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Office Inspiration

27 Jul

Please excuse this temporary break from the 30 for 30 challenge as well as outfit posts.  I’ve been having a pretty stressful week at the office this week.  Nothing horrible, just a huge workload and impending deadlines.  So I’ve been spending more time at my actual office this week than I usually do, coming in early and staying a bit later.

The hubby and I are fortunate enough to have a home office in our smallish, Brooklyn apartment.  Problem is it’s a bit of a mess.  It’s not organized at all, and we haven’t finished getting everything for it to make it perfect.  In particular we still need to pick up a white version of our desk (our current version is a dark brown, which doesn’t suit our style).  The office and the entire rest of our apartment is on our list for a purging in the next coming weeks.  We’re looking to purge what we don’t use and only keep things that are useful that we really love.

In preparation for this project, I’ve been keeping a “home office ” file on Pintrest where I’ve been keeping inspirational images.  Here’s a few examples.  We also recently placed a big order at Poppin which I received already with some chic looking desk items to make the task less tedious.  My goal is to get the office in working condition so if I have to work overtime, I can do so from home as opposed to spending crazy hours at my actual office.

Also, a reminder to all you curly girls if you haven’t done so already,  the giveaway for the four piece Paul Labrecque Curly Haircare Kit is only through Friday of this week, so enter soon if you haven’t done so already.  Regular outfit posts and the completion of my 30 for 30 challenge to come soon, I’m going to take it a bit easy this week through my birthday Saturday and start back up on a normal posting schedule again next week.

Fashionable Camera Straps

18 Mar

I love my new DSLR Camera and am patiently awaiting the arrival of my new THEIT bag before really taking it out on the town.  One final accessory I’ve been on the hunt for is a strap to replace the ugly “Canon EOS” one it came with. 

Of course everything I look for needs to be vegan and suit my tastes.  Here’s a few that caught my eye.

Black Snake Embossed Strap from Capturing Couture.

Zebra Print Strap from Capturing Couture.

Black and White Striped Strap from Capturing Couture

 Because I’ve been sharing the camera with my husband, we opted to go with the black and white striped one so we can both look stylish while toting the camera around. He actually picked it up for me while at Adorama in the city picking us up some photography supplies. Gotta love a man who will pick up a “fashion” camera strap to make his wife happy.

Armory 2011

8 Mar

Me at the Armory

Saturday this past weekend my husband and I attended the Armory Show in Manhattan. We luz our art!   If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s basically an art gallery expo.  Art galleries from around the world bring works from the artists they represent and display them in sort of gallery booths.  There are two sections to the show.  The Modern section featured works by more prominent artists as well as some older pieces (say 1930’s on) and the Contemporary section featured art that is “in now”.  We enjoyed the Modern section much more than the Contemporary one.  Highlights of the day included walking right past Robert DeNiro as well as tons of great people watching.  

I wish I had known in advance it was totally acceptable to bring photo equipment in to photograph the art, otherwise I would have brought my DSLR instead of my little point and shoot.  Here  are some of my favorite shots from the show.  As a disclaimer, there was so much art I really did not record or even attempt to catalog all the artists names of the pieces I took photos of.  If you see something posted here that I didn’t provide credit for, please let me know and I’d be happy to cite the artist/medium/gallery/whatever.



White Sculptures

Armory Aisles

Beehive Relief

Glass Sculpture

Black and White Art

Relief Wall

Best Op Art Wall Ever

Op Art Sculpture

Cruz Diaz

Orange Sculpture

Neon Pink Pop Art

Neon Orgy


Light Sink

Blah Blah Blah




Damien Hirst Pills


22 Feb

The Bossi Camera Bag by THEIT

I am so freaking excited!  I ordered my THEIT “Bossi” Camera bag today!  When I first got my new DSLR they were out of stock, so I put my name on the waiting list.  I got the notice today they were available and put in my order immediately.

The interior of the bag.

