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Vegan Fashion Night Out

4 Sep

This Vegan Fashion Night Out post originally appeared last week on my column Vegan Vogue I write for I Eat Grass. If you haven’t stopped by I Eat Grass yet, be sure to do so! 

It’s the time of year fashion fans around the world wait for, New York Fashion Week!

As part of the NYFW events every September there’s  Fashion’s Night Out.  FNO is basically a huge shopping event that happens in cities around the world the week of fashion week.  Mashable has a great explanation on the history of the event, as well as how social media played a roll leading into last year’s event.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s still a great party to attend.  Most brands have free refreshments and big name entertainment on hand to entice fashionistas into their stores.  It’s also a great place to network and meet people who love the same styles, brands and fashions you love.

I took a quick look at the event schedule for this year’s FNO, which will be on September 6th, for some vegan friendly stops.  All of these picks are within walking distance or a very short cab ride of each other, so it’s easy to make your own vegan friendly FNO event tour.



78 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002

7:00 pm

If there is only one FNO event you can attend this year, be sure it’s the MooShoes event.  I attended this one last year and can personally attest to how awesome it is.  All of your favorite vegan fashion brands including Cri de Coeur, Vaute Couture, Brave Gentleman, and more along with vegan treats from Blossom and Vegan Vine make this an event not to miss!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

174 Ludlow Street New York, NY 10002

6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Obsessive Compulsive is an entirely vegan makeup brand with a huge following.  I first sampled their products at last years MooShoes event, and their lip tars are pretty amazing.  Highly pigmented, bright, and fun!  They’ll be doing a preview of their Fall 2012 collection, and have vegan cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on hand while you get glammed up.


Free People

99 Spring Street New York , NY 10012

6:00pm to 11:00pm

Free People has been making some waves in the vegan fashion community for their awesome vegan leather collection.  If faux leather is your thing, Free People has some amazing options for you.  They also very recently started carrying vegan Doc Martens and Cri de Coeur.

The first 50 fans to get photographed in their ‘Catch a Dream’ photo booth will receive a Free People iPhone case! Special Free People tote bags + goodies from Mox Botanicals will be given out with every purchase, while supplies last.  I’m not sure if Mox Botanicals products are vegan/cruelty-free so be sure to ask a representative while there.


Stella McCartney

112 Green Street New York, NY 10012

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Stella has been a lifelong vegetarian and does not design using any fur or leather.  She’s also a supporter of PETA and has recently done a great campaign on the long-term environmental impacts of leather production.

Stella’s shoes and handbags are to die for, and you can check them out in person at their FNO event this year.  You’ll get to sip on “Eco Mojitos” and enjoy DJ sets from Spencer Product. Guests also get to take their best glamour shots in their custom photo booth, and can also design their very own Stella McCartney hand bag, for one night only!

With so many great vegan-friendly options this FNO, which one will you be going to?

Vegan Vogue is a lifestyle and style column focusing on all things in vogue and vegan. More tips from Corrie Feld can be found at her website Brooklyn Bliss. Follow her on Twitter @CorrieFeld

Vegan Versions / Jeffrey Campbell for Convert

29 Aug


Jeffrey Campbell and Convert have collaborated once again, offering vegan and eco-conscious fashionistas styles from one of the fashion industry’s favorite shoe designers.  All without any leather or animal based glues, and using sustainable materials.

The new collaboration features several new vegan Jeffrey Campbell styles including: Sue Bee, Motown, Night Walk, Rock Me, Anehall, Trudeau, Lane and the 99 Tie.

As in the past, these are special collaborations with Jeffrey Campbell and are unique to Convert. They’re not available anywhere else. And did I mention they’re vegan!

If you’re interested in ordering them, or would like to see other Jeffrey Campbell vegan styles Convert has to offer, go to their eBay Store. In addition to these styles it also looks like they have some vegan Litas in stock, so get them while they have them!








What’s your favorite? I may pick up a pair of the red Lane “hi” heels myself.

Dex New York Makeup Lesson

27 Aug

Dex NY

A few months ago, my friend Tracy talked me into buying a Groupon with her to get a makeup lesson. I had a while back made a promise to myself to stop buying Groupons because I never use them. I had a change of heart for this specific one for a few reasons.

