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Vegan Versions / Sexy Sweatpants

10 Oct

Source: andyheart.com via Corrie on Pinterest

On weekends lately, I’m not going to lie it’s been a battle getting dressed. After such a stressful work week and long hours at the office, last thing I want to wear is anything constricting. Luckily we’ve officially entered sweaters and boots season here in NYC, which means my legging collection can start it’s rotation once again.

I can’t help feeling though that leggings are so “last season”. I know it’s all in my head. It’s more of a been there, done that type of thought. So I started searching Pinterest for inspiration on some alternatives that still look polished but feel like pajamas.

I came across a pin of slim, modern sweatpants paired with a simple tee and a blazer and felt like I hit the lottery. That’s what I need! Sweatpants! So started my search for sweats.

Below are some of the ones I’m considering, all of which are vegan and way sexier than standard sweatpants. I especially love the faux leather trimmed ones.

What are your thoughts on sweatpants? Are they an okay to wear in public do or a don’t?


7 Mar


Every 6 months or so I go through my wardrobe and figure out what I’m no longer wearing as well as what items I want to update my look for the upcoming season.  This season, I decided instead of purchasing mostly new items that I was going to purchase the most of the items I was looking for at my favorite thrift and vintage stores.  Not only did I pick up near everything on my list (except for bathing suits), I got a few bonus items as well.  Not to mention I spent loads less than I would have buying all this stuff new.

I ended up with…

  • A neon pink Calvin Klein blazer
  • An army green Zara blazer
  • A D&G short sleeved cardigan
  • A white leopard short-sleeved cardigan
  • Several synthetic silk blouses, most of which were from the 60’s. 
  • A funky patterned red maxi skirt
  • The most amazing cascade jacket with pleather arms!!  Made by a label called Gender Bias.
  • Black and white polka-dotted high-waisted shorts
  • A black and white spotted sweater.
  • An awesome 80’s purple and black sweater dress
  • An 80’s fab gold jacket.  It was so loud I had to try it on and it ended up looking awesome.
  • J Brand wide leg jeans (only $3!)
  • 2 pairs of peep toe flats (vegan)
  • A black and white scarf in a cool pattern

I’m probably missing from this list a bunch of other items buried in this pile.  I’m excited to start remixing these items into my wardrobe stat!