Some things I love about this bag…

  • It’s VEGAN! 
  • The interior pockets are removable, so I can easily use this as a regular purse and not just as a camera bag.  If it wasn’t for this and the bag being really stylish on its own, I wouldn’t splurged as much as I did on it.
  • It’s way more chic than a standard ugly camera bag.  I highly doubt while carrying it anyone would even think it’s a camera bag.

My new bag ships in March.  I can’t wait to receive it and tote my camera with me everywhere I go!

My New Toy

7 Feb

I am so freaking excited. 

After much research and deliberation, I finally decided to purchase a DSLR camera.

I had a DSLR several years ago when they first came out.  When I was in college I did a ton of photography work using actual film before the whole photography world went digital.  My parents had gotten a DSLR to use to document the building of their new house, and me being the only person who really knew how to use it made me the default owner of the camera.  Unfortunately, the camera was stolen out of my parents home by the crew working there, and ever since I’ve been trying to make due with a point and shoot camera. 

No matter which way you put it though, there’s no way to compare the two.  I love being able to control where I have the lens focus, how much light is let into the lens, and all the other features of the DSLR.  I’m so excited to start using the camera to not only document my outfits (I also picked up a proper tripod and remote shutter release to do so) but also just general day-to-day life, as well as more artistic projects.

I played around with the camera a bit today taking photos around the apartment, and of my little ham of a dog Portia.  My point and shoot camera would make her look like this fuzzy black blob.  Look at this face how adorable is this? 

Though I went ahead and stocked up on accessories at the camera store, I’m really glad I decided to forgo purchasing a camera bag.  After a quick search on the internet, I’ve found there are so many fashionable camera bags on the market nowadays!  This one below is the one I have my eye on.  Can you believe this sexy bag is not only a camera bag, but also vegan?

THEIT Camera Bag

What’s your preference?  Are you a DSLR junkie or a point and shooter?

Style Inspiration- The Box

4 Nov

Now that it’s freaking cold out, Hubby and I have resorted to instead of actually leaving the house, instead having what we refer to as “Pajama-Blanket-Movie Nights”. Thank freaking god for Snuggies and Netflix.

One of the movies we recently checked out was The Box. It was directed by Richard Kelly (of Donnie Darko fame) and included James Marsden and Cameron Diaz playing the protagonists.

The movie itself was decent, but I found myself more into the movie for its wardrobe and sets than the actual storyline. It’s set in the 70’s, and included the raddest foil wallpaper in their bathroom and some real standout 70’s pieces worn by Diaz. A few things that really stood out to me was her maxi coat, the navy blue gown worn to her sister’s wedding (which featured a scooped, draped back) and the variety of scarves she used to accessorize all her every day outfits.

I never realized how much I liked all things 70’s. I appreciate how women’s fashion then has a slight, menswear-ish feel yet is still very feminine. I plan while thrifting on trying to find a similar maxi coat and using more of my scarves in the coming few weeks. I also plan on having foil wallpaper in my bathroom someday as well. It’s the bomb diggity.
What’s your favorite decade? Does it inspire your style?


4 Aug

My hubby had recently brought home these amazing Saarinen Executive chairs that he sought out.  I love that he’s an into cool mid-century design as I am!  He actually found two matching ones in really fantastic condition aside from a bit of cat hair, that were vintage.  They were also authentic, you can tell based on the measurements.

Though they were the most amazing chairs ever, together we decided that #1 we didn’t have room for them, and #2 the color didn’t go with our decor.  So we decided to sell them.  Boo!

With a potential buyer on their way to come pick them up, I wanted to commemorate my last time getting to sit in these awesome chairs with some photos.  Hubby was more than happy to snap a few and to direct the photo shoot a bit, haha.  Looking at these photos after the fact I think it’s kinda funny that my outfit is kinda “Mad Men” ish and kinda goes with the style of the chair.  Looks like something maybe Joan would wear.  I swear that’s what I wore to work that day, it’s a funny coincidence.

And how about those leopard heels!  I near died when I saw them over the weekend and my favorite local thrift store for $7.  I need to get over my animal print fetish.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: H&M
Heels: Atlantis Attic
Belt: Forever 21
Earrings: Junk