  1. I’m an idiot when it comes to makeup. Seriously, the lesson would help.
  2. After looking at the company offering the Groupon’s website, Dex New York, I learned not only are their products not tested on animals (they have the bunny logo!), but all their products were vegan as well.

We made our appointment for a few weeks later and went together.

Dex is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and isn’t so much a makeup store, but a makeup studio. They train makeup artists in their craft and they specialize in event and red carpet makeup. Though they are a studio, they sell all their products, which are mineral based, via their website.

Upon arriving, we were offered some refreshments and then asked to remove our makeup to get ready for the lesson.

Dex NY

Dex NY

Throughout the lesson we were given a face chart to complete so we would have all the information we learned to bring home with us and recreate. Step by step, as we went through the process our instructor would do one side of our face, with us replicating it on the other side. We’d then fill out the chart with the step, product used and brush used prior to moving onto the next step.

Dex NY

Dex NY

Dex NY

Dex NY

Our makeup artist, Rebecca, did a fantastic job not only explaining why she was choosing the products she was for us, but also why she was applying them the way she was. She did an analysis of our bone structure and our eye shape, and from there explained the best ways to apply makeup to bring those features out.

Dex NY

Dex NY

For my lesson, I had asked to learn how to best pull off a bright lip, which is something I’m pretty horrible at. I also wanted to learn a good day to night smokey eye look. Rebecca reviewed both with me.

Tracy asked for a lesson on camera ready makeup.  She does a bit of television work for her personal training business and wanted to learn how to apply makeup that showed up well on camera.  It was interesting to sit in and listen to her lesson being a lot of the tips Rebecca offered for camera ready were not necessarily things I would have thought of myself.  I picked up several tips which have since resulted in better photos for myself as well.

Dex NY

Dex NY

Here’s my finished result.

I wound up treating myself to an early birthday present and buying most of the products Rebecca recommended for me. I loved they were all vegan, and featured color names specific to New York (like Montauk and Wall Street Onyx). Their packaging is also very eco-friendly. All colors come in steel tins which snap in and out of a pallet. I love the pallet because you have all your makeup for your entire look in one slim pallet which easily fits in a purse or clutch. Plus, when you run out of something you don’t have to replace the entire pallet, just snap out the tin you’re out of and replace it.

Another reason I love it, the products do what they advertise.  My makeup has looked amazing in photographs lately, even when I do my makeup all by myself.  Can’t hate that.

Have you ever taken a makeup lesson? I’d love to hear your experience.

Vegan Vogue / Fall Boot Roundup

22 Aug

This fall boot roundup originally appeared last week on my column Vegan Vogue I write for I Eat Grass.  If you haven’t stopped by I Eat Grass yet, be sure to do so!  There’s a ton of great vegan content over there ranging from recipes, to health and fitness, to even a sex column!

{image credit:}

On the last Vegan Vogue post, I received a request in the comments section from Zoe of Sexy Tofu for some suggestions on vegan boots for fall.  I can’t believe it’s about that time to start thinking about putting away our sandals and bring out the boots!

Here’s my favorite vegan boot picks for this coming fall.

Flat Boots

Okay I’ll admit, my “flat” boot selection also includes some western style ankle boots which are very on trend for Fall 2012, and have an ever so slight heel.  Also, did you know Doc Martens now make a vegan boot?! All these should be very comfortable and perfect for weekend stroll enjoy the crisp fall breeze.

Wedge Boots

Wedges are not only super comfortable but make it really easy to navigate icy streets without slipping. Here’s some of my picks.

Dress Boots

If you work in a professional environment, you’ve gotta go with a dress boot to keep you warm in the office when temperatures go down.  These boots are also great for dressing up for a night on the town as well


Looking for something more trendy?  This fall it’s going to be all about square heels, fold over boots, and a continuation of the cap toe trend we saw on ballet flats and pumps this spring.  Also, anything Jeffrey Campbell is always trendy and he has a pretty fab python pattern boot out that’s coincidentally vegan.


Looking for something waterproof so you can splash around in some puddles?  Good news is almost all rain galoshes are vegan.  Here’s some of my picks.

Have a fashion related topic you’d like to see covered on Vegan Vogue? Let me know!

Vegan Vogue is a lifestyle and style column focusing on all things in vogue and vegan. More tips from Corrie Feld can be found at her website Brooklyn Bliss. Follow her on Twitter @CorrieFeld

Vegan Versions / Graphic Tees

15 Aug

I honestly have never been a huge fan of graphic tees. The last graphic tee I remember wearing regularly was a thrift store find I wore in High School that said “Mañana”. It was before hipster ironic tees were a “thing”.

