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Wythe Hotel, Vice and Faile

22 May

The new Wythe Hotel in my 'hood.

I can’t believe I went to this event and tool these photos almost a month ago! Time seriously flies. I’ve been so busy lately traveling for work that I’ve had zero time to post and edit photos. Makes me totes sad.

At the Vice Faile Party #vice #faile #wythehotel #williamsburg

The Wythe Hotel very recently opened up in my neighborhood, and a few weeks back they held a party with Vice Magazine to show off the hotel, as well as to showcase some works by the very talented street art collective Faile. Jim and I had a blast, enjoying the free cocktails and making some new friends.

Photo Stream-999

Jim and I both have been trying to make it a point to get out more and go to local events. There are so many in our neighborhood at any given time, it’s a crime for us not to check out at least one a week. It’ll be so much easier for me once I’m not traveling so much and my schedule goes back to normal again.

Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Camera Roll-521

Happy New Year!

Jim and I celebrated this new year by first doing karaoke at Pine Box Rock Shop. Though it was crowded, we each got to perform a song. The crowd was great and it was a lot of fun. We’re going to try to hit up their karaoke nights more often in the new year.

Camera Roll-523

Shortly after the ball drop, we hopped on the subway and headed back to our neighborhood and met up with some friends at our local hangout, The Richardson. I really was able to let loose and enjoy myself since I have a three day weekend, which is rare for me.

Camera Roll-524

How was everyone else’s New Years Eve?

12 Dates of Christmas / Date 4

22 Dec

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

Jim and I a while back had purchased some Living Social coupons for a screen printing class at Gowanus Print Labs.  I’m horrible in that I never use my “groupons”, so considering these were a tad bit more expensive, we scheduled our class WAY in advance.  In hindsight, I’m really glad we scheduled it for the holiday season because it was such a fun activity to do together.

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

Gowanus Print Labs is a beautiful print studio in you guessed it, the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Housed in an industrial area, I was pleasantly surprised at how large, bright and clean it was.  They also had some sick graffiti throughout the studio.

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

The class starts off with you either drawing or printing out your acetate stencil.  Jim and I both brought digital files to play with, and they printed it out for us on the clear plastic acetate.  From there, they showed us how to make a photo emulsion stencil, which is what we’d use to actually print.

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

They had hundreds of colors for us to choose from to print with, or we could mix our own.  We also had the option to print one tee-shirt, or a few art prints.  I opted for the tee with a dark gray ink, and Jim opted for the paper with neon yellow ink.

12 Dates of Christmas Screen Printing Class

Look I learned how to silk screen!!

Here’s my finished product!  I’m actually going to take this tee-shirt and cut it up and re-style it into a rock and roll style shirt.  It came out awesome!

I can’t speak for Jim, but I totally fell in love with screen printing.  Though I went to art school, print making was the one class I never took but always wanted to.  Knowing now there are several studios you can rent time at to screen print makes my mind swirl with all sorts of ideas for tee-shirt and poster projects.  I can’t wait to print more!

Have you ever screen printed or taken a creative class with your significant other?

12 Dates of Christmas / Date 2

18 Dec

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

One night after work Jim and I took a drive to Dyker Heights. Dyker Heights is a neighborhood in south Brooklyn that’s well known this time of year for going all out when it comes to holiday decorating. We had never been to see the decorations, and we definitely were not disappointed!

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas / Date 1

18 Dec

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

Damn. It’s amazing how immediately following Thanksgiving life blasts past at warp speed. I’ve been busier than ever at work ( lots of travel, yuck!) and on top of that trying to get caught up for the holidays.

While catching up with my Google Reader, I read about this great concept called “The 12 Dates of Christmas” on the Rockstar Diaries. Basically if your married or in a relationship, the holiday season is a great excuse to make time for 12 dates. Jim and I are trying it this year.

Our first date was to check out the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which was a short 3 day bazaar filled with artisan gifts, treats and food. Though we didn’t find any gifts there, we did pig out on some Asia Dogs and Regal Vegan grub. And the mulled wine was a nice touch too.

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

12 Dates of Christmas 2011

Bark Park

23 Nov

Bark Park 11

This past Sunday both Jim and I had giant to-do lists of stuff to take care of prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. So we woke up early, got our caffeine fix, and got to work.

By around 2 pm, it was so nice out it was a shame to spend all our time inside, so we decided to take a break and take Portia for a quick trip to the bark park (i.e. dog run). Portia got to run her miniature heart out in the dog  run playing fetch with Jim, and I had fun attempting to photograph her mid-air. She’s fast!

Bark Park 8

Bark Park 9

Bark Park 7

Bark Park 10

Bark Park 6

Bark Park 5

{Trench: Calvin Klein; Chambray Shirt; Old Navy; Jeggings: No name brand; Loafers: Delia’s}

Once Portia was bored with the dog run, we took a walk around the park, letting Portia play in the leaves.  The piles of leaves were so big she had a hard time maneuvering in them and it was adorable watching her hop around.  You could tell she was having the best time.

She was exhausted when we got home, which worked out great for us since we were able to get everything else done on our to-do list without her bugging us with her cuteness.

