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Vegan Versions / Mens Gray Leather Jacket

14 Sep
Boss Gray Leather Jacket $695 @ Bloomingdales

While I’m keeping all tan and warm in Miami, I figured it would be appropriate to keep the blog on track for fall and winter with vegan fashion wants. So let’s talk leather jackets.

This post is especially for my hubby, who by the way has just notified me he hates being referred to as hubby. So from this point on, on this blog he’ll be referred to by his name, Jim.

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to take advantage of some of the sales going on in local department stores and go shopping to update Jim’s wardrobe. One of our friends works in men’s fashion, and she set us up with a fantastic list to shop off of. So we dedicated most all the weekend to locating the items and crossing them off the list.

While at Century 21, Jim found and fell in love with this gray leather jacket.


It was made a brand I’ve never heard of called Infinity. I couldn’t even find this brand online to link their look book photo. It looks very similar to the Boss jacket at the top of this post. The jacket looked amazing on him. It fit perfectly, and the gray was a unique color that really suited him. The only issue with it was it was leather.

When he asked me what I thought of it, I told him the truth. It looked amazing on him but I wasn’t happy it was leather. I really didn’t want to get all preachy on him, he did only recently go vegetarian. I offered to find him a vegan version of the jacket, but if he didn’t want that and really loved the Infinity jacket, told him to get it and left it at that. He loved the Infinity jacket so much he initially made the decision to get it, but later prior to heading to the cash register changed his mind and put it back. He said he felt guilty. All in all, I was really happy he made the decision on his own.

So Jim, this special vegan versions post is for you! I found you a gray leather jacket that looks almost exactly the same as the one you loved. So now you can look all sexy and badass for all us ladies without any guilt, knowing your jacket is a compassionate choice.

Black Rivet Faux Leather Moto Jacket @ Nordstrom $99
Black Rivet at ShopStyle