It’s not to say I don’t like tees. I have a tenancy to like patterned ones with patterns like classic stripes, chevron or leopard. It’s very easy for me to dress them up with a blazer and still make them work appropriate.

Lately while surfing the internet I’ve found some pretty chic vegan centric tees. Graphic tees are a great way to make a statement on what’s important to you, but until recently I never found any I didn’t feel were cheesy. I wouldn’t mind wearing any of these. In fact the “V Gun” one below is at the top of my list to pick up soon. It’s so clever i can’t help myself.  I’m also partial to neon yellow so the “Lettuce Turnip the Beet” one will probably end up in my closet soon after.

Nasty Neon V “Gun” Tee: $20.00 | image credit:


Lettuce Turnip the Beet Neon Tank from Coup: $25.00

Vaute Couture V is for Vegan Tee: $32.00

Love Peace Vegan “Vegan” Tee: $17.25

What are your thoughts on graphic tees?  Are they a fashionable yes, or no?

Summer Days

5 Aug

Summer Days
{Maxi Dress: H&M (old); Sandals: Melissa; Bag: Cornelia Guest (Bloomingdales); Sunglasses: Vintage (found at Brooklyn Flea); Adorable Yorkiepoo: Adopted!}

This heat and humidity here in NYC this summer has been absolutely brutal. I feel like I’ve been wearing my hair up like this all the time because otherwise I’m sporting a giant frizzy fro. Poor Portia is dying on walks lately between the extreme heat on the sidewalks and her black fur retaining all the heat.

Regardless, I think we both still look pretty fab, despite melting!

On a quick shopping note, I very recently invested in this Cornelia Guest handbag and I’m so glad I did! It’s perfect for my every day bag. It’s just the right size, and looks great with both professional attire as well as on weekends. It’s also really, really well made. It should last me a while. I’m now a huge fan of the brand and can’t wait to see what new designs she comes up with.

Summer Days

Summer Days

Transitioning to a Cruelty Free Wardrobe

3 Aug

Today I have a brand new column starting that I’m writing over at iEatGrass! It’s called Vegan Vogue and I’ll be writing about all things stylish and vegan. This is a re-post of my first article, but don’t forget to stop on over there to check it out. They have lots of awesome vegan content over there.

Get rid of your non-vegan designer and wardrobe items with these quick tips. {image credit: style.ish}

When first making the decision to go vegan, the first step people think of is eliminating all animal products out of your diet. It usually takes a little bit before new vegans remember their entire wardrobe is packed full of animal products as well.

Shoes, and accessories more often than not made of leather. When winter rolls around, we often forget our coats and sweaters are full of wool. Purging your wardrobe and replacing everything with cruelty free versions is no small task when you’re first starting out.

Being a big fan of fashion, when I myself made this realization, I was pretty overwhelmed. I suddenly felt guilty wearing about half my shoe collection. My handbag collection was my biggest hit. Handbags were my guilty pleasure, and my closet was packed with pricey designer versions. I also tend to prefer more “rocker” type looks, which are very leather heavy. So it was time to start looking for replacements for all my favorite items. I needed money to do this, so I turned all my non-vegan items into cash so I could shop for cruelty free versions.

Good news is now with the help of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to sell your leather and wool items to other stylish ladies and gents who will get use of them, all while making some money so you can go buy yourself a vegan leather wallet. Here we’re some of the websites and stores that made it easy for me to create my now 100% vegan friendly wardrobe.


Fashionphile is the place to go if you have super high end, designer items to move. If you’ve ever tried to sell a designer purse on eBay or Craigslist, you’ll appreciate this being its notoriously hard to sell designer bags and accessories because everyone thinks they are fakes.
Fashionphile is a consignment boutique based on the west coast that will evaluate photos of the items you have for sale, and then tell you what they can sell them for. Being they’re an established consignment boutique, fans of designer items trust the items aren’t knockoffs, so they’ll pay a higher price for them than you could selling them on your own through eBay or Craigslist.

