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What I Learned During the Clean Program Number 2

17 Feb

Bento boxes I've been bringing to work.One of the bento boxes I’ve been bringing to work lately.

I had initially completed the first draft of this post immediately after completing the cleanse.  After drafting it, I decided it would be best to sit on it for a bit and see as I transition into normal eating again if my opinions changed.  Sure enough they did.  So here’s my recap of my Clean Program detox, after being off of it for about a month now.

The Good:

  • I lost around 8 pounds this time around and I’m only 5 pounds away from my long time, goal weight.  For the first time in my adult life, this goal now seems somewhat achievable.
  • My skin’s the clearest it’s been in like, forever.
  • I no longer have a “poof” on my lower abdomen.  I almost have 6 pack.  It’s awesome.
  • I no longer feel the need to needlessly snack or overeat.  Though I’m a pretty healthy eater, doing this program really made me realize exactly how little food our bodies really need to operate.   Also, when I do snack I find myself craving what I had snacked on during the program.  Almonds, fruits and veggies in particular.
  • I got used to drinking lots of water again.  It’s a great habit to get into.  I now feel weird leaving the house without my Bobble.
  • I’m no longer a salad hating vegan.  I’ve learned to love salads if they’re made the way I like them, complete with lots of greens, grains and legumes.  They fill me up and give me tons of energy.
  • When I’m feeling lethargic, I plan on having a few pureed soups on hand at any given time so Jim and I can do a quick emergency detox.  I find having a pureed soup and allowing my body time to process what’s in it really helps my energy levels the next day.

The Sucky:

  • I love bread, carbs and starchy foods (like regular potatoes), but doing this program again reminded me my body hates them.  I get all bloated and tired, so although it may taste delicious I now have to be aware of the price I’ll pay later on if I eat them.
  • Compared to last year’s review, not much was too sucky.  I didn’t get a headache or feel to sick this time around at all.  So I guess this observation should technically go in the “good” category but I’m leaving it here for kicks.
  • Doing this program with two pre-planned business trips and a crazy hectic work schedule was tough, but in the end I think it’s the only way I actually got through the month.  The extra energy I had on the cleanse helped me power through what will be probably my roughest work month of the year.

Here’s a few post cleanse observations:

  • One other observation I had is in regards to my overall, day to day weight.  Doing the cleanse this time around and really being aware of what I was eating post cleanse made me realize I wasn’t eating as healthy as I thought.  My diet pre-cleanse had a lot of whole wheat pasta, potatoes, and other healthy yet starchy food.  When I cut out all the naturally starchy food, my body dropped weight without even trying.  Same thing goes for vegan mock meats and processed food, once I cut them out the weight just dropped off.  I’m trying to limit these foods to once a week.
  • I’d also splurge on vegan treats like cookies and cupcakes way too often.  Since completing the cleanse, I was able to determine refined flour and sugar were the root cause of my acne I’ve been battling for years.  Since I like them, I’m not cutting them out all together but again limiting them to once a week.
  • I learned I was packing way too much food for my lunches pre-cleanse.  The last week of my program I became obsessed with bento boxes and got a few to try myself post-cleanse.  The boxes are tiny and if you purchase the right one, the box size directly corresponds to the number of calories you should be eating each day for your meals away from home.  Since we started using them, it’s been easy to pack the appropriate amount of meals and snacks, which has made the success of my weight loss and overall detox much easier to maintain.

Have you done Clean or another detox program?  Was your experience similar to mine?  I’d love to hear about it so either comment or email me!


Clean Program Detox Begins

2 Jan

Camera Roll-525

And the cleanse begins!

Jim and I are repeating the same exact cleanse we did the beginning of 2011. We follow Dr. Junger’s Clean Program. It’s two liquid/puréed meals a day and one solid meal in the afternoon for lunch. All the foods and ingredients you eat follow and elimination diet, so any foods that commonly cause allergies are cut out. You’re also supposed to drink a ton of water to flush the toxins out of your system. The program lasts 21 days, which sounds insane but really isn’t that bad once you try it.

This year should be interesting since I have to travel to the CES show in Vegas next week for work for several days, so it’ll be a challenge for me sticking to it but I am confident I will. I’ve already scouted out that there’s a juice bar in the Whole Foods down the street from my hotel, so I think I’ll be good to go.

Like I did last year, I plan on keeping an online journal of how I feel each of the 21 days. If you are completing a new years detox too, let me know! It’s a lot easier to get through these things when you have support.