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29 Oct

Photo Stream-996

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus. I haven’t been super inspired to blog lately, and on top of it I’ve been getting used to some new routines in both my work and personal life that’s been eating up a lot of time.

Jim and I spent majority of this past weekend either going to Halloween parties, or getting ready for Sandy. As I write this, I’m looking out my window at the beginning of it. Thankfully, since we recently just last year rode out Hurricane Irene, so we were no wear near as panicked for Sandy as we probably would have been had we not just dealt with a hurricane last year. That’s not to say we’re not taking Sandy seriously, we just know how to best prepare now and can do so in a calm manner.

Saturday we did all our shopping and picked up everything we needed at the hardware store, including flashlights (we embarrassingly never owned any), candles, and materials to insulate and protect our air conditioners. We then did some crazy grocery shopping. I’m well stocked for probably two weeks worth of food, both perishable and non-perishable. Oh, and we also got some wine. What’s a hurricane without some booze?

So far the worst of what’s to come is supposedly going to hit in about 2-3 hours. The flooding has been pretty extreme already. Luckily our block is one of the only blocks in our neighborhood that’s not in a ¬†hurricane flood zone per the city, so we’re safe and sound we’re we are at.

While hurricanes are scary and they suck, it is kind nice to have the day off from work. We shut down our entire operation just to be safe (my company’s territory covers the entire Northeast, so all of our offices are getting hit). Fingers crossed everyone makes it through the night ok and we go back to somewhat of a normal life tomorrow.

My thoughts are with all our fellow Northeasterners today. Good luck riding out Sandy!