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30 Oct

What I’m Wearing / ASOS Maxi Dress / ASOS Bib Necklace / ASOS Earrings / ASOS Arm Cuff

I had actually purchased my entire costume coincidentally from ASOS last year but never had the opportunity to wear it. Last October we had an early snow storm on Halloween, and I didn’t feel like going out to parties in a skimpy maxi dress while freezing my tukas off.

This year Jim and I hit up party this past Saturday, so I finally had an opportunity to wear what I put together to be Cleopatra, and I was super happy with the results! Usually I’d spend bank on a crappy polyester getup at Ricky’s and this was the first year I decided to be creative and buy my costume using “real” clothing items I can now re-wear. Not only did my costume look way high quality, but I can wear the rest of the stuff now that Halloween is over.

Actually, I’ve been wearing that bib necklace non stop since I got it last October. Just sayin.




P.S. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me on Twitter regarding Hurricane Sandy and how Jim and I were doing.  I’m happy to report both us and our families and friends are safe.  For Jim and I there was very minimal damage to our neighborhood which we are very thankful for.  It may take NYC a bit to get back up and running again, but I have complete confidence it won’t take long.  New Yorkers are crazy efficient and we don’t stop for anything, not even a hurricane.


Halloween Clothes

12 Oct


This morning I finally got around to purchasing the items I needed to create my Halloween costume. Usually Jim and I would hit up the local Halloween costume store, but this year I wanted to take a different approach. I always get really frustrated with the crappy quality and price of standard Halloween costumes, so instead decided I wanted to buy normal “clothes” and accessories to create my costume. That way I can re-wear the items in the year to come, which is more than you can do with a standard crappy costume.

I managed to find all these items from ASOS online (the sandals I already have). Can you guess who I’m going to be? What are you going to be for Halloween?