The selling process is easy. You set up an online account and send them over the pieces you want to sell. They’ll evaluate then to determine the condition of the pieces, as well that they’re legitimate and if so what they can sell them for you for. If you agree to their conditions, they give you pre-paid shipping labels so you can ship the items to them. Once they sell, they cut and mail you a check. It’s that simple.

Again, this place is best for higher end designer handbags and accessories. During my purge, I sent over 3-4 of my purses, including some Louis Vuittons and they made me close to my Brooklyn rent back. It was well worth the time and effort.


Threadflip & Copious
Threadflip and Copious are both web platforms that allow fashionistas to sell their gently used items to other fashionistas. Think of it like eBay with a fashion twist, but better curated and more like shopping at an online boutique. Threadflip even has an iPhone app that makes it easy to post and sell items on the fly. They also allow you to take a quick “style quiz”, and the service will recommend other sellers and items to you based on your tastes.

For both services you can sell and receive credits to purchase items from other sellers. This is great if you lets say wanted to get rid of a pair of leather pumps, and replace them with a pair of vegan ones. Several sellers on both platforms even tag items as being vegan so they are easy to find. I found these neon blue, pointed toe flats on Copious the week before last.

To make your items stand out, make sure your photography is on point! The better the pieces are presented either as part of an outfit, or on a unique background (like my new neon flats were) the quicker they’ll sell.


eBay is now a household name, and we all know what their service does. They still remain a great way to purge leather and wool items out of your closet.

Buffalo Exchange-Crossroads

Recycled Fashion Stores- Like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Company
If you are fortunate enough to live a Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Company, or similar store, you’ll soon learn they are the easiest and fastest way to clear out our wardrobe (vegan or not!), and replenish it with brand new, eco-friendly styles you love. The way it works is you bring in your gently used items and they’ll buy them from you for either store credit or cash.

Any time I feel like doing some guilt-free shopping, I hit up my closet, grab a few items I no longer wear and head on over. I always sell for credit and then use the credit to buy new items to freshen up my wardrobe.

When selling at a recycled fashion boutique, always remember the season you are in. These stores don’t really keep a stock inventory and will only buy what they can move immediately. So if it’s the middle of summer, don’t bring them all your wool sweaters. Call in advance to see what they are currently buying, or you can check their website as well.

I purged the majority of my mainstream handbags, shoes, accessories and clothes of leather and wool just by bringing them to Buffalo Exchange. Fun part was I racked up a ton of credit, which means I get to shop until I drop now!

Have you transitioned your wardrobe to be 100% cruelty-free? Share you tips in the comments!

NYC Eco-Fashion Sample Sale

1 Jun


The ladies over at Compassion Couture are co-hosting a killer eco-fashion sample sale with LivLuna and Virayoga. It’s on Sunday, June 10th at Virayoga’s 850 Broadway location in Soho. They’re going to have great deals on vegan and eco-friendly clothing, shoes, accessories and more!

20120526-210514.jpgBe there or be square!  You can RSVP for the event here.

Interview / Compassion Couture

11 Apr

I was contacted by Jill at Compassion Couture not too long ago and her email could not have come at a better time.  I had just become familiar with their company after visiting their booth at the Vegetarian Food Festival, and I was super impressed with their selection so I remembered who they were immediately upon receiving her email.

For those of you unfamiliar with Compassion Couture, they’re a relatively new online retailer that carries all of your favorite vegan and eco-friendly fashion accessory lines all in one, convenient place.  A quick scan through their selection is enough to make any vegan fashionsita swoon.

Compassion Couture today through April 18th  is offering Brooklyn Bliss readers a 20% discount on all full price merchandise (excludes sale items and gift cards)!  To get the discount, use coupon code BROOKLYNBLISS during checkout.

Jill and her sister Tracey, both co-owners of Compassion Couture, took some time out of their busy schedules for a quick  interview for Brooklyn Bliss.

Tell us your vegetarian/vegan story!  Why did you go veg?  How long have you been veg? Etc.

Tracey: I eliminated eating and buying all animal products in January of 2008.  My decision originally stemmed from reading the book Skinny Bitch, which opened my eyes to the harsh realities of animal cruelty.  For me, once I had this knowledge, it was information I just couldn’t ignore and didn’t want to have any part in.  So I pretty much made the switch overnight and haven’t looked back since.  It’s really as simple as that.

