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Neon I’ve Missed You

2 May

Neon I've Missed You

The one thing that I didn’t like about having bright red hair is that it clashed horribly with neon. Last summer I went on a huge neon kick and picked up tons of pieces in highlighter yellow.  I absolutely love it!  But alas, I couldn’t have both the awesome red hair and the neon with it, so I’ve gone months without wearing one of my favorite colors.

Now that my hair is back to my natural color, that means I can wear it again.  Oh neon, I’ve missed you!

On a totally unrelated note, this entire week I’ve had to wear flats and I’m so not used to it.  I had broken my foot a few years ago and noticed this week after an intense Crossfit session it was starting to bother me in the same exact place.  For fear I may have re-fractured it, I figured it best I stay off of it and stick to flats for the next week or so to allow it to get back to normal.  I miss my heels though!

Neon I've Missed You

Is there a color you love that you feel forced to stay away from?


Phoning it In

19 Feb

Phoning it In
What I’m Wearing // VAUTE COUTURE Coat // HANES Men’s Tee // AMERICAN APPAREL Winter Leggings // CORNELIA GUEST Bag // CONVERSE Sneakers // NYC STREET VENDOR Beanie // GIFTED Scarf

I’m totally phoning it in on this post.  First off, I was so lazy this weekend this is what I wore out in public when I had to leave the house.  Leggings, tee, sneakers, scarf (thank you Gina!), beanie.  Done.  If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have left the house at all.  I’m that lazy lately.  I took a five hour nap on Sunday I was so tired.

Second I really wanted to make sure I had a post up today but am having the worst day at work ever.  So therefore I’m not really in a writing, telling mood.

But hey, at least there’s an outfit post!

Phoning it In

Phoning it In


14 Jun


{Sandals: Melissa; Tee, Tank and Scarf: American Apparel}

I think I may have officially moved away from my obsession with leopard and full on into a neon problem. Specifically highlighter yellow. I can’t stop collecting items that are that color.

Now as long as I don’t combine neon with leopard…

Vegan Versions / American Apparel Clutch

13 Jul

I’ve been working on this post for MONTHS.  Months I tell you!

It was love at first sight when I saw this image on the Glamourai’s site.

I wanted that clutch! In that color! According to Kelly’s post, it was American Apparel so I quickly checked their website to see its construction but alas, it was not vegan.

So I launched a several month-long search to find a vegan version.  Along the way, I came across multiple DIY posts (including this one on Style Scrapbook), but I barely have enough time to brush my teeth nevermind make a clutch.

I finally came across a post on Brooklyn Blonde that featured a similar clutch, made by an Etsy seller called Curly in the City.  When I checked, their clutches are made of vegan leather!  I’ve never been so excited.  I ordered one in the yellow I had wanted, along with a bonus black/leopard one as well.  I can’t wait for them to arrive!  I hope I have them in time so I can use one for my birthday party.

Photo the seller sent me showing me my completed clutches!