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Rockin Raw

14 Oct

Rockin Raw 1

Last Sunday my friend Tracy and I went to yoga class, and afterwards decided to go have brunch. She had earlier in the week suggested we eventually try Rockin’ Raw, Williamsburg’s local raw vegan restaurant. Since I was super impressed with the raw food at Pure Food and Wine, and the both of us love healthy fare (we’re both fitness nuts) we decided it was the perfect choice to check out for brunch.

Rockin Raw2

Rockin Raw3

Rockin Raw12

It was an absolutely gorgeous, Indian Summer day, so we took advantage of their outdoor seating.

Rockin Raw14

You can’t call it brunch without a bloody mary! Rockin’ Raw’s bloody’s were great. They had a slight fruity taste, which was a pleasant surprise.

Rockin Raw10

Rockin Raw9

As an appetizer, Tracy and I shared the nachos. They were made of flax crips topped with vegan cheese, tomatoes, and all the nacho topping standards. They were surprising delicious. Tasted just like the normal thing, just at room temperature.

We both coincidentally ordered the same thing as our meal. The lasagna. It was really flavorful. You could taste the concentration of flavors in the sauce. I could easily pinpoint sun-dried tomatoes and basil. The layers included zucchini and mushrooms, which I love. The kale topping with the nutritional yeast was a great addition. This dish was very, very filling. We both only managed to finish half of it. I took the leftovers home and they lasted very well the following day in the fridge.

Rockin Raw8

For dessert, we both shared the Chocolate Pecan Tarte, yum! I never in a million years would have guessed it was raw. It was delicious.

Rockin Raw5

Though it was an expensive brunch, it’s definitely a place I’d hit up again. The food was well worth the money. Check it out if you’re ever in the neighborhood and are looking for a good, healthy bite.


Weekend in Pictures

24 Jul
Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC Skyline View
In Greenpoint, Brooklyn {What I’m Wearing: Shirt: Old Navy; Shorts & Cuff: H&M; Loafers: Dirty Laundry via Delia’s; Clutch: Curly in the City via Etsy}

Wow, what a crazy weekend. But totally crazy in a good way. It’s amazing how much I did and saw in the span of two days.

In summary, it was freaking hot this weekend. Like over 100 degrees hot. Just plain gross. Saturday morning I woke up early and grabbed an ice coffee and a quick walk with my hubby to check out some stoop sales (what we call “yard” sales in the city).  I went to the gym and did some “lazy” cardio (i.e. cardio while reading a magazine), and then I did some random chores around the apartment.  Later on in the afternoon both the hubby and I met my friend Tracy for lunch. Tracy and I then got mani-pedi’s and made a quick stop at a new shoe store (that has vegan shoes, yay!), and then we all met up again for a late afternoon cocktail and bar snacks. The hubby and I enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing at home.

Sunday is where things got a bit crazy. We were originally supposed to go to the beach, but since it was drizzling we scrapped those plans. So the hubs and I decided to grab brunch and figured we’d head home right after. Long story short, after brunch we took an adventurous drive around our surrounding neighborhoods, discovering everything from a rooftop farm in Brooklyn, the actual boardwalk set from Boardwalk Empire, and some JR street art. To keep up our spontaneous adventure, we decided to take the bridge on over into Queens and visit the Noguchi Museum, make a quick trip to Costco and then ended the evening at our local dog run with Portia. Phew!

What did everyone else do this weekend? I’m so excited for next weekend, it’s my big 30th birthday weekend!



Damn heat!The ridiculous temperature.

Stoop SaleStoop sale!

Trash Mags and CardioLazy cardio and trash magazines.

Mani Pedis with TracyMani-Pedi.

Mai ThaisMai Thais.

New Shoe StoreNew shoe store with vegan shoes!


New Leopard LoafersMy new leopard loafers.  I luz them!

BrunchBrunch at Enid’s.

Rice and Bean Breakfast at EnidsRice and beans.

Back of Boardwalk Empire SetBack of the Boardwalk Empire set.

"Swigegin" Portrait (Ian McShane)Random “Swidgen” (aka Ian McShane, Swearagen from Deadwood on HBO) portrait at the entrance to the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm.

Eagle Street Rooftop FarmEagle Street Rooftop Farm.

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint, BrooklynEagle Street Rooftop Farm.

JR Street Art in Greenpoint, BrooklynJR street art.

Graffiti in Long Island City, QueensPretty graffiti.

Sculptures at the Noguchi MuseumNoguchi Museum indoor/outdoor sculpture garden.

Noguchi Sculpture GardenNoguchi Museum outdoor sculpture garden.

Noguchi SculptureNoguchi sculpture.

Noguchi MuseumNoguchi sculptures.

Jim Being SillyHubby being silly.

Noguchi Museum GiftshopNoguchi Museum Gift Shop.

McGorlick Dog Run in Greenpoint Brooklyn with PortiaMe and Portia at the dog run.

Portia and Dadee at the Dog ParkHubby and Portia.

Roses from my HubbyDozen roses from the Hubby for no reason other than he loves me.  Isn’t he the best!