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Vegan Versions \ Fall Sweaters

3 Oct

It’s finally sweater and boots weather! Fall is my absolute favorite season, I love being all cozy in lots of layers.

I’ve been looking for some shopping inspiration to update my current sweater collection, which is a challenge being majority of higher quality sweaters are not vegan. I don’t want any wool in my sweaters. Luckily I came across some pretty fab options from ASOS, and to my surprise most of them are vegan! I’ve been bookmarking away at their site over the past week, trying to decide which ones to get.

Here’s some of my favorite picks.


Vegan Vogue / Fall Boot Roundup

22 Aug

This fall boot roundup originally appeared last week on my column Vegan Vogue I write for I Eat Grass.  If you haven’t stopped by I Eat Grass yet, be sure to do so!  There’s a ton of great vegan content over there ranging from recipes, to health and fitness, to even a sex column!

{image credit: www.herblog.com}

On the last Vegan Vogue post, I received a request in the comments section from Zoe of Sexy Tofu for some suggestions on vegan boots for fall.  I can’t believe it’s about that time to start thinking about putting away our sandals and bring out the boots!

Here’s my favorite vegan boot picks for this coming fall.

Flat Boots

Okay I’ll admit, my “flat” boot selection also includes some western style ankle boots which are very on trend for Fall 2012, and have an ever so slight heel.  Also, did you know Doc Martens now make a vegan boot?! All these should be very comfortable and perfect for weekend stroll enjoy the crisp fall breeze.

Wedge Boots

Wedges are not only super comfortable but make it really easy to navigate icy streets without slipping. Here’s some of my picks.

Dress Boots

If you work in a professional environment, you’ve gotta go with a dress boot to keep you warm in the office when temperatures go down.  These boots are also great for dressing up for a night on the town as well


Looking for something more trendy?  This fall it’s going to be all about square heels, fold over boots, and a continuation of the cap toe trend we saw on ballet flats and pumps this spring.  Also, anything Jeffrey Campbell is always trendy and he has a pretty fab python pattern boot out that’s coincidentally vegan.


Looking for something waterproof so you can splash around in some puddles?  Good news is almost all rain galoshes are vegan.  Here’s some of my picks.

Have a fashion related topic you’d like to see covered on Vegan Vogue? Let me know!

Vegan Vogue is a lifestyle and style column focusing on all things in vogue and vegan. More tips from Corrie Feld can be found at her website Brooklyn Bliss. Follow her on Twitter @CorrieFeld

Bark Park

23 Nov

Bark Park 11

This past Sunday both Jim and I had giant to-do lists of stuff to take care of prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. So we woke up early, got our caffeine fix, and got to work.

By around 2 pm, it was so nice out it was a shame to spend all our time inside, so we decided to take a break and take Portia for a quick trip to the bark park (i.e. dog run). Portia got to run her miniature heart out in the dog  run playing fetch with Jim, and I had fun attempting to photograph her mid-air. She’s fast!

Bark Park 8

Bark Park 9

Bark Park 7

Bark Park 10

Bark Park 6

Bark Park 5

{Trench: Calvin Klein; Chambray Shirt; Old Navy; Jeggings: No name brand; Loafers: Delia’s}

Once Portia was bored with the dog run, we took a walk around the park, letting Portia play in the leaves.  The piles of leaves were so big she had a hard time maneuvering in them and it was adorable watching her hop around.  You could tell she was having the best time.

She was exhausted when we got home, which worked out great for us since we were able to get everything else done on our to-do list without her bugging us with her cuteness.

Bark Park 3

Bark Park 2

Bark Park 4

Bark Park 1

These photos remind me of how much I love fall. I don’t want it to end. While I’m super excited for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), it bums me out once December rolls around, so does the snow. Yuck.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

9 Nov

Mmmmm... Tofu Pumpkin Cream Cheese!

You know it’s officially fall when Starbucks begins serving their spiced pumpkin lattes.  Or in my case, soy spiced pumpkin  lattes.  Yummy. 

It’s amazing that in the city of “a Starbucks on every corner”, that my little neighborhood in Brooklyn doesn’t have a single, solitary Starbucks.  So no soy spice pumpkin lattes for me.  Dunkin Donuts carries their own version but their unfortunately is not vegan.

On a seemingly unrelated note I purchased a Groupon for a dozen bagels and pound of cream cheese at the Bagel Store.  I love the Bagel Store not only because their bagels are the best I’ve ever had (and I grew up in NY!), but because they make their own tofu cream cheeses.  Usually the most they have in tofu versions are plain, or scallion (my fave).

I kept forgetting to stop by the store to use my Groupon, so I asked my hubby if he could stop by one day after work, which he did.  He IM’ed me at work to let me know he picked them up, and I asked what he got.  For the bagels, he mentioned my favorites, including whole wheat everything, french toast (seriously, the BOMB!), cinnamon raisin, and a whole bunch more.  Then I asked if he remembered to pick up my tofu cream cheese, to which he responded “yeah, I got tofu spinach veggie and pumpkin”.

Mmmmm, pumpkin.  I imagined how it has to taste.  Like a spiced pumpkin latte of course!  Sweet with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, probably totally delicious.  Too bad they don’t have a vegan version of that.  “Awww, thanks babe the tofu spinach veggie sounds good.  I wish one day they’d make a tofu pumpkin cream cheese.” I responded to him.

Then my hubby totally made my day by informing me:

“The pumpkin cream cheese is vegan.  Do you think I would get a cream cheese that you couldn’t eat?”

Holy, freaking, crap!  Tofu pumpkin cream cheese!!  And it’s vegan!  Hell’s yeah!  If you are a vegan and ever in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area do be sure to visit the Bagel Store.  They support us and we have to support them!

Fall as officially arrived!