Jill: Tracey played a huge part in helping me convert to a vegetarian diet. I have been an animal lover all of my life, particularly caring for and loving birds; I always knew in the back of my head that my own actions were contributing to hurting living things that I had such a close connection to and as the years went on this increasingly concerned me. But, I doubted myself about being able to handle this major lifestyle change due to outside factors including having absolutely no family and friends that were vegetarian or vegan (besides Tracey) and living an extremely busy and active lifestyle.  When I saw how easy it was for my sister to maintain a vegan diet, it set the example that I would be able to change as well.  I officially became vegetarian in February 2011 and I’m so happy I did!

How did Compassion Couture come to be?

Tracey: Jill and I had always dreamed of opening up our own business together as way to make a career out of something we are passionate about.  We had been brainstorming for years but just couldn’t come up with the right idea.  Both of us are animal lovers and enjoy shopping and after I went vegan (and Jill vegetarian shortly thereafter), we noticed how hard it was to find accessories (particularly shoes and bags) that were animal product free, stylish and well-made, especially all in one place.  Instead of shopping being fun, it kind of became frustrating.  We started to think that we can’t be the only ones having this problem and that’s when the idea kind of clicked.  After that, it took a lot of hard work and months of planning, and in September of 2011, Compassion Couture was officially born.

Jill:  Tracey and I had always wanted to start a business together but we didn’t know exactly what that business would be.  We were both working in corporate America and were not feeling fulfilled by the career paths that we had chosen because we always wanted to contribute towards making a positive difference in this world.  Both of us have a love of fashion and after giving up purchasing all animal products, we realized how difficult it was to find handbags, shoes and accessories that were cruelty-free, high quality and stylish.  We often had to scour the internet for hours to find these items and when we did find stylish leather-free items, they tended to be “vegan by default” – made cheaply of non-sustainable materials that fell apart easily.  It then clicked.  We wanted to make a store that we would shop at – bringing together stylish, high-quality, eco-friendly and cruelty-free items all in one easy place.

Were you involved in the fashion industry prior to forming Compassion Couture? And if so was it difficult working in an industry where compassionate design is not a priority?

Tracey:  Actually, my day job is about as far on the spectrum from fashion as can be possible.  Because we are in start-up mode (and probably will be for some time to come), I’m still working in my position in commercial real estate finance.  This is definitely not an industry focused on compassion and I often feel like the only vegan on Wall Street.  On the other hand, this also gives me the opportunity to educate my colleagues and I love showing off our products by wearing them to work!  It’s awesome when I get compliments, which happens pretty often, and can tell people the background behind the products.

Jill:  Before forming Compassion Couture, I was doing marketing for a health website.  It was unrelated to the fashion industry but it prepared me for launching and marketing Compassion Couture, so I am very grateful for the experience that I got there!  When I was in high school, there was a brief period of time that I did want to become a fashion designer and I even took a summer course at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I didn’t follow up with this dream and always regretted it in some way.  That is why I am so glad that my path has led me to Compassion Couture, a place where I can bring together my love for fashion as well as promote ethical and compassionate practices!

I see from your bio on your site you ladies are from Long Island. Holla! So am I, I grew up there. What are you favorite veg hangouts there?

Tracey:  I actually just moved to your neck of the woods (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) a few months ago but still go out to Long Island often.  My absolute favorite place to eat when I go back home is 3 Brothers Pizza Café in Rockville Centre, which is a little pizza take-out place/restaurant that happens to have an entire vegan menu.  Do not leave there without eating the Peanut Butter Bomb if they have any left on the dessert menu – it is to die for!

Jill:  Like Tracey, 3 Brothers Pizza Café is one of my favorites!  Long Island is a bit behind Brooklyn in the vegan/vegetarian arena, but there is a fast food restaurant that just opened in Seaford up called Long Island Vegetarian Eatery that I’m dying to try.  The best part is that on the weekend they are open until 3AM and they deliver – perfect for those late night munchies!

Vegan/vegetarian shoes and handbags have come a long way since I went vegan. What are your thoughts on the current variety on the market right now, and how does that play into the brands Compassion Couture carries?

Tracey:  They definitely have come a long way!  When I first started looking for vegan shoes and bags, the options were so limited.  I think it’s really been in the last year that the selection has started to noticeably expand.  But what I’m most excited about is that not only have the choices increased, but the newer brands are more focused on quality, style and sustainability as a whole, as opposed to only being cruelty-free.  What I was used to finding when I first was looking were items that were not really fashion-forward or more of a hippie style or they were vegan by accident because they were lower cost items made on the cheap.  What this means for Compassion Couture is that we have a growing selection for our inventory, with plans for adding new brands and products.

