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Weekend in Pictures

17 Jul

Uncrowded City Beach

What a chill weekend! It all started Saturday morning with an early yoga class, and then a beach day with my hubby and friends. We packed a delicious, healthy, vegan potluck lunch (Even though I was the only vegan. I have awesome friends!). My contribution was collard wraps with walnut pate and cabbage slaw. Yum! We also enjoyed some drinks on the beach, along with trashy reading material and naps in the sun. When we got home that evening, the hubby and I were so wiped out we fell asleep at around 9 pm.

Vegan Collard and Walnut Pate Wraps

Beach Libations



Beach Reading

This morning the hubby and I woke up and decided to take the dog for a walk to get some ice coffee and pastries, and then went to hang out at his art studio. Portia loves running around the studio so we let her do that while we enjoyed our breakfast and caffeine and I got to see some of his recent projects. Since we got home this afternoon, I’ve been catching up with blog posts and reading, as well as some light housework.

How was your weekend? I’d love to hear what everyone was up to, so do tell!

Hubby's Studio

Vegan Chocolate Chip Scone enjoyed at the studio

Hubby's Art

Hubby's Art

Reverse/Negative Mondrian by my Hubby