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What I Wore / IFBCon

11 Sep

IFBCon September 2012
{What I’m Wearing: Tunic: Modcloth; Jeans: Rebecca Minkoff (similar); Shoes:Target; Bag: Cornelia Guest}

Here’s what I wore to IFBCon.  I somehow managed to combine cobalt, leopard and neon yellow all into one outfit. 

All in all I’m really happy with the combo, but I wish I tucked the front half of the tunic into my jeans to give myself more of a waist.  To me in these photos I think my upper half looks like a giant box.  In reality I have a decently small waist but it’s totally lost in that tunic.  It’s funny how seeing yourself in a photo gives you a different perspective than how you actually thought you looked in the mirror.

A special thanks to Alicia for helping me grab these shots during a quick break during the event.

IFBCon September 2012

IFBCon September 2012

I’m Attending LuckyFABB!

4 Aug


Every year during NYC Fashion week in September I would always feel so left out. Seeing post after post from my favorite fashion bloggers attending the varying conferences made me vow that “next season I’ll take off from work and go!”. It’s such a great opportunity to not only network, but learn how to better your blog and social media skills.

This year I was making plans to attend IFBCon and was just about ready to pull the trigger and buy my ticket when I got a surprise invite to attend the LuckyFABB Conference. Holy crap! I’ve been reading Lucky for years, I love their magazine! Their conference also pulls some amazing celebrity panelists. Last years featured Jenna Lyons from J Crew and Diane Von Furstenberg!

That’s not to say IFBCon isn’t an amazing event too, this year just about every single blogger I love on my blog roll will be a panelist there. While IFBCon starts on the 4th and LuckyFABB on the 5th, I could attend both but didn’t want to take off that much time from work to do so. So I had to make a really tough decision.

With the help of my friends on Twitter, I decided to go ahead and register for LuckyFABB. I’m super excited! Now I need to find something to wear.

Are you attending LuckyFABB too? Let me know I’d love to meet you!

A quick disclaimer to clear my conscience. Only after I registered for the event did I see it’s sponsored by P&G Beauty and Grooming. I at the time didn’t put two and two together that P&G stands for Proctor and Gamble, one of the most notorious animal testing brands out there. For my militant vegan followers I did want to let you know I realize this now, though I didn’t then and I still plan on attending. If anything it’s a great opportunity for our community to be represented in this setting and for me to build awareness and stick to my own beliefs. Just because they will be there and will be demoing products (as well as most likely giving them away in goodie bags), it doesn’t mean I have to use them. My beliefs are much too strong to be swayed by freebies and I wanted my blog followers to be aware of this.

Vegan Versions / Faux Shearling Jacket

9 Mar

Lately I’ve been pinning inspiration images onto Pintrest like I’m heading to the chair.  Most of what I’ve been pinning lately is fashion related, and there was a wealth of great stuff on the net with the recent completion of Fashion Week.

One image that I pinned that I loved is this one.


This girl totally oozes coolness and makes me jelly (my hubby’s term for jealous).  And I LOVE her jacket! Or is it a vest over a jacket?  Who cares?  It looks totally badass!   The leather sleeves are totally bitchin’ and I love the fluffiness and texture of the shearling.  Not the most vegan friendly outfit though, is it?

After finding this image I happened across an awesome jacket with similar, pleather sleeves at a thrift store. 

It wasn’t a shearling jacket, but damn it’s cool.  Oh yeah and it’s worth $275 but I got it for $5.  Heck yeah!

Since I got my pleather sleeve fix I then wanted to keep an eye out for similar, vegan shearling coats and or vests.  Being the end of the winter, I should be able to find some good deals.  I’m also going to keep an eye out at my local thrift/consignment shops as well being stuff like that pops up all the time.  In particular I think I’m going to keep my eye out for more of a vest.  In the meanwhile here’s a few options from stores I’m considering, the top being the one I like the best.