Jill:  I think this is an ever-expanding market and I’m so excited to see new vegan/vegetarian brands popping up all over the place!  The choices that are out there are just as good if not better in terms of quality and style as the accessories you can find at any fashion-forward retail store out there.  Some vegan/veg brands are even starting to be sold in major department stores including two of our brands, Olsenhaus and Cornelia Guest.  And, many of these brands take the environment and human-rights into consideration when producing their goods!  This all plays into the brands that Compassion Couture carries.  Not only are our brands cruelty-free, but they also incorporate sustainability into their practices are fashionable and high-quality.  Tracey and I hand pick every item in order to ensure that they meet all of our criteria and the brands out there are making this a very easy process for us.  We have a hard time choosing which items to put on our site because we love almost everything these brands offer!

There are a lot more options now for shoes and accessories made of man made materials from mass retailers like Target and Payless.  Do you consider these retailers competition, considering they are much less expensive than vegan, eco-friendly brands?  Or is it like comparing apples to oranges?

Tracey: That’s an interesting question and I think the answer is they are competitors in some ways but in other ways they are not.  For someone who is just looking for something vegan on a budget, they may be turned off from our site because it’s pricier and they may turn to one of those stores instead.  But it’s important to keep in mind that items from those stores are most likely made from man made products coincidentally.  Which is why, in a way it is comparing apples to oranges.  I’m actually a big believer in that you get what you pay for.  There is a reason why our items are pricier and there is a reason why their products are so cheap.  Just as one example, the materials our products are made from are more expensive because they are recycled, organic, non-toxic, biodegradable and/or higher quality.  There’s also the craftsmanship factor – fair trade or handmade is obviously going to cost more and the items are also made to last.  Each brand we sell is conscious about their impact on the world and the environment and incorporates this into their manufacturing in some way.  Even though our items are more expensive, it’s important to keep in mind that you are getting an entirely different type of product when you purchase an item from us as opposed to a mass retailer.

Jill:  I definitely do not think of Target and Payless as competitors.  As much as I’d love to be able to sell our items at lower prices so that everyone can buy them, there are several reasons why they are more expensive.  I’m not always a believer in “you get what you pay for”, but in Compassion Couture’s case, this directly relates! All of our brands use high-quality materials (most are eco-friendly or recycled) and our brands also pay fair wages for labor. The fashion industry especially is known for not even paying factory workers minimum wage for producing goods and even using illegal child labor practices. We pride ourselves in not only supporting animals, the environment but human rights as well!

What are some of your favorite fashion related websites and publications?

Tracey: There are so many good ones to choose from these days but some of my favorites are The Streets I Know, which is all about vegan fashion and Chic Vegan which covers fashion and other vegan topics (I actually contribute monthly posts too).  Ecouterre is another one of my favorites and they not only cover vegan fashion but have tons of info on sustainable and eco fashion.

Jill:  I am a hoarder of fashion magazines! I read all of the most popular ones especially Lucky Magazine, Marie Claire and Glamour.  Although these magazines do not promote ethical fashion overall, I have been noticing more columns and items popping up in these publications that are vegan and eco-friendly and I love that!  I also read Refix Magazine, Ecosalon and several blogs (including your own!) that feature a lot of vegan fashion posts!

Where are you favorite places to shop?

Tracey: For shoes and bags, I’m pretty much covered these days by Compassion Couture but some other great places I would recommend to shop for vegan/eco clothing are Cow Jones Industrials Boutique in Chatham, NY and Mission Savvy in Charleston, WV.  There’s also LivLuna, a website that is not only an amazing online eco-fashion shop, it is a whole community based on promoting women feeling good about themselves and doing it with style.

Jill: Like Tracey, a lot of my purchases are made online because it’s difficult to find entire stores that sell eco-friendly, cruelty-free fashions.  I’m currently in love with Etsy for clothing and accessories and everything but the kitchen sink and Uncommon Goods, for recycled or eco-friendly gifts and jewelry.  I’m also really looking forward to H&M’s eco-friendly line this spring set to hit stores mid-April!

 Any plans for a physical, boutique location?

