attack when I saw I was down to my last clean pair of leggings for the week.

Tightsplease had contacted me not too long ago and generously offered me my pick of an item from their store to check out. Didn’t take long at all for me to find these leopard paneled leggings on their website and before I knew it they we’re here for me to try on. Perfect choice for me considering they’re leggings plus leopard, which equals awesome.

Another new acquisition I’ve been wearing non-stop are these moto boots from JustFab. I’ve been wearing heels so often the flat boots are a welcome break.

I met the JustFab team at the LuckyFABB event this past September and I was stoked all their products are coincidentally vegan. Not only are they vegan, they’re chic and inexpensive too. Since getting these boots they gifted me with I’ve bought another pair of knee-high wedge boots and a hot leopard and yellow clutch I can’t wait to use.  Those boots go perfect with leggings as well, which means no one will see me in normal clothing while in public for quite some time.

What are some of your new favorite “lazy day” wear acquisitions?

Lazy Leopard

Lazy Leopard

Lazy Leopard

Vegan Versions / Mens Gray Leather Jacket

14 Sep
Boss Gray Leather Jacket $695 @ Bloomingdales

While I’m keeping all tan and warm in Miami, I figured it would be appropriate to keep the blog on track for fall and winter with vegan fashion wants. So let’s talk leather jackets.

This post is especially for my hubby, who by the way has just notified me he hates being referred to as hubby. So from this point on, on this blog he’ll be referred to by his name, Jim.

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to take advantage of some of the sales going on in local department stores and go shopping to update Jim’s wardrobe. One of our friends works in men’s fashion, and she set us up with a fantastic list to shop off of. So we dedicated most all the weekend to locating the items and crossing them off the list.

While at Century 21, Jim found and fell in love with this gray leather jacket.


It was made a brand I’ve never heard of called Infinity. I couldn’t even find this brand online to link their look book photo. It looks very similar to the Boss jacket at the top of this post. The jacket looked amazing on him. It fit perfectly, and the gray was a unique color that really suited him. The only issue with it was it was leather.

When he asked me what I thought of it, I told him the truth. It looked amazing on him but I wasn’t happy it was leather. I really didn’t want to get all preachy on him, he did only recently go vegetarian. I offered to find him a vegan version of the jacket, but if he didn’t want that and really loved the Infinity jacket, told him to get it and left it at that. He loved the Infinity jacket so much he initially made the decision to get it, but later prior to heading to the cash register changed his mind and put it back. He said he felt guilty. All in all, I was really happy he made the decision on his own.

So Jim, this special vegan versions post is for you! I found you a gray leather jacket that looks almost exactly the same as the one you loved. So now you can look all sexy and badass for all us ladies without any guilt, knowing your jacket is a compassionate choice.

Black Rivet Faux Leather Moto Jacket @ Nordstrom $99
Black Rivet at ShopStyle

Stoop Sale Finds

23 Aug

 Like any other weekend the hubby and I started our Saturday with a quick drive around town checking out the local stoop sales.  This weekend proved to be a particularly fruitful one considering the awesome finds I came home with.  The find of particular note was the seamstress dress form my hubs bought for me at one of the sales for only $5, which I used to display my finds in these photos. 

Military Jacket- I was looking for one of these being it's a continuing fall trend. Lucky find.

Wrap Dress: It's this funky sweatshirt type material. Great for fall.

Front of Cocktail Dress

Back of the Cocktail Dress- It has this fantastic, dramatic back.

 In addition to the clothing items I also scored a bunch of belts, an evening clutch, and the hubby got everything from art books to an artists light box.