Bark Park 3

Bark Park 2

Bark Park 4

Bark Park 1

These photos remind me of how much I love fall. I don’t want it to end. While I’m super excited for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), it bums me out once December rolls around, so does the snow. Yuck.

Rockin Raw

14 Oct

Rockin Raw 1

Last Sunday my friend Tracy and I went to yoga class, and afterwards decided to go have brunch. She had earlier in the week suggested we eventually try Rockin’ Raw, Williamsburg’s local raw vegan restaurant. Since I was super impressed with the raw food at Pure Food and Wine, and the both of us love healthy fare (we’re both fitness nuts) we decided it was the perfect choice to check out for brunch.

Rockin Raw2

Rockin Raw3

Rockin Raw12

It was an absolutely gorgeous, Indian Summer day, so we took advantage of their outdoor seating.

Rockin Raw14

You can’t call it brunch without a bloody mary! Rockin’ Raw’s bloody’s were great. They had a slight fruity taste, which was a pleasant surprise.

Rockin Raw10

Rockin Raw9

As an appetizer, Tracy and I shared the nachos. They were made of flax crips topped with vegan cheese, tomatoes, and all the nacho topping standards. They were surprising delicious. Tasted just like the normal thing, just at room temperature.

We both coincidentally ordered the same thing as our meal. The lasagna. It was really flavorful. You could taste the concentration of flavors in the sauce. I could easily pinpoint sun-dried tomatoes and basil. The layers included zucchini and mushrooms, which I love. The kale topping with the nutritional yeast was a great addition. This dish was very, very filling. We both only managed to finish half of it. I took the leftovers home and they lasted very well the following day in the fridge.

Rockin Raw8

For dessert, we both shared the Chocolate Pecan Tarte, yum! I never in a million years would have guessed it was raw. It was delicious.

Rockin Raw5

Though it was an expensive brunch, it’s definitely a place I’d hit up again. The food was well worth the money. Check it out if you’re ever in the neighborhood and are looking for a good, healthy bite.

L Train LOL

13 Oct
L Train LOL 1
{Army Jacket: Gift; White Tee: dollar store find; Scarf: The Limited: Camera Bag: THEIT; Boots: MIA via 6PM}

I have the most miserable cold.  It started yesterday.  I’m sitting here today sipping coffee hoping to wake up enough to do something productive today.  I think it’s working.

I wore this last Saturday.  In the afternoon, Jim and I decided instead of making dinner, that we wanted take out from Foodswings.  So Jim called the order in and I headed out to get it.  I drove there, which usually only takes around 8 minutes or so.  I had forgotten the L train (which connects our neighborhood from Brooklyn to Manhattan, in case you’re not familiar) was totally shut down for the weekend, and the trip instead took me closer to 45 minutes round trip.  It’s not that there were a lot of cars along the way, it was more that the city buses they were using as shuttles in place of the L were clogging up intersections all over our neighborhood.  Yikes.  I ended up having to detour probably 15 minutes out of my way and taking an alternate route to the restaurant. When I got home I was totes cranky about it.

For those of you who have eaten at Foodswings, I’m sure you know the long drive was totally worth it.  Freaking delicious.  I felt much better after.

L Train LOL 3

L Train LOL 2

L Train LOL 5

L Train LOL 4


23 Sep

Photo Aug 31, 6 31 38 AM

Since WordPress decided to be a bitch and eat my Miami recap post (which I spent hours on my plane ride back writing), today we’re resuming with our regularly scheduled posts until I can find time to re-write the damn thing. I hope to finish that this weekend while the trip is still relatively fresh in my mind.

Back a few weeks ago, my friend Nikki and I decided to have a few after work beers at Loreley. Loreley’s a biergarden located a few short blocks from my house, and it’s my summer hang out spot. Every few weeks the girls in my spin class at the gym take a class and then head to Loreley for “sweaty beers”, where we go to the bar right after class all sweaty and gross and proceed to get sloshed. It’s a great time for all involved. I also spent all day on the fourth of July here since we could sit in their outdoor garden and drink the day away.

Loreley has a wide variety of beers and German food. They even have a vegetarian sandwich option that can easily be made vegan minus the cheese. I also love their fries. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend checking it out. Be sure to let me know, I’ll meet up with you!

Photo Aug 31, 6 31 04 AM

Photo Aug 31, 6 35 34 AM

Photo Aug 31, 6 33 27 AM

Photo Aug 31, 6 32 59 AM

Photo Aug 31, 6 32 51 AM

Photo Aug 31, 6 36 15 AM

Photo Aug 31, 6 47 49 AM

Labor Day Sailing

10 Sep


Last Monday for Labor day, my husband and I were invited by one of our favorite “couple” friends to go sailing. We were super excited because although I grew up on Long Island and am used to boating, I’ve never actually been on a sailboat, and never navigated city waters.

The day started off gray and bleak, but by the end of the afternoon the cloud cover burned off and it was one of the most beautiful days ever. We drank, had a barbecue, watched the sun set, then took the boat along the coast to view Coney Island by nightfall before heading back for the evening. It was the perfect way to end the summer and mentally prepare for fall.