Tracey:  No official plans right now but this is our ultimate vision!  Since it is just the two of us and we are self-funded, we need to focus our efforts on the e-boutique.  When the time is right, we plan to make the dream of opening a brick and mortar store a reality.  We need to be patient though and keep working hard because it’s probably still a few years away.

Jill:  When we launched Compassion Couture, opening a brick and mortar store was a long-term goal.  We hope that we can bring this to life, but it definitely will not be at least for a few years.  It would be great for people to see all of our items in person. The pictures on the website do not even do them justice!

Of your selection in the store right now, what are some of your favorite pieces?

Precious by Hearts of Darkness

Tracey: Top of my list right now are the Precious by Hearts of Darkness, which I actually wore this weekend for the first time and I think I’m in love.  I’m always drawn to shoes that have a platform because they look higher than they feel plus they give my legs the appearance of being much longer than they really are.  Cork is a huge trend this season too, plus it’s a natural shock absorber so it just makes them that much more comfortable for a long night out.

Koel by Love is Mighty

As far as something that can be more of an everyday type of shoe, the Koel by Love Is Mighty is a great choice.  As I’m sure you know, New Yorkers do a ton of walking, so a great pair of flats is essential.  These shoes are handmade, including the embroidery, so the quality is on a different level than most of us are probably used to.  Plus the color is neutral so these go with just about everything.

Eclipse by Dialog

Since I’m pretty much never home and tend to live out of my handbags, something roomy is a must for me.  My new favorite is the Eclipse by Dialog because it can fit everything I need and then some, without looking bulky.  It also can be worn two ways – over the shoulder or cross-body (this strap is detachable too).  But the most important feature is the signature Dialog trim, which happens to be much more than meets the eye.  Based in Asia, Dialog helps women in need find dignity and a career by teaching them an age old recycling technique of taking scrap materials and folding them into a beautiful pattern.  Dialog then pays them a fair price to buy the completed trim and in doing so have infused thousands of dollars into various Asian communities.

Clio, by Cri de Coeur

Jill: My absolute favorite shoe on the site right now is Cri de Coeur’s Clio.  I love the mixture of gold, dark wood and black that makes up the rocker-chic style of this wedge.  And this shoe gives you me all the height I need but is surprisingly comfortable.

Pansie, by Cornelia Guest

I love all of the Cornelia Guest bags but particularly the Pansie clutch because its blush pink color is perfect for the spring season. And, all of her bags are made of eco-friendly PVC.

Maya Papaya by Matt and Natt

My favorite accessory is definitely the Matt & Nat Maya wristlet. I love that you can easily carry all of your necessities around your wrist and the Papaya color makes this a statement piece. If you are on a tight budget, this is the perfect item to fulfill your vegan/eco shopping needs this season!

What’s next in store for Compassion Couture?

Tracey:  Well first off, our spring inventory is continuing to come in over the next month, and styles are being added all the time so don’t forget to check back often.

In May, we will be partnering with one of our favorite charities, Farm Sanctuary.  A portion of the proceeds from sales of certain items will be donated to this amazing non-profit organization.  We love the work they do helping to rescue animals from cruelty at factory farms and are honored to be able to help them.

You’ll also find us participating in a number of pop-up shops and other events throughout the year.  On April 28th we’ll be at the first annual Connecticut Vegetarian Food Festival and on July 7th we are participating in Shecky’s Girl’s Day Out in the Hamptons.  There are a few others in the works, possibly even some that will be self-hosted so stay tuned.

Jill:  Tracey pretty much summed this up!

Now a question for my readers.  What’s your favorite items at Compassion Couture?  

Vegan Versions / Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots #3

5 Apr

My vegan wannabe JC Lita's arrived today! So stoked! #vegan
My brand spankin’ new wannabe Litas! (Finally!)

After months and months of looking up vegan options for the coveted Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot, I found a third option which is the one I finally decided to get.  I was searching Lulu’s vegan shoe selection one day and low and behold, there they were!

Unfortunately it looks like they must have sold out, because they’re no longer on the website.  I’m really thankful I ordered them when I did.  There’s a very similar one you can get here while they’re still available.  There’s also always the chance Lulu’s will restock them so keep an eye out.

Also, as a quick tip for vegan fashionistas in the UK, a follower informed me via Twitter that you can get another great vegan Lita option at

I am so freaking excited to wear the hell out of these.