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Week According to Instagram

7 Jun

Week According to Instagram 6/3/12
Clockwise from top left: My recent breakfast obsession, gluten-free granola with berries and almond milk // After years of having gross siding on my apartment building, my landlord is finally adding a brick facade (and a nice one at that!).  It’s like a new apartment without having to move! // Driving to my homeland, Long Island // Finally seeing the Hunger Games movie! // Taking my Mom to see the movie and for a belated Mother’s Day lunch // My favorite studded sandals, still going after 3 summer seasons now // Impromptu trip to UCB East to see improv prior to a late night concert // AZELIA BANKS CONCERT!!! OMG Amazing! // Confetti and ball drop finale at the Azelia Banks concert.

Here’s some of the highlights of this past week, according to Instagram.

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19 Jul

Day Twenty Four 1 Display

{Tee: Forever 21; Denim Shorts: H&M; Boots: Gifted; Bag: Score Swap Meet Find}

I totaled up each item I’ve worn during this 30 for 30 challenge and I realized I have yet to wear two items! I hadn’t worn my long sleeve cardigan or my regular skinny jeans. Since my chosen footwear up to this point wasn’t appropriate for a concert, I instead decided to pull a wild card and break out these booties to wear to the Soundgarden concert.

Day Twenty Four 2

Day Twenty Four 3

The hubby and I are huge 90’s grunge fans and Soundgarden is at the top of our list of favorite bands. We were beyond stoked to hear they were doing a reunion tour. At the concert we were too lazy to push our way all the way upfront, but did end up with great seats to enjoy the show from. They sounded exactly the same as they did on their CD’s, so we left the show very happy fans. My favorite part about concerts are the crazy light shows, and this one had no shortage of them.

Are you going to any concerts this summer? I love summer for all it’s concert choices.

Soundgarden 1

Soundgarden 2

Soundgarden 3

Soundgarden 4


26 Jul
On the ferry heading to Governors Island

For my birthday my awesome hubby got me tickets to the Hard NYC Music Festival on Governor’s Island. I’m a big (or I should say, was a big) fan of M.I.A. who was headlining the show, so I was mad excited to go.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of the show, but let’s say it was awesome yet disappointing at the same time. Click here for a review and photos of the show. All the opening acts totally rocked the stage, and will be added to my “to-download soon” list. Another cool coo-inky-dink is of the thousands of concert goers who attended, who do I run into on my way to the porta potty but my BFF! She attended last-minute and bought her ticket on-site, totally forgetting my hubs got me tickets for my birthday. Small freaking world!
M.I.A. was pretty horrible. Besides getting onstage later than scheduled, the sound quality was awful. It sounded like Maya was underwater on reverb and I couldn’t make out what the hell song it was she was performing. Hubby and I stayed up front for about 4 songs or so and then figured maybe it was just where we were located so moved back in the field a bit. Sounded just as crappy. So we along with about 1,000 or so other people decided to leave early. We left just in time too as soon as we got on the ferry it started pouring rain.

Overall it was still a great birthday outing and I had a great time.

Have you ever been to a concert and been disappointed in the main act, but the openers rocked the house?

What I’m Wearing:

Sunglasses: Love Brigade
Tank: Love Brigade- birthday gift from the hubby
Shorts: Old Navy
Gladiator Wedge Sandals: DSW gift from BFF
Necklaces: One’s old and from high school and the other was a gift my hubby bought me in Jamaica while on our honeymoon.