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Iceland Packing Inspiration / Winter Layers

14 Nov

I can’t believe I leave for Iceland tomorrow evening!  This trip really snuck up on me.  I’m packing today, and any time I pack it involves a lot of prior research and planning.  I exclusively travel with only a carry on, and since this is a five day trip in a very cold locale, I want to be sure I’m well prepared.

I spent a lot of time over the weekend pinning a few outfit inspirations of winter layers to help me figure out the best items to pack.  Here’s some of my favorites.

I know know for sure that some items I’ll be bringing with me is my faux fur lined parka, chambray shirt, some of my flannel shirts, one or two lightweight sweaters, and maybe a vest or faux leather jacket.  That way I can easily stay warm without taking up a ton of room in my carry-on.

Oh yeah, don’t worry I won’t be forgetting a bikini.  Our first stop is the Blue Lagoon.  Yay, spa day!


We All Start Somewhere

16 Nov

I love discovering new blogs. I actually found a few new ones to add to my Google Reader this week.

One of my favorite things to do when I find a new blog I really, really like and that is very well done is to look at their very first post. It’s always a positive reminder to me that all bloggers have to start somewhere, and that many of the bloggers we follow and for lack of a better word, idolize, all got their start the exact same way the rest of us did. It’s funny how many of them had tiny site images, somewhat forgettable outfit posts, and posted more re-posted content than original content.

Here are some screenshots (and links to the posts) of some of my favorite bloggers.  For example purposes, these are bloggers who’s sites I know get a ton of traffic.  I follow bloggers of all sorts so these are just a sampling of who I know are some of the most popular ones for the fashion/personal style circuit.

Kendi Everyday- on Nov 15th 2011

Kendi Everyday's first post

The Glamourai- on November 15th 2011

The Glamourai's first post

What I Wore- on November 16th, 2011

What I Wore's first post

Cupcakes and Cashmere- on 11.14.11

Cupcakes and Cashmere's first post

Gala Darling- on November 16th, 2011

Gala Darling's first post

Refinery29 also did a great feature on some other well known fashion blogger’s first posts. You can find them here.

Learning to Meditate

6 Feb

This past Saturday I took a beginners meditation course at the Chakrasambara Kadampa Meditation Center in Chelsea.  I had been interested in learning how to meditate for quite some time and an added bonus for me is this was a buddhist meditation course. My best friend took a class at the same center and told me many of my own beliefs and philosophies were similar to buddhist beliefs, so I wanted to learn more about it.

Of course the day of the class my train is delayed and I show up 15 minutes late. They were already in the middle of a guided meditation. Crap. Luckily it was no issue for me to quietly get situated and join them.

The instructor was an adorable middle school teacher with this cute and calming, distinct voice. She not only guided us in some sample meditation techniques but also spoke to how meditation is a primary focus in buddhist teachings and how meditation helps the mind learn for oneself Buddha’s dharma (lessons). 

A few things I took away from this class…

  • One’s “problems” or “crisis'” are really not yours, but are external to you. A great example is if your car breaks down, it’s really not your problem but the car’s problem. Yes, you have to fix it but knowing it’s not your problem directly should aid someone in dealing with the issue with a clear mind because you take unneeded emotions and stress out of the equation.  So the next time I get stressed out at work that someone’s computer died and they called me for help, I can remind myself it’s really not my problem, it’s the computer’s problem (this will take some work).
  • One’s mind naturally is clear, like water. Our issues or “dysfunctions” as they were called in class create a cloudy mind wherein the decisions we make are not necessarily made with a clear and present mind. Through meditation, focus and practice, one can allow the dysfunctions to settle and once again clear the mind.
  • For every negative dysfunction, there’s a positive action you can take to overcome it.  The three dysfunctions we discussed were wanting of objects or people to ensure happiness (I guess you can also call this greed or desire), anger, and jealousy.  Their opposites were love, patience and rejoice, respectively.  I found this concept very interesting and will probably read more about it in the near future.

All in all, it was a very worthwhile course.  I hope to take another one of their courses as well as do some more research so I can learn more about it. 

Do you meditate?  If so do you have any tips you can share?  I’ll take any information I can get.

Style Inspiration- The Box

4 Nov

Now that it’s freaking cold out, Hubby and I have resorted to instead of actually leaving the house, instead having what we refer to as “Pajama-Blanket-Movie Nights”. Thank freaking god for Snuggies and Netflix.

One of the movies we recently checked out was The Box. It was directed by Richard Kelly (of Donnie Darko fame) and included James Marsden and Cameron Diaz playing the protagonists.

The movie itself was decent, but I found myself more into the movie for its wardrobe and sets than the actual storyline. It’s set in the 70’s, and included the raddest foil wallpaper in their bathroom and some real standout 70’s pieces worn by Diaz. A few things that really stood out to me was her maxi coat, the navy blue gown worn to her sister’s wedding (which featured a scooped, draped back) and the variety of scarves she used to accessorize all her every day outfits.

I never realized how much I liked all things 70’s. I appreciate how women’s fashion then has a slight, menswear-ish feel yet is still very feminine. I plan while thrifting on trying to find a similar maxi coat and using more of my scarves in the coming few weeks. I also plan on having foil wallpaper in my bathroom someday as well. It’s the bomb diggity.
What’s your favorite decade? Does it inspire your style?