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Los Cabos / On the Beach

21 Mar


While in Los Cabos a few weeks ago on my quick girls weekend trip, my friend Ariel and I decided it would be fun to hire a professional photographer and get some “glamour” shots on the beach. When we made the decision and booked the deal with Sam the photographer, I think at that point in the evening we had already had way too much tequila.

We scheduled our photo shoot for the very last day of our vacation to ensure we were bronzed enough. No point in getting glamour shots in Mexico unless your tan to boot.

The shoot itself was a LOT of fun.  It was kind of weird and awkward at times in a “this reminds me a little too much of my wedding photo shoot” but we ran with it and got a lot of fantastic images.  My favorite part was when Ariel got photo-bombed by a Cabo local walking his adorable dog on the beach.

Best part is before this shoot, we didn’t have any photos of the two of us on the trip together.  They were all of us separately.  So now we have some really great quality shots of us and the beach we enjoyed on this memorable girls weekend.




















I think I may make a habit of getting a professional photography shoot every vacation I go on now.

Have you ever gotten a vacation photo shoot?  By the way, if you are ever in Los Cabos I highly recommend contacting Sam the Picture Guy.

PHOTOS // by Samir Benyettou, the Picture Guy.


Chicago Visit

21 Sep

I had the most amazing time in Chicago last weekend. Here’s some of the highlights of my trip.

Chicago Trip 2012

Making a homemade vegan dinner with Bex and her husband (who by the way are not vegan, what awesome hosts!)

Chicago Trip 2012

Staying with Bex for one evening at her new home in the “country” outside of Chicago.

Chicago Trip 2012

Bex being silly / OPRAH!!!!!

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Lunch at the French Market where I tried out Raw’s vegan sampler (which was delicious!) and Bex and Vik had sushi.

Chicago Trip 2012


Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Enjoying post-shopping sangria’s and snacks at People.

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Strawberry margarita’s on Vik’s roof deck while enjoying the sunset, and the company of her new puppy Duncan.

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Finally getting to try out the Chicago Diner!  It did not disappoint.

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Bex and I having a fantastic brunch at Meli Cafe, complete with an entire vegan/gluten-free menu!

Chicago Trip 2012

The Married with Children fountain!

Chicago Trip 2012

Checking out the lakefront.
Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Dipping our feet in the stream at Lurie Garden.

Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago Trip 2012

Exploring Millennium Park, and one of my favorite art installations, Crown Fountain.

Chicago Trip 2012

The Bean (aka Cloud Gate)!

I had so much fun visiting.  Thanks Bex and Vik for your amazing hospitality.  Can’t wait to visit you ladies again soon.  XOXO.

Color Run NYC

8 Jun


I am so excited to have gotten a spot in the NYC Color Run 5k!!! I had heard about this race a while ago and have patiently been waiting for them to release the info on the much anticipated NYC run dates and registration. When I finally received the notice registration had opened, I immediately signed up. Good thing I did, the Saturday run sold out within the hour!

I’ve run lots of races ranging from marathons, half marathons, 10k’s and more. This one looks way more fun than anything I’ve ever done before. You start off the race wearing all white and totally clean. By the time you end the race, you’re covered head to toe in a rainbow of colored powder!

There still may be slots available for the Sunday run, and you can register by clicking here. If you got a slot for the Saturday race, be sure to say hi if you see me, I’ll be there!