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Weekend In Pictures 3/13/11

15 Mar
Diner Booth

We finally found a traditional, cheap-o dinner in our neighborhood!

Awesome Tin Ceiling at Diner

Most awesome tin ceiling ever.

Diner Grub

Vegan hangover breakfast: Veggie Omlette minus the egg and hashbrowns.

Street Art in Our Neighborhood

Cool street art spotted in our neighborhood.

Apple Store in Chelsea.

Portia at the Apple Store

Portia chillin at the Apple Store

IPad 2


14th Street Sidewalk Seating

Little outdoor seating area in Chelsea at 14th Street.

Street Art by Lorimer L Train

Awesome street art right above the Lorimer Avenue L Train Entrance/Exit.

Nap Time

Blogging From Bed

Blogging from bed.

Germany Marie in NYC

19 Oct

This past weekend I was so excited to have my close friend Gina Marie, her boyfriend Rene and friend Oliver visit all the way from Germany.  All of Gina’s friends loving refer to her as Germany Marie since she moved from the states last year to Germany to live with Rene.  They were in town basically just for the weekend, and were afterwards attending a martial arts conference in Connecticut.  They’re a bunch of ninja badasses and I’m jealous.

Saturday started with brunch at our favorite brunch joint Oak Cafe, and then a visit to PS1.  I had met Gina while in art school (my husband also coincidentally attended the school just a few years ahead of us), so it was only appropriate we go see some art while she was here.  They had the Greater NY 5 Year Review show still on display which hubby and I had been dying to check out for a while.  All in all, the show (to us anyway) was just kinda blah.  It’s funny my degree is actually in video art and despite the ton of video art being shown overall I didn’t really care for anything besides a single piece I only understood because it was about my neighborhood.  The only pieces we really all collectively enjoyed were Tauba Auerbach paintings.   They were in terms of artist process and technical difficulty some of the most interesting paintings I had seen in a long time.  From afar the paintings look like screen-prints of folds and creases in fabric or paper, but when you get all up close to the canvases, they’re painted in acrylic.  They also have kinda a cool, 3D quality to them.  Her paintings alone along with the actual PS1 building, which is an old school, made the visit totally worthwhile.

We then hopped the 7 train into the city for some window shopping and walking around.  We hit up the infamous Tiffany’s, and Apple stores, as well as visited Starbucks in Trump Towers (who has no soy milk, WTF!!).  We then walked along 59th street past Central Park to the Time Warner Center.  We had to head back to Brooklyn for a dinner reservation, and the trip back was a bit frantic.  We had expected to take the E train back to our stop in Queens by PS1 and when we arrived at the stop the MTA figured it would be a good time to not run the E in that direction.  We walked quite a ways to a few other stops with no avail, so we eventually cabbed it back to Grand Central and were able to catch the next train back to the other side of the East River.

Dinner was at Hachi in Brooklyn.  I wish I got some photos while there, but apparently I let my appetite let me lose my train of thought.  We were ravenous by the time we got there and ordered cocktails and appetizers immediately.  If you’ve never been to Hachi, I highly recommend it.  The cocktails and food are high quality and much less expensive than other area spots with the same, trendy ambience.

After dinner, Gina and crew headed back to NYC and Jim and I checked out Rasputina at the Knitting Factory.  Being a cellist and former band performer, they’re a group near and dear to my heart.  If you ever get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it.  They’re one of those bands that although their recorded albums are fantastic, they don’t hold a candle to the energy at their live shows.

Sunday Gina came back out to Brooklyn for a quick shopping trip out to Century 21 and Target in Queens.  We only left with just a few toiletries we picked up at Target, but still had a great time catching up and shopping together.

Gina, I can’t believe I only now while writing this post and going through my photos noticed that during your visit we didn’t get a photo of the two of us together!  Bummer!  Hopefully next time we’ll remember.  Next visit the hubs and I have to come to Germany to visit you guys.

Gina & Rene